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The no-fail trick for an awesome co-ed party

Awkward tension no more! Here's how to make your boy/girl get-together a hit.
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MOD MOD MOD ! I really need someone advice ! (:
this month is me and my boyfriends 6 month anniversary !
should i get him something little or what ? i dont want it to be over the top but something sweet amd thoughtful ! that looks like a spent a lot of time thinking about it ? please give good ideas ! i might go to his house and hangout and watch a movie but idk i wanna get him something ! please post back soon ! oh and btw : please no like picture collages or anything like that ! (:


Hey girlie!  Try writing him a really nice note, telling him you've had a blast the last 6 months. A mixed CD or a playlist of songs that remind you of him is nice if he loves music.  If not, all boys love cupcakes, and a batch with "YAY 6 MONTHS!" written on it will be sweet AND delicious!  Good luck!

Kate G.

by ilovepiano15 on 7/3/2012 1:17:00 AM


Hey! I need MAJOR help! Im a teen model, so my parents are strict with me. But i wanna have a boy girl party for my bday. Im scared to ask cause i dont want them to get all mad at me and be supcious. Also, my dad is really over protective and they wouldnt leave us alone if i did have that party. Theyd embarass me!

by nutmeg77 on 5/31/2012 5:28:15 PM


What's the problem with Rage Against the Machine? ;D

by OMGabi on 5/30/2012 2:17:39 PM


Ok so my best friend in the entire world is a guy. No big deal, just thought I'd mention it in case it comes into play. So he's a guy who is really really shy and doesn't like crowds or talking a lot to people or adults he is not fully comfortable with but if he is then he's absolutely fantastic. But my parents constantly complain to me about how they think he's rude because when they talk to him he doesn't make lots of conversation with them, he just answers them and talks small talk. And I feel caught in the middle because I want for my parents to love him like I do and such but I know that I can't ask him to change because it's who he is and has always been so it wouldn't be fair of me to ask him to change because it doesn't necessarily fit my parents' ideal picture, but when I try and tell them that they just say I get defensive because I want to make them mad, but I don't! I want them to get along so they ca So what do I do?? Please help! Thank you!

Hey girlie,

You need to have a talk with both of them about it.  Tell your parents that you'd really appreciate it if they give him the benefit of the doubt because he really doesn't mean to come off as rude, he just has trouble speaking up in general.  Then ask him that it would really mean a lot to you if he could try to speak more with your parents and contribute to the conversations with them, because you care about their opinion of him.
Jordan S.

by jennab101057 on 5/28/2012 7:53:45 PM


or an equal number of girls and guys. and I like Rage Against the Machine. So do all my gal friends. Smile

by beachgirl324 on 5/28/2012 7:37:32 PM


Thanks Jordan S!!! Should the guest on the list stop me from going!?! I mean I will still be with two of my really close friends, but the other people I don't know or I used to be friends with but don't really know now. Or they're people from other groups who I'm friends with, but might not want me to come. I still want to go, but I might just be nervous for no reason.

Hey there again,

Why wouldn't they want you to go?  They might be thinking the same thing as you are right now, about wanting to meet new people or get close to some other people.  Unless any of the girls have a personal vendetta against you because you two had a spat, there's no reason for any of them to not want you there.  After all, you've got your two girls too!  They can introduce you to other people, or stick with you for the night if things aren't all that great.
Jordan S.

by elizaxoxo7 on 5/28/2012 7:30:33 PM


I'm a freshman in high school and my friend was invited to a coed end of the school year pool party. The host (a guy in my grade) said that she and everyone else can invite friends, so she was going to ask if she could invite me. The other people on the guest list are more "advanced" in their relationships, i.e. kissing a lot, making out, and stuff like that, while I haven't had my first kiss yet. And, I'm not friends with most of the people going and don't know a lot of them, even though most of them go to my school. I'm really nervous to go, and I want to be confident with my body and not be nervous. What should I do and should I still go? I want to go to meet new guys and stuff, but I'm worried!

Hey babe,

There's no need to force yourself to go if you don't feel comfortable with it or like you'd enjoy it.  There's not that great of a likelihood that you're going to be put in the position to make out with boys, considering you won't know many people there, so that's nothing to worry about.  Anyways, there's no real right way to kiss, it's something your body does naturally.

I think it'd be a great start to your summer.  Plus, you can always leave if you're not having a good time!
Jordan S.

by elizaxoxo7 on 5/28/2012 6:48:36 PM


Hey girlies!! Are the mods not answering your questions fast enough? or do ou just want a second opinion?
ask me! i'm the advice queen to go toSmile i'll help you with everything and anything! NO question/problem is too weird!
i would love to help youSmile just comment on my advice queen page!



by Alykat18 on 5/28/2012 3:49:34 PM


so you have a ton of junk lying around your house and nothing to do with it. Plus you want some new jewelry without spending a ton. What do you do? Join my club and find out how to turn ordinary stuff around your house into funky and creative stuff! The club is called DIY Green!

by kpianoplayer on 5/28/2012 3:17:26 PM


Hey girlies! I'm Rosellen, and I'm a girlslife advice queen! Ask me advice on (and I mean it!) ANYTHING you have questions on! Any trouble you have, I'm totally here to help ya through it chicas! I answer everything from family trouble to boy drama, from shopping advice to friend trouble! Absolutely nothing will remain unanswered! Post your question on one of my advice clubs and I'll post the answer to your profile ASAP!
Ask away, and I hope you see you join my club!
Love ya bunches!
~ Rosellen Smile

by ziirnn on 5/28/2012 2:38:13 PM

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