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20 real girl tips for major bikini confidence

Boost your confidence faster than you can say "cannonball!"
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mod mod
so i have 2 questions me and my friend feel like we have some fat and we need some meals and workouts
2. so my friend came over and saw my email and saw my friend called me the b word just because it was a time we where stressed out and then the friend told my mom and maybe do something so i can not go on my email

Hey! At your age, as long as you're eating enough and getting a balance of nutrients you shouldn't worry too much about that. 2) talk to your friend about what happened and you guys can work through it.
Helen S.

by girlbeauty on 6/26/2012 7:11:04 PM


Hey aniritaK, you don't have to go to a tanning salon, you can use lotion that will naturally make your skin glow. Maybe your parents will be more comfortable with you using lotion( try jergens) rather than spray tans. Show your dad pics of the wedges you'd like to get. There are some cute age appropriate ones out there. Hit up wal-mart and target for shoes. Hope this helps! Xoxo

I'm really pale. I've always been. My parents won't let me get fake tans and things like that. I'm always the whitest one at the pool. ALso, I'm only 4 foot 9 inches. I don't have any wedge or heeled shoes, and my dad wouldn't be too happy if I got some. I want to appear taller and tan, so what shold I do? Lynae P.

by anirtaK on 6/19/2012 5:26:26 PM


MOD Mod!!! My crush ended up in juvie right before i was gonna ask him out and now my mom won't even give him a chance!

Hey girl!

I know you must be upset about this, but you have to try and see it the way your mom does. I don't know what he did to end up in juvie, but you need to think about if he would be a good boyfriend. Is he responsible? Does he work hard in school? Is he nice and respectful? Would he influence you to make bad decisions? There's a lot to think about here! Good luck! 
Rachael A.

by anasara123 on 6/18/2012 12:44:40 PM


mod mod
my mom works for an makeup company and it has no animal by products and i always save money and then when i have all the money i need and then my mom says you cant buy this because it is bad for your skin and whats not fair all of my friends have about 5 boxes of makeup and there mom does not work for a makeup company and i have 0 boxes not even i thing of makeup

Hey Ava,

Try not to compare yourself to your friends. Your situation is different and ya gotta trust that mom has your best interests in mind! Try talking to her and asking her exactly why she doesn't want you to wear makeup. Is she using the "it's bad for your skin" excuse just to make you wait til you're older? Is there a variety of healthier, better makeup that you could choose? Could you avoid foundation and powder so you don't cover your face? Is there a way you can prove you won't use too much? Try to work with her and understand where she's coming from <3
Lauren C.

by girlbeauty on 6/17/2012 10:48:43 AM


Okay so this summer my friend invited me to the pool with her, and I don't have a suit yet, so she let me borrow hers. It was my first bikini EVER, and I got a pretty good boost of confidence from knowing I could pull one off. The problem came up when I went swimsuit shopping with my mom. I was looking at bikinis, she asked if I liked any other style, tankini or one-piece. Since I'm curvy, I don't look too good in them. I already have non-skimpy shorts for bottoms, but I just want to convince her to let me wear a bikini. She's kind of "for" modesty, you know? I'm scared of what she'll say. How do I tell her and convince??

Hey girl,

If your mom's paying, you probably have to respect her rules. There are tons of cute tankinis and one-pieces out there, though! Stick to her rules for now, and if you still want a bikini when you're older and on your own, you can always wear one then.

Meghan D.

by Pandagirl528 on 6/16/2012 12:39:56 AM


Hi Smile So lately I have been having insecurities...okay all the time. Wether it's concerning my weight, my face, my beauty mark, or my height. I know every girl at some time has insecurities and everyone has flaws, but how do I accept them? I look in the mirror and think how can anyone be ok touching my cheek knowing I have a "beauty" mark there? I see all those flaws in the mirror. I see it when I compare my self to what I dream to look like. I even see them when my family and friends give me compliments, they will never go away. It makes me sad a lot, how can I see my flaws as a good thing? How can I build my self esteem? And how come most beuty marks aren't beautiful to the beholder? Thanks GL!
<3 andsothelionfellinlovewiththelamb

Hi sweetie pie!

Ahh, insecurities are the worst. We've all struggled with them and most people still do. Here's one trick I've learned: get some post-its and write down one thing on each that you like about yourself. It can be anything. Some of the ones I have say "I'm a good friend" or "I am a beautiful person." Put these on or next to your mirror. Every time that you start to examine yourself in the mirror, read those affirmations to yourself. You can also try talking with a counselor about your insecurities. Don't be afraid to reach out for help when you need it. Everyone does <3

Kelly G.

by andsothelionfellinlovewiththelamb on 6/15/2012 3:48:29 AM


Just going into Middle School?
Don't know what's the trend?
Love is coming your way?
Friends pretending they're not?
You people need me I'm fun and very stylish and has had TONS of experience with friends. Middle School isn't a deal ITS A BIG ONE join now! :0 Smile Tong

by GeenieD on 6/14/2012 9:28:55 PM


I don't have 3 things I like about how I look. All this stuff is way expensive.My mom will let me get a swimsuit for maybe $30-35. And Fake tanning is actually unsafe, I heard on Good Morning America. And what about good sunscreens? I wore sunscreen when I went to Florida last week and I still got sunburned and peely.Yikes I look terrible I wouold npt let anyone see me in a bikini right now! I am sunburned and my chest broke out. MOD nothing gets rid of my acne. Not toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, or even acne wash by neitrogena! What do I do? Frown

Hey girlie,

You should definitely talk to your doctor about your acne! If you're tried cleansers and other "tricks" with no luck, your doctor can recommend more powerful treatments - or even suggest a dermatologist, who is professionally trained to help ya with this prob! <3 
Lauren C.

by teampeetapercy on 6/14/2012 7:03:06 PM


I have a really big head(in size). Therefore it's really hard for me to wear women's fedoras. I love fedoras, I'm questioning myself if I should buy as men's one. I have low self esteem, and if I buy a men's one and see another guy wearing the exact same one I will freak out and die! Should I buy one now, or should I wait untill my self esteem grows? Thx <3!

Hey Girl, 

I completely feel you. I'm in the same situation. I say just buy whichever hat fits you and you feel pretty in. There's a really really small chance a guy will be wearing the same hat as you and even if he is I doubt he'll notice. Either way, menswear is in. 

Simone S.  
simone s.

by lavlo on 6/14/2012 12:58:22 AM


I broke my leg right before summer started and I've been on crutches and scooters for weeks. I still have two weeks left to go, but I'm worried because I've gained a lot of weight because I haven't been real active. How can I get back in shape? I can't really run because my leg is weak, but that was always my main exercise.

Hey chica, sorry to hear about your leg. Good thing the end is in sight, though! One of the best forms of exercise is swimming. If you can go to a pool and do laps, that'll get you back in shape in no time. You can also do sit-ups and push-ups every day because that'll build up and make quite a difference. And can you try biking? That has less impact on your legs, but it's good cardio.  
Carrie R.

by crystal904 on 6/13/2012 3:08:37 PM

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