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Stiiirike this jerk out!

I was at a Yankees game and I was texting my crush's best friend. Then my crush got on from his phone. My crush said he...
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Hey pinktastic4ever, yeah I think you should write him a letter. Leave your email and phone number on the letter so he can contact you. Good luck girl! Xoxo

MOD!!! MOD!!! MOD!!!
i really like this guy, but we havent talked much (just me telling him he did good in his basketball game a few times) i havent seen him in 3 months because basketball season ended and im really missing him!! i think he was at least interested in me because he would always watch me and my friend said he looked really disappointed when i almost went and talked to him but i didnt. and when i talked to him he was smiling so big at me even after i left. i was thinking about writing him a letter, but im not sure if i should. what do you think? im not going to sign it yet, i just want to say hi and maybe give him my email? Lynae P.

by pinktastic4ever on 6/16/2012 1:23:21 PM


Oh what a mean jerk! That is no way to joke about feelings. Hopefully karma comes back around and bites him.

by Elly85 on 6/16/2012 12:19:43 PM



by amileofroses on 6/15/2012 11:08:56 PM


Hey so i have had this crush for a while and then he asked me out!! Of course i said yes!! We dated for about a week then things started to go wrong and we ended up in splitsville on valentine's day!I still really like him and he told me that he likes me too, but that im a little too shy! What to do what to do???

Hey girl,

If you both like each other, you will probably become more comfortable with each other over time. Try having casual conversations about simple topics you're comfortable with, like school or TV. If you come out of your shell in the comfortable topics, you'll be less shy in other convos, too.

Meghan D.

by sunkissed00 on 6/15/2012 8:10:48 PM


Oh yay now I feel good about being tall -_-

by mdo556 on 6/15/2012 7:01:07 PM


jerk! and how is tall an insult. being tall has a ton of advantages!

by jster on 6/15/2012 5:35:12 PM


What a meanie!!!

by unicornninja on 6/15/2012 5:26:52 PM


What a jerk!! Like topchef88 said, he's prob jealous of your supermodel-esque height, while he's a pipsqueak!

by swimmergirl14 on 6/15/2012 2:40:27 PM


Hola Chicas! Join my Lana Del Rey Fans club! If you loooove Lana Del Rey... this is the club for u! Here we will talk about our favorite songs by her, how her fashion has inspired us, and how cool she is!

by artistchic99 on 6/15/2012 10:55:32 AM


omg such a jerk! that was rude

by j4zm09 on 6/15/2012 9:54:52 AM

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