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Why we heart sleep

7 reasons you still need your beauty sleep…
27 Comments | Add Yours

my summer goal was to tone my stomach... but summer is almost over and I need to get it toned fast! any suggestions, what is the fasted way/workout!???


Hey girl! Crunches and ab workouts are the fastest way to get toned.  We have tons on the site, if you search "abs" in the search bar.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by orangey98 on 8/6/2012 2:48:24 PM


How do I erase my habit of sleeping at 1 or 2 am and start sleeping at 11 pm? PLEASE ANSWER QUICKLY!!!


Hey chica! It takes awhile to make a change that drastic.  Start by waking up a little earlier every day and don't let yourself take a nap.  You'll be tired a little bit earlier that night, so go to be a little earlier.  Keep doing this and soon you'll be going to be at the time you want! xoxo 

Kate G.

by theclique123 on 8/3/2012 12:26:21 PM


AHH!! The other day my stomach hurt so so bad, and I had diarrhea. Eep, Am I starting "Down There"?

Hey girl!

It's possible you're starting your period. Stomach cramps and diarrhea are common symptoms. But it could also have been a stomach ache. Maybe you ate something that upset your stomach. It's hard to say, but just keep tabs on your symptoms if they return.  
Rachael A.

by Nymah08976 on 6/22/2012 3:34:27 PM


LOL no wonder I'm so creative! hahaha! But I'm still clutzy no matter how much I sleep...

by twinkleglimmer on 6/20/2012 2:35:11 AM


i need to kick the habit of falling asleep at 1 or 2 in the morning...

by myfatsquirrel on 6/12/2012 2:57:53 PM


Ok so I just had my period this morning for the first time!!! The pads feel really weird too. Is there any way I can get use to them?? Thanks!!

Hey chica, you're going through something every girl's gotta deal with. Pads are definitely weird at first, but you'll get to the point where ya don't even notice 'em. Just be patient.  
Carrie R.

by Sheyenne on 6/12/2012 1:33:51 PM


So sometimes when I take a bath I notice discharge coming out from down there!!!!
I didnt even notice till I saw it coming out!
Its creeping me out, is there Any way I can prevent it???
Thank you SO much ! <3

Hey chica, if it's not a lot and this doesn't happen often, don't sweat it. But if you're really worried, or if you notice this happening a lot, you should ask your doctor about it. 
Carrie R.

by imblonde5678 on 6/12/2012 12:40:09 PM


I sleep. Lot! One time, I went to bed a little after 9 and got up at almost 11. This was not normal, I usually sleep 10 or 11 hours. Tong

by Catlover4723 on 6/12/2012 12:38:45 PM


Hahaha, where I live there are pygmy rattlesnakes out all day. And it's like 100 degrees. So, you go out at night. Makes bad sleeping patterns easier anyway.

by changingfaces on 6/12/2012 11:35:27 AM


Hola Chicas! Join my Lana Del Rey Fans club! If you loooove Lana Del Rey... this is the club for u! Here we will talk about our favorite songs by her, how her fashion has inspired us, and how cool she is!

by artistchic99 on 6/12/2012 11:21:57 AM


Next year i m going 2 a high school an hour away so i will have to get up @ 5:00 to get ready and stuff. What time do you reccoment=d that I go to bed. I was thinking between 8:30 and nine and i won't drink coffee to keep me awake unless i have to. Thx.

Hey Girl!

Sounds like a good plan. Get between 7 and 9.5 hours of sleep a night and you'll be good. 

good luck with high school!

SImone s.  
simone s.

by kewauneegal on 6/12/2012 9:21:16 AM


Mod Mod Mod...
Does getting like eight hours of sleep affect your period? Also does sleep help cramps? Thanks a ton!

Hey Girl, 

getting enough sleep will make your entire body feel better. Enough sleep may also help regulate your period. 

Simone s.  
simone s.

by Cowsrule11 on 6/12/2012 8:56:08 AM


I fall asleep at like eleven at night and don't wake up till ten in the morning. (Sometimes later.) So eleven or more (sometimes a little less) hours of sleep? I think I'm doing good! Laughing

by taylorswiftfan1233 on 6/11/2012 10:33:00 PM


So, I haven't been bullied (at least not yet), and I feel kinda guilty. I mean, I see all these stories about bullying and stuff, and it makes me feel really bad for them, but I feel like I can't feel sorry about it unless I have been bullied. I probably sound like a complete idiot right now, but it's true.

Hey babe,

Just because you haven't experienced something firsthand doesn't mean that you can't feel compassion toward people who have.  It's better to not understand and care than to not understand and not care either.

Jordan S.

by PinkDancerBabe on 6/11/2012 9:11:05 PM


♬ Hi there! Do you live to dance and dance to live? I do! If you are like me and love to dance, you should join my club, ♥Live2Dance♥ Go to my profile and join! I do tap, jazz, hip hop, and ballet dancing! ♬ Please join my club where we will talk about all things dance! ♡


by PinkDancerBabe on 6/11/2012 8:46:30 PM


I have 9-10 hours of sleep!!!!

by amileofroses on 6/11/2012 8:19:16 PM


Please join my club, Queens of Hearts <3! boys, fashion, friendship, life, beauty, fitness and more! We have 30 members and we'd love to have you too! Please join! Smile

by honeycakes on 6/11/2012 8:09:49 PM


This will be the first time that I'm going to overnight camp, and I'm scared! It will only be two nights, but I'm NOT a good sleeper. Examples: Go to bed late, wake up early, takes a long time to fall asleep......So, where I'm going, they say lights out at 9:00, and me and my cabin buddy, are going to wake up at 5:00 Am, so we're not stuck in the line for showers. It will also be my first time sleeping out of family's houses. I AM SCARED! Do you have any tips for homesickness, or getting to sleep faster? books and tv and such aren't an option.

