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I never used to sweat, but now I'm soaked!

What can I do to make it stop?
48 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD i have several questions ok so the first one and this is kinda embarasing i smell down there what could it be and why number 2 i am more devoloped than most of my friend including having big boobs and i am always self contious about it an the last one i got my period last month and ever sense then i have been self contious and it does not help that one of my so called friends has called me fat and ugly before please help


Hey girlie, 1. if it smells weird, it might be an infection. If you have any other symptoms, talk to a doctor. If it's just the smell, make sure you're showering daily and see if that takes care of it. 2. your friends will catch up to you. Don't feel self conscious about it. 3. it could be your hormones that are making you feel that way. If there's something in particular that you don't like about yourself, work to change it. Start working out or eating better. Or do your hair differently. You're not ugly, so do what you have to do to feel your best. 

Lauren T.

by girly girl07 on 5/13/2013 8:20:20 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD i have the same problem it just started after i got my period last month and it is embarrising and gross i am only 10 why is this happening?


Hey girlie, it might just be hormones and your changing body. Use antiperspirant and see if the sweat decreases some. 

Lauren T.

by girly girl07 on 5/13/2013 7:23:30 PM


I have a similar problem, but i sweat on my palms and feet. It's really gross and people gross out when i have to hold hands with them and I always dread dancing with guys cuz i feel like they will think im gross. I always get nervous when i know im gonna have to hold hands with someone and that makes me sweat more. what should I do???


Hey girlie, just relax. Sweaty hands and feet is a natural thing. If you don't make a big deal out of it, no one else will either. 

Lauren T.

by purplegirl56 on 1/6/2013 6:08:23 PM


I used to have the same problem. But I got sick of it and went to a dermatologist. She prescribed a prescription to cut down on sweating, and it helps SO MUCH! I still use deodorant with it, but I NEVER sweat like I did before.

by lpolk on 1/5/2013 2:00:04 PM


I have an awful addiction to chewing ice. I've tried just not adding ice to my water, but I like my water to be, well, ice-cold. How can I stop?


Hey grace1089, try finding something else to chew on that reminds you of ice. What is it that you like about ice? 

Lynae P.

by grace1089 on 12/2/2012 11:30:20 PM


Just wondering- do you have to wear a tampon when your taking a bath? Cause won't the blood make the water dirty?


Hey! When you're completely submerged in water, your flow usually doesn't leak out, but wearing a tampon in those situations is probably a good idea. 

Helen S.

by kat_13 on 11/17/2012 1:51:37 PM


MOD MOD MOD sometimes if i dont put on deoderant my armpits itch like crazy! why does it happen? thanks!


Hey girlie, I've never heard of that happening before. It might have something to do with the sweat that builds up there when you don't wear deodorant. It wouldn't be a bad idea to bring it up the next time you're at the doctor's office.

Lauren T.

by andra616 on 9/9/2012 5:32:14 PM


mod mod mod
in a couple of months, i am getting this big mole removed from my back. i am kinda happy about it, it's really gross and ugly, but i am also very scared and nervous. my doctor said the operation would only take 10 min, but i am still stressing about it. im not so worried about the pain, more about the fact that i have someone scrapping off a mole in my back. i was just hoping for some "relaxing" tips for when they will be removing it (i wont be alseep, they will only freeze the area in my back, so i will be fully awake)
thank you so much for your time!


Hey! you have nothing to worry about, but I totally understand why you might feel anxious anyway. practice deep breathing techniques and try focusing on a specific thought like a scene from a movie to take your mind off of it. good luck! 

Helen S.

by mimzy0717 on 8/20/2012 5:59:23 PM


I'm almost 15 and still don't have any underarm hair. Is that normal?

Hey girl!

Have you gone through puberty yet? If not, it will happen to you soon enough and you'll get to experience the pleasures of arm pit hair. If you have gone through puberty-- then you might just have super thin/light hair. Ask your doctor if you're concerned

best of luck!  
simone s.

by kris1205 on 8/14/2012 1:16:32 PM


So I am on a swim team over the summer and I shave my armpits like every day. But when I shaved them they never shave all of the hair off. Is there a way to get a perfect underarm shave??
thank you..please help.


