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Dear Carol: I fake-dumped my BF

I just did it to test his feelings, but now he won't talk to me. How can I fix this?
47 Comments | Add Yours

I don't want to offend anyone but...not a very smart move on your part, girl...

by metrostation3xx on 6/8/2012 12:34:29 AM


well, I'm sure if someone "fake-dumped" you you would be mad too! TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!

by Glitterheart16 on 6/8/2012 12:09:49 AM


WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK OF DOING THAT?!?!?!! That is low even for me and I know low! Omg you...you...your despicable!

by Firefox101 on 6/7/2012 9:47:35 PM


So I go to this small school, 120 kids in my grade, (and for my school our grade is the largest). I am sick of being in our little town bubble. last year I got this one cute guys number who i met at an amusement park, and got in trouble. How can I reach out to boys not in my bubble and not get in trouble? i want to be friends with a boy/boys not in our bubble. how can I do that?
<3 Lydia

Hey Lydia,

I totally understand how you're feeling! My town was sooo small too, but there are ways to branch out! Try signing up for town sports, local writing/enrichment classes, getting a part time job at a place where teens usually work (the town pool, an ice cream shop, a diner, etc.), or applying for a summer school program at a local college. All these things will help you meet new guys that aren't at your school but still totally great options - and it'll be safer than meeting a stranger randomly Smile
Lauren C.

by ljbdaisy on 6/7/2012 8:54:40 PM


GLIs Awesome,
I don't care. Fake dumping somebody to ''test the waves''? That's just really cruel. Who would do something like that??? She deserves it, end of story. You'll the only one that feels bad for her. She's really dumb and stupid.

by Sarah510 on 6/7/2012 8:00:11 PM


Wow... look I have no right to accuse you of any thing because I have NO IDEA what your relationship was like with him. But what you did was cold. I know what your boyfriend is or was feeling. But stay strong and if you can't be his girlfriend, maybe try to be his friend instead.

by Peach'N'Cream on 6/7/2012 7:58:07 PM


i cant even believe that you would do that! playing with someones heart is a horrible thing to do, put your self in his shoes. Would you think that him "pretending" to break up with you is a good way to test your feelings for him? NO. well atleast you learned that it is not funny or helpful to toy with someones feelings

by aliyah32367 on 6/7/2012 6:59:18 PM


Yeah, that was really mean what you did. I don't blame the guy. Now you learned a lesson.

by Gabriella123 on 6/7/2012 6:20:06 PM


WOW. you deserve what you get - that's so incredibly mean!!!

by guitargirl7321 on 6/7/2012 4:57:48 PM


not to be rude but its your fault you played with someones feelings and they didn't appreciate it

by Miepster99 on 6/7/2012 3:07:04 PM

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