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Hook a hottie: How to play it cool

7 easy-breezy tips to snag that eye-candy while still looking totally cool.
28 Comments | Add Yours

What do I say when a guy turns you down? Like, to make it seem like you're OK or relieved by it? Because I was dared to ask my crush out...

Hey girl,

You don't have to ask him out if you don't want to -- even if you were dared, your friends don't want you to embarrass yourself! And you don't have to act like you're relieved, because that might hurt his feelings! Just say okay and that you hope you can still be friends.

Meghan D.

by Effervescent on 6/1/2012 7:39:00 PM


OMG!!! This picture is from the cover of a book I've heard about!!!!!!

by HungerGamesRox99 on 6/1/2012 7:12:49 PM


Ok so i used to b BFFLs with this one girl, we had been throufh sooo much and i luved her! She wuz understanding and always der fr me and den came middle skool..... Shs became popular and i wuznt (i wunt "cool" but i had a bunch of friendz) so anywayz i reli miss talkin to her and all, and im alwayz da one to start convos and stuff, so how do i start talkin to her again widout seeming too pushy? And also, how do i ask out a guy? Lyk wa do i say and stuff widout making it awkward? And if he says no how do i act? 

Hey girl,

It won't sound pushy if you used to be friends, so just tell her you miss hanging out and want to catch up sometime! As for asking out the guy, just say you want to hang out, and if you think it will be awkward, you could always ask him on a group date. If he says no, just say okay and that you hope you can still be friends.

Meghan D.

by fashiondiva4 on 6/1/2012 5:05:16 PM


Hi! I kinda like this guy in my soccer league. The problem is he is on the other team. I want to maybe flirt a little or something but I don't really know how to while playing soccer lol I don't really want to compliment him on his skills because he is on the other team and that would be a little weird...


hey girl!

You don't need to hang out in practice only! Why don't you try asking if he wants to hang out after practice sometime?


by Augie on 6/1/2012 4:41:01 PM


Hi! So i like this guy, and he's like one of my besties. I like him and i just found out he likes me. He's still trying to get over his ex, and i'm WAY taller, we're not gonna be going to the same highschool but we'll still stay in touch. Basically what i'm saying is that i'm in love (yes IN LOVE!) with this guy and i'm only almost 14.. I have no idea what i should do cause he keeps saying how he's not gonna date anyone till the end of the year. I have NOT asked him out, and i have NO guy experience (kissing, dating, etc.) what should i do? He says he wants to stay friends but i know we both dont truthfully want that. I just found out at the end of the day yesterday. Today's friday. Please help!!


Hey girl!

If you really like this guy, which it sounds like you do, then be his friend! Eventually once he gets over his ex then things between you could move forward if you wanted. Just go along with it and see how it goes. You two may end up being better as friends, who knows?


by caramelcutie3233 on 6/1/2012 4:28:57 PM


Mod Mod Mod! My best friend is in hockey (even tho she's super girly like me) and in a couple weeks she is going to take me to her game to meet a guy she says is perfect for me. What kind of clothes should i wear, and how should i do my hair? like jeggings and a sweatshirt? or a skirt and tank with flipflops? and i normally curl my hair with a bow, so like that? or with a braid or twist in my grown out bangs? thank you (:


Hey girl!

That's super exciting--I hope everything goes well for ya! Remember you're going to a sports game, so dress casually. If it's not too hot then you could wear a sweatshirt, but don't wear something that's cute if it doesn't make any sense with the weather. All of the ways you suggested to wear your hair sound really cute. Since you're meeting this guy, why don't you wear it the way you normally do? It sounds super cute and shows him the real you!


by veggigurl on 6/1/2012 4:03:40 PM


I have become friends with a guy and we've been texting for around 6 months, with alot of ups and downs. The other night I realized he didn't text me for 2 days which was weird since we were on a good level. So I texted him saying that I was thinking about him and he text me back and pretty much blew my heart felt feelings off and was just trying to be funny. This doesn't bother me, but it's like every time I try to be sentamental he blows it off. Now he hasn't talked to me in days. Btw he's 17 and I'm 16. Should I text him? or forget him?
Thanks, Kate


Hey girl!

There's only so much chasing after him you should do. You could talk to him about it and ask why he keeps acting like that. But honestly, if he doesn't come around there is no point to keep trying so hard. There are plenty of other guys that would be interested in you and that would want to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.


by musicislove10 on 6/1/2012 3:36:45 PM


Mod mod mod!!
Okay, so there is this girl I used to be such best friends with, but then she went to another school and it all went downhill. Now I have barely seen her for the whole year and we never talk anymore. I don't think we can ever go back to our old friendship, but I want things to be less awkward and distant between us. How could I do this??? Thanks. Smile

Hey babe,

The best way is to just talk to her! Catch up on what's going on with you and your school and her and her new school. Invite her to get together for lunch or play mini gold or bowling. Make the effort to reach out to her and show that you want to continue your friendship. She'll appreciate you taking the initiative. 
Kelly G.

by gigglez77 on 6/1/2012 1:30:16 PM

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