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May's Summer Fun week 5 winners

Snag summer’s sartorial stars and conquer everything from cannonballs to a li’l surfside crush-catching.
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I got my Soffe hot pink sporty shorts in the mail today and I love them! I can't wait to wear them to school!

by ziirnn on 7/16/2012 2:33:18 PM


I just wanted to say thank you soooo much GL! I got my prize in the mail today! It was a great surprise because I didn't check the Winners that week so when I got it in the mail I was so happy! Thank you so much I'm glad you do these giveaways!(:

by iluvdance12 on 7/13/2012 10:56:02 PM


mod mod mod
how do you post on someone elses page?

by Hanchub on 6/14/2012 9:02:28 AM


mod i still didnt get my prize from may 1st. am i still going to get it. Nicole

Hey girl!

Did you receive an email from us regarding the prize? If not, you'll hear from us as soon as the prize is ready to send to you. There's a 12 week period for you to receive your prize. That time hasn't expired yet, so no worries! Thanks for letting us know and we'll be sure to get on it!  
Rachael A.

by blueye on 6/8/2012 10:45:06 AM


Mod mod
I won. Is It possible to find out which size I selected, so if I picked the wrong size, I can give if to my friend? Thanks!

Hey Girl! 

You could call and ask--but we may not know, so you may just have to wait until it gets to you!


by tiktokgal on 6/5/2012 1:39:48 AM


Okay so I won but I didnt get an email.

by emj9954 on 6/4/2012 11:04:54 PM


mod mod
i was looking on the giveaway rules and it says that winners would not be notified, but one mod says that i will be emailed. i was wondering who i would email to change the size i selected for my prize if i can?

Hey babe,

At this point, there really isn't any way to change the information you had already put in.  All entries go into the system for random draw and it's not possible to change them afterward.  So sorry, girlie!
Jordan S.

by tiktokgal on 6/4/2012 10:08:54 PM


Mod mod
I thought daily giveaway is automatically sent to you if you win. Do you get an email? If you do, approximately when will I get the email? Thanks!
Erica xoxo 


Helen S.

by tiktokgal on 6/4/2012 7:25:10 PM


mod mod mod ok so i won something and i didn't get a email so will i still get my prize

Hey! For sure Smile just wait 4 to 6 weeks and it should come in the mail 
Helen S.

by princessyasmin1998 on 6/4/2012 4:36:38 PM


i have questions , ok.... when you win a prize , does GL just mail it to your home without any money needed to pay , all free of your's when you win ????

Hey girl!

If you win a prize, we will send you an email so we can send you your goodies! We take care of the cost of shipping. Good luck! 
Rachael A.

by cindy tsou on 6/4/2012 2:50:15 AM

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