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How to handle guys picking on your size

They treat you like dirt, because you're not super skinny? Here's what to do...
27 Comments | Add Yours

Anyone else notice that Dave always agrees to what Bill says? LOL Smile

by Kikikim8 on 5/21/2012 8:28:55 PM


I think that people that pick on people's sizes is just plain wrong. The boys at my school all pick on my semi-friend and even his girlfriend says he looks like a twig. He just laughs but I can tell he's hurt inside. What should I do about it?

by BlueMuffinXOXO on 5/21/2012 6:00:04 PM


I was texting this guy i just meet and he was really nice but he didn't really keep the conversation going but he put a lot of "Smile". My friend asked him if he liked me and he was like "only as a friend" I was OK with this so I texted him and now he was only answering with short one word answers like "Ok." or "Hah." and it really makes me mad to I just stopped texting him and decided if he wants to talk he knows I'm here is that the best decision? Any other advice?

Hey chica,

That's what I tend to do, wait for them to respond if they want to.  I'd stick to that, really.  It could be that your friend freaked him out or that he met somebody else too or that he just might be busy lately.
Jordan S.

by Taffy18 on 5/21/2012 5:55:11 PM


Hey, those guys will probably end up fat and bald anyway, p.s look at J.Lo and Beyonce they aren't built like sticks, but they are healthy and fit I bet you're too.

by arg5890 on 5/21/2012 5:48:38 PM


So this guy, let’s call him Jake, asked me to the school formal, but I had to say since I was asked earlier by a guy and said no to him (I’m really nice and I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings). I have a crush on him and wish I could have said yes, but I remembered something. He told me a few weeks ago he had a girlfriend in a different state who looked like me. If so, why did he ask me?

Hey girl!

It sounds like he might have a crush on you! Some guys can't help but flirt with girls they find cute even if they already have a girlfriend. You did the right thing by saying no to him - you don't want to hurt his girlfriend by allowing him to cheat on her with you, and you wouldn't want to be with someone who isn't loyal.
Kelly G.

by emmyie11 on 5/21/2012 3:32:07 PM


My bf is going TOO fast! He tells me to tell him if I feel uncomfortable (he keeps stoking my legs, my upper legs.) Is there anyway I can kind of set some boundaries so he will not go past them? He also sent me a text last night: If that's what I get with shorts, I can't wait for the swimsuit ;). I really do like him, but it is going too fast (we have been going out less than a week.) I know he is going through a tough time (his mom was just diagnosed with cancer and I know he is worried about it.) I also want to be able to talk freely with him, but I do not know any ideas about what to talk about. Help! (Thanks!)

Hey Chica!

Of course there is a way to set boundaries! You definitely want to do this if he is moving too fast. Make it clear what you are and aren't comfortable with. Say "I want to get to know you better before we move further". He should respect your decision. If he doesn't, then he isn't worth it. I'm so sorry about his mom and I hope she gets better. He may not be open enough to talk about it, but make sure you are supportive if he does. He's trusting you with a lot of feelings.

Marisa D.

by Bridgge2010 on 5/21/2012 11:44:20 AM


MOD MOD MOD i am torn between liking two crushes. One of them is super cute and nice, and he makes me jump up and down and cheer inside. The other one makes me feel really comfortable and relaxed, and he's also super nice, but the thought of liking him makes me sick. Which one is more worth my time?

Hey Chica!

Who says you have to choose? It's perfectly fine to like two boys at the same time (as long as you're not leading both of them on). There isn't one that is more or less worth your time. Get to know them both a little better and that might help you decide who you would rather have a relationship with. 

Marisa D.

by PuppyCT on 5/21/2012 10:47:56 AM

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