Hey girl!  Armpits aren't like arms- the hair grows in all different directions!  Try shaving top to bottom, bottom to top, AND side to side to see if that helps.  Also, exfoliate first and of course lather up to keep from irritating your skin! xoxo 

Kate G.

by dancelovervictoria on 7/3/2012 10:22:14 AM


I have also been having issues with sweating so much that I get huge pit stains. I've tried a whole bunch of different antipersperants, but after only a half hour I'll be soaked. Any specific kinds of deoderant you can suggest?

by sabra on 6/25/2012 10:26:08 PM


So I have these wierd skin colored bumps on my arms. Whast are they and how can i get rid of them?

Hey girl,

It might be freckles, but you might want to ask a doc to be sure!

Meghan D.

by SoccerQueen03 on 6/22/2012 11:26:21 PM


Mod Mod
I have been having discharge for six months now I have boobs and hair down there . I am sorry if this is nasty or anything . Should I be having my period soon I need to be prepared

Hey girlie,

It's always good to be prepared!! It's hard to predict exactly when you'll get your period - even your doctor can't give you a guarantee. But since you have all the signs and are going through puberty normally, you could get your period anytime. Read up on all the details in our Periods, Period section: And make sure you have a stash of pads so your first period doesn't catch ya by surprise Smile 
Lauren C.

by maggie2000 on 6/21/2012 6:20:46 PM


MOD MOD! ok, so i have a problem. All day it seems like, i am constantly sweating. Like, to the point with marks under my armpits, and being constantly moist. Its so gross! I wear like, no layers ever (like tank top under t shirt, for example) because i don't wanna make myself sweat more! I use an antipersperant, but anything else i should do? I asked my mom but she brushed it off like it was no biggie. But it is so embarrassing!


Hey girlie! First you might want to try a different deodorant. Definitely get an antipersperant, but the one you are using might be old or just might not work with your body. If that doesn't work, talk to your mom about seeing a dermatologist. If it's becoming a big problem, a dermatologist can definitely help to diagnose what's goin on with your body. Another thing you might want to pay attention to are your eating habits. Eating a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits will improve your overall health and may cut down on all that sweatin! Fatty foods like fries and burgers can definitely cause you to sweat more, so cut down on those if they're a big part of what you eat!

Catherine C.

by hahaha2005 on 6/21/2012 4:35:18 PM


Mod please!
I've already asked my mom if I can shave my legs 3 times before. She keeps saying no even though I'm 14 and my leg hair is really dark... She keeps saying how my hair is light colored and you can't notice it and once you start shaving your hair turns dark and you have to do it very day. I already know this and I don't mind! How can I persuade her?


Hey girl! Hmm...this is a toughie. Check out this link, I think it will really help! 

My Mom Won’t
Let Me Shave!


Catherine C. Catherine C.

by daddy'sgrl12 on 6/21/2012 4:23:45 PM


Mod mod mod
I have a lot of fat built up in my thighs, and on my hips. How do I get rid of it? I'm too embarrassed to wear shorts, 'cause the fat bulges over the top of the shorts, and my thighs are just...gross. :\ What moves slims these areas down?
Thanks a TON!(:

Hey girl, you can do lunges or squats without weights. And if you have access to a gym, you can also do the leg press, leg curls, and leg extensions. 
Carrie R.

by GracieGang on 6/20/2012 2:29:22 PM


Hey Girls! Join my club, WRITING, My Love <3. This club is for those girls who have a deep passion for the art of Writing. <3

by krazykotabug on 5/31/2012 4:27:54 PM


I really wanna shave my armpits, but I have no idea how. Could you maybe give me like a step by step process on how to do it? Thanks. I also have another question about armpit hair. I'm thirteen, and I'm wondering if it's normal. Thanks for the advice!


Hey Girl! 

