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Put your best leg forward! 6 steps to a perfectly smooth shave

Put your best leg forward this summer with beauty blogger tips for a so-smooth shave…
72 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD some of the hair on my legs is black and some are not when should i shave them?


Hey andra616, try exfoliating your legs before you shave them. Use a loofah or pumice stone on your legs and then proceed to shave your legs. This will help lessen the appearance and eventually make the black hair disappear. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by andra616 on 9/9/2012 10:55:36 AM


Mod mod mod!!
So I have been shaving my legs for a couple months now and I'm going to need some more razors soon. My mom only let's me get the cheap 97¢ disposable kind so how do I ask for a real razor? Also what are some good brands to get? Thanks!


Hey girlie,

I actually still use the cheap disposable kind! And I don't find much of a difference between those and the more expensive ones, except I guess the more expensive ones last a little longer. But they don't really shave much better! If you really want to upgrade, try not asking for the most expensive type. Instead, go somewhere in the middle - I really like BIC Soleil razors, because they're disposable but the blades are great quality Smile

Lauren C.

by Princesspurple19 on 8/24/2012 12:02:31 AM


I'm 14 and my sister is almost 13. Is it okay if we share a razor? It's a good brand, not a cheap disposable, so it gets good use. It's the ones with the replaceable cartridges. Thanks for answering!


Hey girlies! It's fine if you share a razor for your legs, but make sure you're changing the blade twice as much, or use the same handle and switch blades (each of you can have your own cartridge that you take off and putaside when you aren't using it.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by alindgren on 8/16/2012 2:01:22 PM


MOD MOD MOD (Laura C. please)
Ok so when I shave I do it in the bath so I take my leg out and shave it but when I put it back in the water it kinda burns. Also I get this weird bruise looking purpleish-blue color on the bottom of my leg. Also I use men's razors because I think they work better, is this okay? Also my best friend is kinda getting on my nerves because she wants to do the exact thing I do! I said I wanted to take a break but she flipped out on me. Help me!!!


Hey girl!

You need to make sure your leg stays wet while you're shaving it. You should use shaving cream as well. Women's razors are better for shaving legs because many have moisturizing strips that help prevent nicks and burns. In regards to your best friend, copying is the best form of flattery, so try to remember that. She probably just loves you and wants to do what you do/be with you a lot. You don't need to take a break from her, just make sure you leave some time for yourself.

Rachael A.

by ArizonaChica on 8/3/2012 4:02:32 PM


MOD! I don't have a lot of the ingredients for the exfoliator, do you know any other recepies for one that doesn't use that many ingredients?

Hey girl,

Try this Sweet Sugar Scrub - there's only 3 ingredients!

Lauren C.

by rocketqueenxo on 8/2/2012 5:55:30 PM


I have incredibly thick brows. My mom isn't too hot about me plucking or waxing yet. Is there anything else I can do without my mom freaking out, or spending too much money? I really appreciate it!

Hey girl,

Try talking to her and compromising. There aren't any eyebrow fixes that are cheaper/easier than plucking or waxing, so they seem like they would be your best bet. Ask her if you can just pluck the super stray hairs, for example. Or ask if you can go to a salon together so a stylist can shape your eyebrows by waxing them - but not too thin! Explain to her how it would make you feel if you got your eyebrows done - more confident, less self-conscious, etc. Just be honest and show her where you're coming from in a calm, mature way <3 
Lauren C.

by cheetah#1 on 8/2/2012 5:21:48 PM


Hi! I don't know much about bikini waxing. When do I need to do it and can I do it with a razor? Any tips on how to do it?

Hey girl! Waxing involves using wax to remove hair.  I would suggest talking to an adult about it first because it can be really tricky to do. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by pepperseeds on 8/2/2012 2:34:07 PM


Is washing your hair everyday bad?

Hey girl! It depends on your daily activities, some people choose not to wash their hair everyday because it strips oils from the hair.  Some girls wash it everyday because it gets greasy from activities. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by victoriabieberz on 7/26/2012 2:47:13 PM


Mod Mod Mod
I have long dark hairs under ONE of my arms... Is this weird?!?! I only have peach fuzz under the other one!!! It's driving me crazy!!! Please respond! Thanks


Hey! everyone develops differently, but this sounds relatively harmless to me. If you feel very concerned you should ask your doctor about it the next time you go in for a check up. I can only say what I think sounds "normal" and that's different for everybody. good luck! 

Helen S.

by Daddy'sgrl12 on 7/24/2012 8:51:44 PM


Well, my mom lets me wax, but she doesn't allow for me to wax my arms, it has hair, somewhat noticeable, I shaved them once when I saw how irritating it got, it grew back of how much it was before, I want the hair on my arms to weaken somehow so I don't have to shave my arms secretively which I can get caught and I'm not that type of a person!

Hey girl!  I would follow your mom's advice, hair on arms does grow back much thicker after you shave or wax it.  You could try a gentle hair bleaching product from a drugstore like CVS to make the appearance of your hair lighter. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by Susmita24 on 7/24/2012 12:57:44 AM

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