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Wanna ace your finals? Feast on fish

A new study says fish-based omega-3s boost brain size. Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about!
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YAY. im having fish tonight (and turkey burgers in case anyone was wondering) haha Smile

by kaylablaze33098 on 6/9/2012 8:04:20 PM


But yuck i hate fish. Im not very smart in school either so i guess that explains it! If only there was a way to over power the taste good, unlike soysauce, tartersauc. Yuc!

by cutieangel606 on 6/3/2012 5:09:45 AM


Hey liliesandroses, aw I'm sorry everything is going bad right now. But just think sometimes things have to get bad before they get really good. What I've found is that thinking positive leads to positive outcomes. It may not happen overnight but the better you begin to feel about yourself and your situation the better things will get. Just imagine yourself doing a good job on your tests, and if you really believe you will do good you will. Hope this helps! Xoxo

How do i deal with a lot of pressure and stress? A few days ago i got bad news i did bad on my math test, social studies test and presantation, science test, and i know i did bad on my french test. I am a straight a student so anything below an A or A- freaks me out.I also know i didn't get a sports award and my best friend did. I am really nervous because we have standerdised tests next week. Usually sports help me deal with all of this but i broke my foot by running in the rain and now i dont no what to do. I am feeling so much stress and i cryed last night because of this. every time i think of my french test it makes me cranky. My parents are getting mad because they day i'm being rude. What should i do? Lynae P.

by liliesandroses on 5/26/2012 2:32:06 PM


I might be starting public school soon and I'm kinda worried. I've been home schooled my entire life and I'm wondering it there's anything that will help me calm down and get prepared.

Hey girl,

Here's an article about switching to public school that has some great info and this tag has tons of other articles about new schools. Good luck!

Meghan D.

by 1corinthiansgurl on 5/25/2012 9:49:03 PM


Hola Chicas! Join my Lana Del Rey Fans club! If you loooove Lana Del Rey... this is the club for u! Here we will talk about our favorite songs by her, how her fashion has impacted us, and how cool she is!

by artistchic99 on 5/25/2012 5:49:02 PM


I guess I will have the advice for next year since school has been out for about two weeks...

by Bridgge2010 on 5/25/2012 5:00:01 PM


i hate fish and i skipped a grade, my mom hates fish and she skipped 2 grades, my brother loves fish and he never got really good grades. i don't think that how smart you are depends on what you eat, it really depends on how much you care about school and grades.

by guitargirl7321 on 5/25/2012 12:52:15 PM


Would taking omega 3 pills work just as fine as eating fish? I think it would be but I just wanna make sure. Thanks!


Hey girl!

Omega 3s are oils in fish oil, which is a great alternative for fish!


by fallsb-ball on 5/25/2012 10:58:21 AM


I have alot of blackheads on my nose and I really want them to go away. Thank you for helping!


Hey Girl! 

To get rid of unwanted blackheads I would suggest washing your face in the morning and at night. This should help clear up your skin!


by Em&Emmalee on 5/25/2012 10:38:37 AM


I'm having a sleepover for my bday! Smile I'm only inviting 2 peeps, and we are prob going to make our own pizza.... But idk what else we can all do.. It starts at 7pm so we can't do THAT much... I really need help!!
Thx so much!!!

Hey girl! 

There are tons of fun things to do at your sleepover! Here are some ideas: movie night (including popcorn!), play games (like truth or dare), paint each others nails, or create something together to remember your bday (like pillow cases, a scrapbook, picture frame). Hope this helps! Have fun!


by Gabbyw123 on 5/25/2012 7:55:38 AM

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