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Should you take a chance on a reformed bully?

There's this guy in my youth group, and he used to be mean to me. He would call me names and be really rude. Then he...
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I have had alot of guy questions/problems lately. I had my 8th grade formal yesterday and one boy was flirting with me the whole time and danced with me. I know he likes me, and has for some time, and I kind of like him too. We only have 4 days left of school and I don't know if I will see him in 9th grade. What should I do now?


Talk to him! Get to know him. If you two become friends and get to know each other who knows where it will go. Thats where I suggest you start! good luck! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by awtechnofish on 6/2/2012 10:12:39 PM


I've been going out with my boyfriend for a while now, and its starting to seem like he doesn't like me anymore. I hink that he might like my friend. She likes him a lot, and flirts with him all the time. I asked her to stop, and she said she would, but she still does!! He's always talking to her, and thinks she's really funny. But he never talks to me (I always have to approach him first) and he never replies to my e-mails. I really like him, what do I do?


It does look like he likes your friend more. I know that must suck, but most couples talk to each other. which isnt your fault, but I suggest you talk to your friend and tell her whats up. If shes really your friend she'll back off until you two figure out whats going on. But if i were you I would dumb the boy and move on. No boyfriend should treat his girlfriend like that. Good luck girly! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by pinkninja64 on 6/2/2012 9:21:50 PM


so i have a crush on a guy a grade ahead of me. I'm homeschooled and he goes to private school and the only time i ever get to see him is on Sunday night for about 2 hours at are youth group. this summer though hes moving up to the older youth group so i wont see him at all till i get to that one next summer. but the youth group we are in now goes on a retreat in a few days. i want to hang out with him then and stuff but don't want to be just like awkwardly standing around him and his friends. what should i do?
oh and i just got a phone and want to get his number. my older sister has him number so should i just ask her for it and start texting him or ask him for it personally?


I would ask for it personally. And as for the retreat, try doing activities with him and just talk and get to know him! Be friendly and see how it goes. If you two get to know each other better it will be easier. Good luck! xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by niallove45251 on 6/2/2012 9:11:38 PM


Ok, so I got my crush's email the other day, so I shot him an email. It's been like, 4 days, and I still haven't gotten a response. Should I like, playfully tell him that I sernt him an email? Is 4 days even that long? Thanks so much! Laughing

Hey girl,

He may not have checked his email yet, so I would wait another day or so before saying something to give him a chance to respond.

Meghan D.

by uni301 on 6/2/2012 8:55:22 PM


This just totally applied to my life. There's this guy who was afraid of me 'cuz i was all bubbly and stuff and then i started liking him and got his #. and then i asked him and he said that he was just being a jerk. that was in march. and now its june and i asked him if he liked me. he said yes. SQUEEE.

by XxUTookMahFonexX on 6/2/2012 8:55:18 PM


The guy in the picture is really cute haha

by supergrl1093 on 6/2/2012 6:20:40 PM


I'm feeling really guilty right now... I let a lot of people down. I'm usually really nice but I acted like a total brat. Is there any way I can make it up to them or hopefully gain their trust again. I really hate feeling like the bad guy...

Hey girl,

The best thing to do after you mess up is to apologize! If you show that you are sorry, people will understand, because everyone makes mistakes.

Meghan D.

by Toostie82 on 6/2/2012 6:17:33 PM


So, I have this sup huge crush on a guy since last year. He is super sweet, smart and cute. Last year he asked me to dance at mg semi formal. Normally im really hyper active and can talk nonstop, but when he is there i always either get super quiet or super loud. I cant help it! What should I do?!?!?!?! (I would txt him but idk if he h a cell phone and it would be awkward asking for his number if he has one)

Hey girl,

Try talking to him about stuff that you have in common, like school or what you do outside of school. You can also talk about casual stuff like TV or movies. If you talk about stuff you are familiar with, the conversation will flow naturally once you start getting to know each other better!

Meghan D.

by LilyLookALike on 6/2/2012 5:57:57 PM


Alrighty, so I'm confused about my feelings for one of my bgfs. He's like my brother. We walk to school together, eat lunch together, and hang out outside of school. All of my friends and most people I'm not friends with are convinced that I like him, but I'm not so sure myself. I'm not sure if I do like him, but I'm just ignoring it, or if I don't actually like him. 

Hey girl,

Only you can tell if you like him or not, but it's okay to be unsure! Just keep being friends for now, and if you eventually decide you want to tell him you have feelings for him, you can worry about it then!

Meghan D.

by ezzyperdomo on 6/2/2012 5:29:19 PM


Hey favcolorgreen, oh no that doesn't sound good. I would head to the doctor to see what's going on. Hope you feel better! Xoxo

mod mod mod
so lately i have had bloody noses a lot. i know gross but i cant blow my nose or sneeze without getting one they are really annoying and i cant seem to stop them besides letting them bleed out. please help! thanks Smile Lynae P.

by favcolorgreen on 6/2/2012 3:47:14 PM

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