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8 adorable things to write in your bestie's yearbook

For when HAGS just won’t do…
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how do you MoD?/????????

Hey girl,

Check out our Intern At GL page - scroll down to the "WHERE" section and read about how to apply to become a mod! Smile
Lauren C.

by ladysade24 on 6/14/2012 4:55:43 PM


My friends wrote LULAS! Love

by Christiangal345 on 6/12/2012 2:13:51 PM


I wrote "Hey BFF Keep the Swag Alive!!! Smile" in my best friend's yearbook.

by DiamondSharks on 6/12/2012 12:21:35 PM


Mod Mod Mod Ok so for school the people who get honors get to go to Sebreeze, a water park. But I have my period and my mom wont let use a tampon. Do advice on how to convince her to let me use one. Plus if she does I'm afraid my flow won't be heavy enough and it will get stuck. Thanks Smile

Hey girl!

First off, tampons can't really get stuck, so don't worry about that. Think about reasons why you'd like to use a tampon and explain those reasons to your mom. Tell her it would make you much more comfortable. Good luck! 
Rachael A.

by superlily99 on 6/11/2012 3:37:50 PM


I always write a full page in my friends' yearbooks... good times Smile

by unicornninja on 6/11/2012 2:41:04 PM


I wrote What Makes You Beautiful in my friends' yearbooks, well, their papers. School's out and we haven't gotten our yearbooks yet! Smile

by karenbug88 on 6/11/2012 2:24:52 PM


Mod mod mod
At 14 my best friend is pregnant. And is keeping the baby. Her mom supports her and I do too. How can I show my support for her so she knows Im here for her ? Especially when the baby is born... Also, how can I break the news to my mom who barely knows my best friend? Thanks for helping me out in a difficult situation mod and not judging!!!

Hey girl!

I really admire you for supporting your best friend, no matter what. This is a pretty serious situation and your support for her shows true maturity and loyalty to your friend. Offer to help her shop for baby essentials or buy her a book about pregnancy or being a mom. Is she planning on staying in school? If so, help her out with organizing herself so when she prepares for the baby to come, she's not overwhelmed. Good luck and kudos for being such a good friend! 
Rachael A.

by Svds on 6/11/2012 1:28:53 PM


this is totally off topic but anyways 2 things.
1.there is this guy, timmy, who i like and i have his phone number so i txt him sometimes but everytime i do he only has really short answers and i kinda feel like i annoy him by txting him. i dont txt him everyday, maybe once a week or less but im always the one who starts txting him first. We hung out almost the whole summer last year and had so much fun and i want to do it again this year but i still feel as if i annoy him. But he also doesnt talk alot so could it be he just doesnt talk alot in txts too?
2. and when i do txt him what are soem good ways to get a conversation going? we go to different schools tho so i cant talk about classes and we both love soccer.
Thank you soo much! ♥

Hey girl!

I bet he's probably just shy texting you, just like he is in person. If you continue to text him maybe once a week, he could start opening up you more. Ask him how soccer is going or if he watched the most recent match on tv. It's totally cool to ask him what's going on at his school, even if you don't go there. It shows you're genuinely interested in him. Good luck! 
Rachael A.

by niallove45251 on 6/11/2012 12:26:16 PM


My bestie wrote her name at the top of the page and I wrote "is bean dip" underneath it...oh yeah, she'll remember me
We kinda goof off in each other's yearbooks
I wrote One Direction lyrics in my other bestie's yearbook

by §♥greyson_chance♥§ on 6/11/2012 10:52:51 AM


Thanks GL!

If anybody needs advice on anything, leave a comment on my profile and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!Smile

by olivia192000 on 6/11/2012 10:03:02 AM

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