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6 grad gifts for your best girl friends

It’s cap ‘n’ gown season. Here’s what we’re grabbing…
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by Dani143 on 6/13/2012 1:26:19 AM


What is the line between flirtexting and "sexting?" What qualifies as "sexting?" Like, I know sending nude pics and stuff. Help!

Hey babe,

I think everybody defines it differently.  But, I've come to believe that sexting is anything overtly sexual.  It can be sending pictures or it can be just talking about sexual encounters in detail.  Flirting is much more docile than that.
Jordan S.

by fireworks1071 on 6/13/2012 1:00:24 AM


Tomorrow is my last day of school and I'm not sure what to do with my hair. It's going to be about 75 degrees and my hair is naturally curly and just below my bust. Also I'm having an event with jumpers and things like that so I don't want hair in my face. Thanks xxx.


Helen S.

by jello4eve on 6/12/2012 8:05:56 PM


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by peaches and raspberries on 6/12/2012 8:05:37 PM


I'm going into high school soon and I can start to carry around my backpack and I don't know what kind I should get. Any suggestions?


Helen S.

by thompsonl16 on 6/12/2012 7:42:09 PM


I'm going into High School next year and while I'm thrilled somethings been going on. My current teachers and parents are pushing me (and my classmates) to think about our future. I'm only in 8th grade and I don't want to think about it since I don't know what I even want to be!! I'm a good writer and I love to do it, but my parents hate the idea of me getting an English degree. My folks want me to go into the science field and while that's cool I still wanna be a writer! My teachers are even telling me and my classmates that we should start looking up colleges. I've tried, but if I don't even know what to be it seems pointless. Any ideas? I'm so annoyed and confused! Help!!


hey! yeah that's tough. Take their suggestions with a grain of salt. Tell them you'll look into it, but only when you're ready. I think eventually you're going to want to look this stuff up on your own, and when that happens you can think some more about all of this Smile Best luck to you! 

Helen S.

by emmyie11 on 6/12/2012 6:45:38 PM


Heyy gurls! Looking for great advice? Join my advice queen

by Dovepawrocks on 6/12/2012 6:29:21 PM


My friend and I were planning to see a movie tomorrow but we couldn't agree on one. There isn't much to do where I live and we can't take a bike ride because it has been really rainy. I want to go shopping but she is "scared" of the stores I go to. I really don't want our plans to get together to fizzle out. Any suggestions?


hey! Maybe talk about the stores she wants to go to and then ye'll could go shopping. If you still like the movie idea maybe you can compromise on one? 



Helen S.

by awtechnofish on 6/12/2012 6:19:09 PM

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