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Wake up your summer wardrobe with tribal beats

This sizzling summer style is fierce, bold and gonna be totally huge.
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MOD MOD MOD!!!! Omg thanx! I have contact lenses now and they're great!!!

by promqueen105 on 6/25/2012 8:11:46 PM


It went great, I wore a little sweater over it, and kept my hair/makeup really plain, and It was perfect!
It's a private Catholic school, and the uniform is skirts.(even though they didn't have to wear the uniform to the play) That's why I wore a (casual) dress. Most of the girls were wearing skirts and pretty tops or casual dresses, so I fit right in!
Thanks again for the great advice!!!

by spencer9800 on 6/1/2012 9:32:58 AM


I am going to a play tonight of the new high school that I'm going to next year. I have this really cute knee length blue checkered/plaid dress that I'm wearing, but I need some tips on how to make it not look too fancy. Do you have any idea what I should do for my hair? and makeup? Thanks!!
p.s. my toe-nails are RED.

Hey girl, 

I would wear a pair of cute flats or sandals with your dress and keep makeup to a minimal. Most girls will probably just be wearing jeans and t's so you don't want to look like you tried super hard. Just wear whatever you feel most comfortable in!

simone s.

by spencer9800 on 5/31/2012 4:24:34 PM


Hello, good students! If you get good grades and want to KEEP getting good grades or are trying to get better grades, you should join the club, HOW TO BE AN A STUDENT! We will talk about tips and studying together. Together, we can all be A students!

by Glitterheart16 on 5/27/2012 8:47:11 PM


hey my DIY sistas! join my club DIY Green for ideas on how to use household items for jewelry your friends will be asking for!

by kpianoplayer on 5/27/2012 6:22:55 PM


the bandeau is adorbs!!!

by stylecrazy503 on 5/27/2012 12:59:56 PM


ok, i need a cheap like about 4$ BLACK nailpolish! Does pure ice have black? i love their nailpolish its awesome if they dont i need black!!!!i cant live without my fave color nailpolish! sorry for being random... Foot

Hey girlie,

Try Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Extreme Wear in the color "Black Out"! I love Sally Hansen nail polish - it stays on for a long time and is totally affordable Smile  
Lauren C.

by smileygirl555 on 5/27/2012 12:39:36 PM


I need an answer ASAP! So for a field trip were going to be beach. My friends are all wearing bikinis and they told me i should to, its just that i dont feel that my body is fit for a bikini. My bff says im skinny and they same size as her but i always feel fat. Also the other thing is i really want to wear a bikini but like right by my waist (im a hourglass waist) on both sides i have like discolored skin there its like brown or like dark tan and my original skin color is like a light tan. How can i get rid of the dark tan spots on my waist? Also after i shave i still have hair on my armpits even if i shave really good. Is using wax strips good to use for that and does it hurt? Also what brands of wax strips are good. Thanks a million.

Hey girlie,

If you're not comfy in a bikini, losing weight or "fixing" that discolored skin probably won't help. Like your bestie says, you're already skinny! So you're probably not comfy showing that much skin or feeling so exposed. And that's ok! Go with a tankini or one-piece bathing suit so you can focus on having fun, not worrying about your bod! Check out these articles for skin discoloration and dark underarms - some of the tips here can help Smile And yes, waxing does make your shave last longer so it could make your underarms feel cleaner and smoother. I don't wax at home though so I'm not sure about the best brands - try going to a salon to get it done for the first time and ask them all your questions: how to wax safely, what products/brands to use, etc.
Lauren C.

by CheerUrHeartOut on 5/27/2012 12:23:48 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!!! I want to get contacts, and my parents are cool with it, but my friends disagree. My friends with glasses think it's creepy to put something in your eye, and some of my friends always wanted glasses, one of them even said YOU LOOK ADORABLE In GLASSES!!! But it has downsides they don't know about, do I really have to list them

Hey girlie,

I have contacts and I LOVE them! Maybe your friends are talking bad about contacts because they aren't allowed to get them? It's possible. But personally I think contacts are perfect because you can wear them when you like (which is most of the time, for me) but you also have the option to wear glasses if you feel like it. Do what YOU want and what will make your life better - don't let your friends' opinions change yours <3 
Lauren C.

by Promqueen105 on 5/27/2012 11:35:38 AM


Love the shoes!! My mom would never let me wear those though...

by gigglez77 on 5/27/2012 9:44:27 AM


can you do an article for 8th grade graduation? like recommended hair styles, dresses and makeup? maybe one for daytime grad and one for nighttime grad? i know a ton of people who would really find it helpful, especially me!

Hey girl,

Thanks for your suggestion! Great idea, I'll pass it along to our editors Smile 
Lauren C.

by evsportsgirl98 on 5/27/2012 8:25:58 AM


The bag is adorable! I love tribal bags! I need to get my hands on my ASAP!

by rainyseattlegirl on 5/27/2012 3:52:10 AM


I have an appointment to get my bikini line waxed at 11:45 am tomorrow. I have a swimming party at 1:00 pm later that day. Will it still be red by the time of the party? If so, what can i do to make it go away or hide it? I'm not interested in wearing board shorts. Thanks!

Hey girlie,

It probably won't be bright red by 1:00pm, but it could still feel a little touchy. Try snagging an aloe cream or gel from the drugstore after your wax - it'll help soothe your skin while also taking away the redness faster Smile 
Lauren C.

by Pinklife on 5/27/2012 2:35:16 AM

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