Shaving is really simple! All you have to do is get a razor and shave your armpits. You can use shaving cream and put it on before you shave--this will give you a smooth shave! And yes it's totally normal! Everyone develops at different paces so it's different for everybody!


by Emilicious on 5/31/2012 1:54:08 AM


I didnt get my period yet this month and ive been feeling crampy and i looked in my panties and i saw a little bit of brownish red...did I get it? Nothing else is there tho


Hey girl, I think your body is definitely getting ready! That's just spotting. So be on the lookout! =] 

lauren r.

by futurewriter16 on 5/30/2012 6:43:49 PM


my friend has the same prob, she's 12, and she sweats so badly, she has sweat marks under her pits, and going down her sides, she asks me to check to see how bad it is, but i told her to use Secret Clinical Strength, it really helps! any girls that have this prob, plz read this! it really does work!

by angie333 on 5/29/2012 5:03:01 PM


I use lavender scented Secret deodorant\antisparant.

by Sarah510 on 5/29/2012 4:05:31 PM


I have a spare tire and it's hard for me to find clothes and I feel fat and ugly and insecure. My mom says I'll grow out of it, and I believe her, I am just wondering if there is a way to get rid of my spare tire. quickly.

Hey Chica!

We all have parts of our bodies we wish we could change, so don't feel fat or ugly. Your mom is probably right, it's likely you will grow out of your baby fat. If you want to speed up the process, try some good old exercise. Running, swimming, and biking will all work your core. Abs and lunges will specifically target your tummy. A healthy diet is important, too. Start chowing down on fruits and veggies and throw out the fatty potato chips in your pantry. Remember, no one has the perfect body. You have nothing to feel insecure about.

Marisa D.

by smileyfaceincallie on 5/29/2012 1:04:03 PM


i think i might have hyperhidrosis :/

by parischick2 on 5/29/2012 11:19:16 AM


Antiperspirants are really bad for you. It contains aluminum and it goes right into your blood stream. Sweating is normal. You dont need to be embarrassed about it or anything because its normal! Thats why I use natural deoderant that has no aluminum in it like Toms, Jason, or Hiss My Face. You can find natural stuff at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's or online. They dont even cost more than your regular deoderants. the regular deoderant is really bad for your body. Those toxins dont ever leave your body unless you do like a big cleanse. Im not telling you to change or anything i dont want ya'l to take this the wrong way it's just that a lot of people dont know this and think about it, putting aluminum in your body every day for your whole life? Yeah, it's pretty dangerous. (anything you put on your skin, goes into it. Be careful what you put on your skin like lotion, deoderant, sunscreen, and even peerfume!)

by nrm421 on 5/28/2012 6:13:19 PM


This is me and mine started about a year ago its sooo embarrassing!! ive become a regular black/dark blue tshirt wearer:/

by leah2113 on 5/28/2012 5:58:01 PM


Ok I need an answer! Mod mod mod mod mod!

So I need to lose around 10 pounds lastly in my stomach. Will this exercise plan combined with a good diet work in about 3 months?
3 days a week- 30 minute walk and 15 minute run
2 days a week- overall body strenghth workout
1 day a week- ab workout

And every do do 200 ab exercises? Thanks! And join ny club get thin NOW girls!

by bubbles3956 on 5/28/2012 5:06:04 PM


I am 4'6 and I am 70 lb. Am I overweight?

Hey girl,

Oh my gosh, no!  If anything, if you're really curious, check with your doctor, he'll let you in on the real deets about what's overweight and what's underweight.
Jordan S.

by Kmpark19 on 5/28/2012 4:57:00 PM


Hey girlies!! Are the mods not answering your questions fast enough? or do ou just want a second opinion?
ask me! i'm the advice queen to go toSmile i'll help you with everything and anything! NO question/problem is too weird!
i would love to help youSmile just comment on my advice queen page!



by Alykat18 on 5/28/2012 4:09:58 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I keep posting comments on articles, but I can never see them!

Hey girl,

Try to be patient with us! We have to approve every comment before it's posted. Once we approve or reply to them, they will show up on the article. 
Kelly G.

by Taylorbb77 on 5/28/2012 2:47:51 PM


I just wanna shout out to anyone, absolutely anyone, who wants to either lose weight, get fit, or has a fitness goal to accomplish please come and post on my profile. I need an excercise buddy, or partner. So if you need one too i'm open!

by briana13 on 5/28/2012 2:40:57 PM


I have started to sweat "down there" (or at least I think its sweat) and it has started to stink, what do I do about this????

