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GL's Fab Fiction Contest is back!

Have you got the write stuff? Prove it!
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Hey rachel_m, like Beiber says "never say never". We have had some but with specific criteria, but maybe we will have one where you can upload whatever you want. Hope this helps! Xx

Ok, I know this sounds really stupid, but I'm new to this website (like REALLY new) and I would like to know if you ever do video or movie contests. I have this great idea for a music video/movie that my friends and I wanna do but I need an excuse to actually make it!! Lynae P.

by rachel_m on 7/7/2012 3:35:34 PM


Hi! I know I keep commenting on this I just keep getting new questions lol. Ok so, I know i asked this before but i wanted to make sure about this. I made the title like size 16 or 20 font so it would stand out from the story. Does that mean the story is disqualified? Also I entered three stories at different dates, is that ok? And lastly, lol, when will we know the results of the winners/runner ups?
Thanks in advance soo much

Hey girl,

If it was just the title, tht should be fine, and entering at different dates is fine too! The entries are due on July 17, so the winners will be picked sometime later this year!

Meghan D.

by starfan1 on 7/6/2012 9:12:08 PM


Hi I'm in the middle of writing my third story and just noticed that the quotation marks count as a word. This story has A LOT of dialog so do the marks count? Please tell me "no" because there's a lot to explain in my story!
*Crossing Fingers*

by FaithPetrowski on 7/6/2012 8:38:06 PM


quick question: Is it okay if the story is some what fantisy, because im not for sure if mine would be considered so. It does not have magic and stuff like that in it but I read what I have so far to a friend and she said it soulded some what fantasy.

Hey girlie,

Sure thing! Fantasy is also fiction, so it works perfect Smile 
Lauren C.

by kitkat44325 on 7/5/2012 7:24:56 PM


Can it be a fanfiction?


Hey girlie! It's alright if it's inspired by something you love, but try to change the names and places to make it your own!  And make sure it's your own ideas!  We'd love to have original fiction!  Good luck! 

Kate G.

by LilyLookALike on 7/5/2012 4:48:30 PM


One more quick question. So I followed all the guidelines on my submission but I made the title size 16 or 20 I think so it would stand out from the actual story.Is that ok or am i disqualified? If that is against the rules, should I resend it with smaller font? Please help

Hey girl,

The title size isn't really that big of a deal, so I'm sure you're fine - you won't be disqualified! Good luck! 
Kelly G.

by starfan1 on 7/4/2012 3:22:14 PM


Hi!Ok so, I used a different email to enter this contest than the email on my GL profile. Is that ok? How will they contact me if I win? I no longer use the email on my GL profile so I used my new one to enter the contest. Thx!

Hey babe,

They will just send it to the email that you filled out on the contest entry.  No worries!
Jordan S.

by starfan1 on 7/3/2012 9:52:13 PM


hen will the next two judges be announced? It's been a while... And where will they be announced?


Hey chica! Judges will be announces on and I'm so sorry, babe, but we don't know exactly when we'll be announcing them!  xoxo 



Kate G.

by JustluvAriana on 7/3/2012 12:10:21 PM


Does the title count towards the word count?


Hey girl!  The title does NOT count towards the word count! xoxo  

Kate G.

by Emilicious on 7/3/2012 1:44:14 AM


I don't have microsoft word on my computer and my email doesn't have times new roman. What should I do?

Hey girl!

Please use a font available in your email as similar to Times New Roman as possible. The point is for it to be readable for our readers. Don't use anything fancy! 
Rachael A.

by shadow777 on 7/2/2012 11:40:02 AM

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