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My BF called me his ex's name!

Was it a simple mistake or does he still like her?
20 Comments | Add Yours

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by artistchic99 on 5/25/2012 5:47:23 PM


I have a major crush on this guy. (let's call him Brian) I've like Brian since 3 rd grade and last year we were in the same class together. I sat by him 2 times and we would talk and stuff. We both like video games and sportsSmile) in 2 years, we has given me stares (not creepy stalker kinds) that looks like he likes me. All my friend say that he likes me ( yaaaay ) but now my frenemy is flirting with him!!! And he does those stares he has given me! I'm only in 5th grade and idk what to do?!?!
Thankss SOOO much!


Hey! It sounds to me like you really like this guy Smile congrats, it can be fun to have a crush. The best way to deal with this is to be his friend and see if something more happens naturally. I have seen so many girls get hurt and ruin friendships because they "had to know" if someone liked them, and they asked the guy about it and made the whole situation awkward. I even did that myself when I was younger. It's better to have a secret crush on your friend than to have a public crush on your ex-friend. good luck!   

Helen S.

by Gabbyw123 on 5/25/2012 5:18:04 PM


Hey girlies! I'm Rosellen, and I'm a girlslife advice queen! Ask me advice on (and I mean it!) ANYTHING you have questions on! Any trouble you have, I'm totally here to help ya through it chicas! I answer everything from family trouble to boy drama, from shopping advice to friend trouble! Absolutely nothing will remain unanswered! Post your question on one of my advice clubs and I'll post the answer to your profile ASAP!
Ask away, and I hope you see you join my club!
Love ya bunches!
~ Rosellen Smile

by ziirnn on 5/25/2012 4:58:39 PM


Naaaaah!!, hahaha Its Okaay , But You Have To Make Sure If He Did It Again ,You Will Talk To Him !! And Till Him If He Still Likes Her , Ehy Dont He Just Go And Date Her !! Easy As Hell Tong Tong Dont Be sad If he Dumbs You , I'm Sure You'll Find someone Better Than Him Laughing Laughing Love Joelle

by XxjoellexX3 on 5/25/2012 3:58:05 PM


I need help. So there's a guy,(lets call him D) that went out with my best friend. The relationship was too fast for her so they broke up. Now he told my other friend he liked me. He flirts with me sometimes, and I like it. I want to go out with him but I don't know what my best friend would think.I don't want to hurt her at all. Thx!

Hey babe,

That's a toughie. Do you really like him, or do you just like having a guy give you attention? Try and think about if you're really into this guy and if it would be worth it. After all, it sounds like he was moving too fast for your BFF, so he might move too fast with you. If you really do have feelings for him, talk to your friend about things. Since she seemed to be the one ending the relationship, she should understand and be okay with you giving things a try. However, if she is uncomfortable with it, try to understand how she feels and don't go after the guy. Always put your girlies first! 
Kelly G.

by wheelssoccergirl on 5/25/2012 3:51:02 PM


so there's this guy in my class (we'll call him P) that I have feelings for. but my really good friend (L)just told me a couple of months ago that she has liked P since 1st grade ( we're in 8th grade now ) P has said that he doesnt like L and she cried when she found out. she likes him alot, but so do i! i think P might like me because he rarely gives anyone hugs but he gives me hugs, he always tries to make me laugh and smile, and everyone in my class always throws parties but he only comes to mine. so i have two questions. do you think P likes me? and if he asks me out, should i say yes? i care about L alot but she's a beautiful girl and guys are always falling for her so she could easily find a guy to replace him... right? sorry for this being so long! thanks for the advice <3

Hey girl,

What's more important to you: this guy, or your friendship? If your good friend has liked him for so long and is really heartbroken that he doesn't like her, I would give her some time. Don't try to do anything while she is still upset about it. However, if you have feelings for this guy, she should want you to be happy as well. After she has calmed down a bit, have a talk with her. Tell her that you have feelings for him as well and see if she'd be okay with the two of you dating. After all, you can't help the fact that he doesn't like her. Just remember to put your friends first - if it would really upset her and you risk losing your friendship, he's probably not worth it.
Kelly G.

by tswiftluver13 on 5/25/2012 1:50:10 PM


Omggg so sorry it was cut off Smile

by evfreak13 on 5/25/2012 1:27:57 PM


I've liked my BGf since sixth grade. We have so many things in common,it's not even funny! I told him in the seventh grade that I liked him (which was pretty gutsy for me, even though it was only an anonymous notes but he figured out pretty quickly it was me). Things were a bit different since then, but not out of the ordinary. So, anyway, it's eighth grade now. In April, he texted me saying "we need to talk. " so, what it boils down to is that he likes another girl in our grade and he wanted to let me know before pursuing her because he didn't want me to feel so bad if he did go out with her. The gesture was sweet nd all. BUT, when I asked about the girl, he never gave me a name but offered the description "

Hey girl,

I'm not sure if your comment got cut off or not. But if this guy likes another girl, unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it! If you really like him, you'll want him to be happy, and it seems like he is happy with this other girl! I know it can hurt, but keep your eyes open for another guy who still shares things in common but is also available! Keep your head up! 
Kelly G.

by evfreak13 on 5/25/2012 12:44:50 PM


This guy, P, had a crush on me for about 2 years and recently i started to reaaaaaaaaaly like him. I asked him why he stopped liking me a few months ago and he said it was because of my religion. He said he doesn't believe in liking someone if you don't like their religion. I am so confused and hurt right now and I don't even know if I can still be friends with him. However, we are on a Robotics team together and we are supposed to do this project together over the summer. I'm going to have to pretend like I'm not hurt or upset for the sake of the team. I am so lost and confused and I could really use some advice? Thanks so much.


Hey Girl! 

This is such a tough situation! Although he has the right to feel that way, everyone should respect one another's beliefs. You could tell him this hurt your feelings or ask him why he feels this way. This can give you clarity and closure!


by Ivorykey96 on 5/25/2012 12:09:18 PM


Woo hoo!! First comment. And first time commenting at all! Lol. But yeah, I bet that was a simple mistake. But anyway, just wondering, but what does MOD mean?? Thanks so much for answering my purdy dumb question!! Luv yah! -Smarticals

Hey girlie,

"MOD" means "moderator" - that's me! Me and a whole team of older gals approve your comments, keep free of any obscene language/offensive topics/bullying, and answer your advice questions. Putting "MOD" at the beginning of your question will get our attention and let us know that you want an answer from us Smile
Lauren C.

by Smarticals<3 on 5/25/2012 12:07:45 AM

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