Hey! I actually went to a month long sleep away camp for years ( and was a counselor) so I think I can help Smile My experience has been that getting to sleep is not a problem for most girls. You'll be active all day and by the end all you'll want is to sleep. As for homesickness it's best to " live in the present." at camp. If you focus on all the fun you're having, you'll miss home less. I guarantee it Smile 
Helen S.

by georgetownroad on 6/11/2012 7:24:13 PM


MOD! I try to sleep as quickly as I can and have a routine. Pajamas on, watch a TV show, go to my room, say good nights to everyone, lay down and try to sleep. But I end up taking like 1,2, or 3 hours just laying there. And I can't sleep without my radio music on, so that's not an option. By the way, I'm 9 years old.


Helen S.

by briannam911 on 6/11/2012 7:08:13 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!! I am 12 years and 6 months old. I am 5'1 and 114 pounds. I feel a little fat so I run on the treadmill 5 times a week. I run for 45 minutes on 5.5 speed. The problem is that my mom says too much running will make me stop growing. Is that true? I'm only running to lose weight and stay fit. My mom says to run only 3 times a week but I don't think thats enough. I want to get a good bikini bod for the summer but I don't want to run only 3 times a week. Does running make you stop growing? I also do workouts you reccomend in the workout category. Does the workouts make me stop growing? Thanks! xx


Hey! I'm not sure that your mom is right about that, but the safest way to get a good answer is to ask your doctor. But I guess I sort of agree with your mom, in that running too much to get a certain type of look isn't that interesting of a way to spend your time. don't think about dropping pounds to meet a deadline. instead focus on having a healthy lifestyle year round with moderate exercise and a balanced diet. You may not drop weight in two weeks, but that's the way to maintain the right weight for your body. at girl's life we promote the idea that a healthy you is the most beautiful you there is. 

Helen S.

by Torrie55 on 6/11/2012 5:52:41 PM


Hey you guys! I just wanted to let you all know that not all of us GL members are aloud to wear bikinis! My parents are divorced, and my Dad lets me wear a bikini but my mom doesn't! Whenever someone thinks about swimsuits on this website, the first thing they think about is bikinis and looking good in your bikini/ having a good 'bikini bod' this summer! Its mentioned 2 times in the article ALONE! I just don't like how basically all of your featured suits are bikinis! I'm 11, and i wont be getting a bikini with my mom for the next year or two. Also, I wanted you to know that you talk about girls having a good bikini bod WAYYYY too much! I know you appreciate girls and all their differences, and how they're all beautiful, etc, but i think it might be pressuring some girls into thinking they have to look good in their bikini this summer. I still love y'all but these things annoy me sometimes!


Hey! I totally understand, and agree with you in a lot of ways. Thanks for your comment, we really appreciate your feedback. 

Helen S.

by ostar21 on 6/11/2012 5:48:49 PM


@ Sarah510: Light signals alertness to your body, so don't use electronics with screens an hour before bed. Don't exercise or consume caffeine three hours before bed. Lowered internal body temperature signals sleepiness to your body. Taking showers, as the mod mentioned, is a good way to do this. Weirdly enough, so is putting on socks. You can also lower the temperature in your room and use warm blankets. Good luck!
Have any questions about your body ? Need advice? Just want to chat? Join my club, Sex Ed! Real girls have real conversations! Officer positions are still open! Helen S.

by peaches and raspberries on 6/11/2012 5:29:14 PM


that awkward moment when i agree, cuz i did the EXACT same thing... lol

by red716 on 6/11/2012 5:16:19 PM


I have a problem. I'm 11 years old and I don't feel totally well rested unless I sleep for 12 hours. I wake up at 6:00 every morning for school so to get 12 hours of sleep i'd have to go to bed at 6:00 PM. I'd feel like a baby! What do you think I should do?


Hey! You should work on staying energized throughout the day. Eat balanced, nutritional meals that will give you the right amount of energy, and drink lots of water. If you're really struggling, find times to take 10-20 minute naps to refresh yourself, and if none of this works, talk to your doctor for more information about healthy sleep habits Smile 

Helen S.

by bayleesaysrawr on 6/11/2012 5:07:21 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!
I get about 8 hours of sleep and I'm 11 years old. I climb into bed ; lights off ; PJ's on ; ect. ready to get a 10 - 11 hour sleep. And then it takes me, like, 2 or 3 hours to fall asleep!!!

Hey girl!

I'm sure that can get pretty annoying that it takes forever to fall asleep! Try reading a book or magazine before bed. It will calm your thoughts and relax you. You could also try showering right before bed; it's another good way to relax. If this problem persists, ask a parent or doctor for some advice! 
Rachael A.

by Sarah510 on 6/11/2012 4:49:33 PM


Haha,I remember that every single school year before middle school my teachers would ask the class what you wanted to do over the summer.I remember people saying that allthey wanted to do was sleep all summer long and I thought that they were absolutely crazy.once when this school year started I completely understood what they meant.

by snowver11 on 6/11/2012 4:31:59 PM


that awkward moment when I stayed up all night last night....

by Sami_McDoodle on 6/11/2012 4:28:50 PM

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