Hey girl!

That "sweat" is probably discharge - totally normal and nothing to worry about. You can try wearing a pantiliner so that you can change it throughout the day and keep yourself feelin' fresh! Also, make sure your underwear is not too tight and is breathable. If it has started to smell, check out this article: What Stinks Down South? It talks all about that!
Kelly G.

by hermionelover on 5/28/2012 10:04:20 AM


Hi girls!
We all have those moments where you want someone there for you about anything!
"Dear Sara.." is the PERFECT club for everyone that has questions that they want answered FAST! Any questions about anything are accepted and gladly answered to the best of our ability. So excited to us to be there for each other Smile

by rellim on 5/28/2012 8:23:02 AM


MOD MOD MOD! I want something extra for my school lunch. I don't eat from the cafeteria becaus the food are overpriced. All I get is wheat break with oven roasted turkey and an apple. Is there anything extra I can put in? Preferably something with low calories but filling. I don't eat peanut butter or beef. I also can't refergitate or heat food. Is there anything else I can put in my sandwich that is tasty and filling? Any lunch ideas? Low calorie plz. Thanks!

Hey girlie,

Try including a granola bar, fig newtons, sliced carrots with ranch dressing, Wheat Thins crackers, fat free chocolate or vanilla pudding, a hard boiled egg, crackers and string cheese, chips and salsa, popcorn, little oatmeal cookies, snap peas, or raisins! They're all super healthy but can add a different taste to your school lunch Smile 
Lauren C.

by Torrie55 on 5/27/2012 4:11:45 AM


ok i need a little bit of advice. when i shave my legs, the next day they r already hairy. and its noticable since my hair is black...its getting really annoying. do u think waxing will be better? if so i don't know if my mom will let me since "its more expensive" and she's a cheap-o lol. anyway i just need help with this cause like my legs literatly only stay smooth and hair free for like an hour:/

Hey girlie,

Ugh, we've been there! It's totally normal for you to realize that this hair is growing back fast - that's stubble, and we all have it. Personally, I use lotion a few hours after shaving because it seems to keep my skin smoother and helps the hair growing back in look less noticeable. But waxing would help, too! It definitely lasts longer than a shave so your skin will feel smoother, longer. If your mom isn't on board after you explain how much it would mean to you though, you might have to stick with shaving for now. But like I said, we're ALL in the same boat - so if you shave and your hair starts to grow back really quick, just remember that it does that for everyone! <3 
Lauren C.

by Alykat18 on 5/26/2012 10:14:46 PM


this may seem weird but i have hair all over my body and i mean really bothers me.i wanna wear a bikini/monokini this year but i have hair on my back and stomach and i know its not good to shave there and my mom said that she wont let me use nair. so do i have any other options if so what are they?

Hey girlie,

That's not weird at all! Lots of girls have darker hair on their bod - from "peach fuzz" to straight-up hair - and we've all been there, feeling a lil self conscious about it. As for doing something about it, I love this article: it's a reminder that all girls have dealt with "hair, hair everywhere" - and for the most part, it's NOT something you even have to worry about Smile 
Lauren C.

by madisonave on 5/26/2012 10:03:49 PM


i was tanning in my bikini today and got a good tan on my arms and legs but my stomach didnt tan at can i get a tan stomach?

Hey girlie,

Since laying out in the sun or in a tanning bed isn't super safe for your skin, we totally recommend fake self-tanner to get the job done! Check out our "how to" here - I love this article and always use it for advice when I'm using self-tanner Smile 
Lauren C.

by natbe99 on 5/26/2012 9:05:48 PM


ok, so do you think it is weird or inappropriate for me to go running outside in just a sports bra? i'm 15 and my boobs aren't exposed in any way.

Hey babe

I don't think it is!  It's most comfortable in the heat right now.  As long as your mom is comfortable with it.

