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Keep in touch with your cuties all summer long

5 tips to keep you 'n' your girls tighter than ever this summer break...
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I've been trying to organize a sleepover with 3 of my closest friends. It didnt work out, so we're going to try and do two separate sleepovers. There would be one sleepover where my friend "Lulu" wouldnt be there. It would be me, my BFF, and the girl who often gossips about Lulu behind her back. Lulu doesnt want us to have this sleepover while she is away and wont be there because she is paranoid that the gossip girl "Mary" will say something bad about her if she is not there. Mary has been known to talk about Lulu behind her back - ALOT. How do I let Mary know that she cant gossip about Lulu, and how do I convince Lulu that Mary's gossip mouth *can* be silenced and not to worry about not being there?

Hey chicky, if it's just you, your bestie, and Mary, then Lulu shouldn't need to worry about gossip because she should know that you and your bestie aren't gonna buy into it. Just assure her that you two are gonna shut Mary down if she tries to start up a gossip-fest, and then at the sleepover, change the subject if Mary does bring up some gossip. If Mary doesn't stop talking about Lulu, confront her about it. Nicely, of course. Explain to her that you don't like talking about people when they're not around and that you'd rather she didn't do it while she's at your house. Then move on to a new subject.  
Carrie R.

by cmfox99 on 7/16/2012 1:23:31 PM


Mod mod mod!
I am going to a sleepaway camp for five days and i was so excited. But now i found out this really obnoxious girl is in my cabin(it was suppsosed to be just me and 3 of my friends) she can be really annoying and kinda mean at times. Then i found out that this super bratty girl is on my team for games. Last year she was super mean to 2 of my bffs but she does think i know that. She always acts all inocent but then she turns all strong willed and says things like you play volleyball? Thats sooooo lame. And walks away! How can i have fun at camp when theese 2 r around!?!?!?


Hey girl, just ignore them! Only pay attention to your friends or make other friends in your group. But who knows, they could've changed! 

lauren r.

by brookerb on 7/8/2012 9:28:03 AM


Okay so my bestfriend used to go out with a guy and after some time he broke up with her. Only because his Dad found out so he was forced to! She is still mad at hm, and she wasnt very nice with him in the first place! But he still really likes her and reminds her that he still likes her! He said he wants to be friends but they get in a lot of fights! Nevertheless he likes her. And recently we beame friends because we are in the same class so it was bound to happen. She called me and told me that I never told her we became friends, and I thought to myself what was I supposed to say? "Hey guess what I made a new friend!". She told me she wasnt going to accept his and my friendship. And she also said that its weird that im friends with her ex, and then she brought up the girl code, saying you arent supposed to be friends with your BFF's. But he and I are still friends and same with she an I. Basically is it wrong/okay to be friends with your BFF's ex?


Hey girl, of course it's okay. Your BFF will get over it. Its okay as long as you don't have any intentions for him to be your BF! 

lauren r.

by ilovestuffies1234 on 7/6/2012 8:02:25 PM


My two besties have a crush on the same guy, who is one of my bffs, and they are ALWAYS talking about him, and then if one of them says that they talked online with eachother, the other gets mad, and doesn't talk to one another! HELP ME!


Hey girl!  My best advice? Stay out of it!  Especially since this guy is your friend, you don't want to pick sides and have someone's feelings get hurt.  Let them know that you aren't going to be involved in their fight and don't tell them things about their crush or tell him things about them.  Hopefully it will all blow over soon.  Good luck!   

Kate G.

by scruffythecrow on 7/2/2012 1:46:19 PM


Just going into Middle School?
Don't know what's the trend?
Love is coming your way?
Friends pretending they're not?
You people need me I'm fun and very stylish and has had TONS of experience with friends. Middle School isn't a deal ITS A BIG ONE join now! :0 Smile Tong

by GeenieD on 6/15/2012 7:21:17 PM


I dont have anyfriends.Im not very good at talking to people and always mess up and say the wrong thing.I go to a private school and everyone there is loud and outgoing and im really quiet. How could i make friends and learn how to be able to talk to people more and speak up

Hey girlie,

Check out this article. I know the situation isn't EXACTLY the same, but the advice will help you too. Get involved! Join something that you love - and that way, you'll meet people who share your interests. That's the best way to start a friendship - to bond over something you love Smile 
Lauren C.

by bunnybaby on 6/14/2012 10:19:53 PM


If anybody needs advice on anything, comment on my profile and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!Smile

by olivia192000 on 6/11/2012 10:22:39 AM


hey girls! got a problem/question? i'll help you out with it just go on my profile and click the heart under clubs and you can ask me anything on my advice queen page! Smile

by opptop on 6/4/2012 8:58:19 PM


hi! Lately I've been feeling really stressed and I just REALLLY want school to be over. I have 11 days left (yes, I've been counting). I can't Even sleep cause all I think about is summer break. How can I make the last two weeks go by faster???


Hey Girl! 

If you do activities you enjoy, summer will come much faster! Hang out with friends, read, take a walk outside, watch a movie...if you are done/ don't have any homework your afternoons will go a lot faster. In school, have fun with your friends and enjoy the last few weeks you'll be spending in school together.


by eemmais on 5/29/2012 2:06:43 AM


So I friended this girl on FB because she had mutual friends,and we talked briefly on a status and she seemed cool,and she used to go to my school. Well I talked to her on Fb,but then she started talking to my whenever I was online,and she is ALWAYS online so that was almost every time I was online. She wants to do some stuff outside of FB and while she is really sweet,and I feel because 2 years ago she had cancer and everything,I don't want to be real-life friends. I thought by friending her we would just talk every now & then but now she calls me her best friend in the entire world!! How do I tell her I'm doing things outside of FB?? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

Hey girlie,

If you're online and she tries to make plans, just casually say something like, "Oh, I don't think I can Frown sorry!" That way, you're turning her down without giving her a reason - hopefully, after several times, she'll get the hint! Also, remember you don't always have to be online - you can keep yourself "offline" while you're browsing Facebook, if you need a break from talking to her. It's always your choice whether you want to meet in person, hang out, or even be friends with someone. Don't do anything you're not comfy with! And if you ever need to end it once and for all, try blaming mom/dad - tell her your parents won't let you meet her and hang out because you don't know her in real life from school. If your parents say no, it's GOT to end Smile 
Lauren C.

by MadMaddie911 on 5/26/2012 11:35:28 PM

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