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I wanna be... an author!

We got bestselling YA fantasy author Caroline Stevermer to tell us what her writing gig is really like…
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MOD MOD MOD. hey, i don't really know if this is the type of question you would usually answer, but i don't really know who else to ask! i'm writing a story about a eighteen year old girl that finds out she has a brain tumor and i'm stuck on a title. I have a few, but they aren't really that catchy! do you have any ideas/suggestions? thanks! Smile


hey girl! Hmm, that's tough. What's the main characters name? And what does she do after she finds out? For example, if a bully named Hazel finds out she has a tumor and decides to mend her ways and be nice, you could call it "Hazel's Last Chance" or something like that. it really depends on more details of your story!

Also, try writing some of your story before titling it. Don't worry about the title if you don't have any content yet!


Katie L.

by thatsnotawkward on 10/3/2012 4:12:16 PM


I wanna be a baker

by PewDiePie on 9/25/2012 5:25:33 PM


Mod mod mod!
Ok so I'm just wrote a 24 chapter book and I really want to publish it. I am only 13 years old, do u think people,agents in general, will take me seriously? Can I publish my work?

Hannah H.

by Pantherz2017 on 9/20/2012 4:59:56 PM


MOD MOD MOD hi! so i was just really curious for the there any internships at GL like during the summer or anything? i love GL and i love writing, so i was just thinking Smile thank you! x


Hey girlie, GL internships are for college students in the Baltimore area. You can find out more about them here 

Lauren T.

by laughlots on 9/16/2012 5:59:14 PM


Hey guys! I just made a club for us fiction and short story and poem writers and I need members. You can discuss whatever you want and share short stories and poems. Also you can share story ideas!! Sound good?
Ill see ya there!
P.S.: I need a vice president and treasurer, if u r intested let me know!!

by emily6119 on 8/28/2012 4:33:38 PM


im writing short books called The Tales of Monicka and Ashelee and they're about Monicka, a 12 year old girl and her little sister Ashelee, who is 7. It tells of their magical adventures!

by loppyears12 on 6/22/2012 12:30:23 AM


Mod mod mod mod
I need help I want to be a writer when I grow up. And I guessim not sure... I feel complete when I write, but not whole. Confuesing I know. But i don't know if I'll make it there. I guess I'm just worried...


Writing is your dream! So don't give up on it. Aim for that goal! Write all the time and don't give up. This is a good goal to have! Good luck hon! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by peaceandlove1010 on 6/16/2012 11:46:37 PM


Ok, I wrote a book, and I am working on the sequel. One of my friends' mom is a publisher, and my friend offered to have her mom check it out. I would love to, but what if one of the people at the company take it as their own work??? What if it isnt as good as anyone said, and I dissapoint everyone??? I have been the top reader in my school since 3rd grade, and I have a major reputation to uphold. What if it's not good, and I lose everything I have worked for through out my whole school life??? That would be a waste of 8 years!!! What if I am not as intellectual as everyone has always thought??? If I fail at this, then no one will think I am as mature and intellectual as they did before, and I might never get a scholarship for college, so I wont be able to go to medical school, and then I will never be hired as a neonatologist!!! I have never even gotten a B, so failing at anything that requires intellecual capacity will wipe away everything good I've done and will cancell it out!!!

by MaddyL11 on 6/8/2012 2:34:53 PM


Okay, I wrote a book last summer, and am currently writng the sequel. One of my friends, who absolutely hates reading, read it, and said it was really good. Another one of my friends' mom is a publisher, and my friend said if I wanted to, she could have her mom look over it. I, however, am terrified to. What if one of the people that work in the company steal it as their own work, and sell with their name on it, and I cant prove it's mine?!?!?! I want to see what people think of it, so I know whether its worth my time or not, but what if they dont ike it??? Everyone who hasnt read it says its probably really good, because I read so much, and that since I have been the top reader in the school since literally 3rd grade,it will be awesome... What if I dissapoint everyone???

by MaddyL11 on 6/8/2012 2:19:20 PM


Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks, GL, for doing this interview! As you can tell from my username, I love writing and I've been making my own books at home. This is really great advice!

by WritingRocks on 5/28/2012 6:14:09 PM

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