Jordan S.

by katie881 on 5/26/2012 8:28:59 PM


so you have a ton of junk lying around your house and nothing to do with it. Plus you want some new jewelry without spending a ton. What do you do? Join my club and find out how to turn ordinary stuff around your house into funky and creative stuff! The club is called DIY Green!
oh and btw i use certain dri. it works awesome cuz i used to have that issue.

by kpianoplayer on 5/26/2012 8:21:59 PM


Hello, good students! If you get good grades and want to KEEP getting good grades or are trying to get better grades, you should join the club, HOW TO BE AN A STUDENT! We will talk about tips and studying together. Together, we can all be A students!

by Glitterheart16 on 5/26/2012 7:51:27 PM


I really want to start shaving my legs but my mom won't let me! Frown She says it's because it's not necessary and it will only grow back horrible and I'll have to shave all the time. (I don't have a problem with doing that and I would feel much better with smooth legs) Help?

Hey girl,

Let her know how much it bothers you.  That it makes you feel uncomfortable and you feel somewhat insecure when you're wearing shorts and bathing suits, etc.
Jordan S.

by kayla9 on 5/26/2012 4:49:38 PM


I used to have this same problem. But I use Certain Dri now and it works amaizng!! I totally recommend it.

by LittleRockstar on 5/26/2012 3:35:26 PM


lol i had the same problem but i got the clinical strength deoderant and it works! its a little bit more expensive but its worth it since... well u know, u get made fun of for sweating a bunch there:/ but no more embarrasment for me!

by Alykat18 on 5/26/2012 2:01:31 PM


@Meaghan D. Thank you very much! Laughing Have a nice day! Smile

by Princess Keziyah on 5/26/2012 1:08:18 PM


Hey hermionelover, mhmm I don't know what that could be. It doesn't sound serious but I would head to the doctor just to be sure. It could just be an allergic reaction to something. No worries girly. Xoxo

I know this has nothing to do with this article but I was wondering, on my foot on the outside of it there is like this bump. Its kinda like the bone and it looks like a bunion ( my nana has one) but I thought you didn't get those until you were old or got arthritis??? Also on the other foot on the bottom right were it just about join to the toes is a bump that doesn't stick out that much but kinda hurts when I walk on it (my feet are really sore when I wake up and I have to wear slippers). But whats going on with this????? Do I need to go to the doctors or something????? Lynae P.

by hermionelover on 5/26/2012 1:01:38 PM


Hi, well I have the same problem and I'm 12. My mom won't let me shave my underarms either. I LOVE wearing tank tops and short sleeved t-shirts and I can be wearing them for like 2 minutes and I'm SUPER sweaty. Is it because I'm not shaving my underarms or because of the same thing in the article?

Hey girl,

Shaving your underarms may help with sweat, but if you use deodorant it will still be effective with or without hair! You may have what the article is talking about, but you should talk to a doctor to be sure.

Meghan D.

by Princess Keziyah on 5/26/2012 12:43:07 PM


MOD MOD MOD! Is it possible to get bikini ready in about a month and a half (7 weeks)? I run on the treadmill 5-6 times a week. I run for 45 minutes. I also do workouts after running for 5-10 minutes. I eat as healthy as possible. I rarely eat soda or chips or candy. Is it possible in 7 weeks?

Hey girl,

That sounds like a good exercise program, but I don't know for your specific body what the results will be in 7 weeks. It's more important to live a healthy lifestyle than to worry about your size, so just be confident knowing that you're healthy, and you'll be bikini ready enough!

Meghan D.

by Torrie55 on 5/26/2012 12:42:08 PM


Omg this is so me, gosh, thank you whoever sent this question and whoever decided to post it on the website. This is a lifesaver!

by gigglez77 on 5/26/2012 11:41:45 AM


This is just like me, whenever I go out in public or with people I know, my armpits, feet, and hands start sweating A LOT. All the time, even if I'm just sitting in class, so I keep my uniform sweatshirt on the whole day. And when I excercise or anything I sweat sooo much more than other people, all over. Like, legs, stomach, chest, arms...yeah. Gross.

by monkeygal22 on 5/26/2012 9:36:59 AM

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