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8 ways to make Dad's day

Because let’s face it, he’s a pretty awesome guy…
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These are all really good ideas Smile Thanks GL! I will defiantly be doing these!

by YouCanCallMeCat on 6/8/2013 4:16:58 PM


I am just so frustrated because my crush tries to take my papers away and then I say "Please stop." and he says "Well Orange Soda stinks!" and I just got so hurt by this I decided to transfer schools. There, I developed a new crush and he called me "A gurgle bin which means a hoop". I cried so much I transferred schools. I got so mad when a teacher called me a "Hut Hin, which means a jellyfish." One again. I moved. Am I normal? Should I drink orange soda, and go on the computer for entertainment?

Hey girl,

I'm sorry people are calling you names--that's never called for! If it continues, I would speak with a trusted adult like a parent, teacher or guidance counselor. If you like orange soda, there's nothing wrong with drinking it in moderation! As for entertainment, the computer is great, but make time for hanging out with friends and family in person, too!

Meghan D.

by Poophead234 on 12/22/2012 10:10:18 PM


Alright, so I like orange soda. My crush always tries to hug me but sometimes, the orange soda he gives to me isn't good. Please help and tell me where I should buy root beer soda. Thanks!

Hey girl,

You can buy soda at the grocery store or drugstore!

Meghan D.

by Poophead234 on 12/22/2012 9:26:23 PM


Mod mod mod!!!
My grandpa is really into singing and songwriting and he has a ton of recording stuff. He records his own stuff and its pretty famous in places like Hawaii and Japan. Anyway, he heard me writing a new son on piano and now he wants to record me!! I have at least five songs ready to go, but I'm starting to rethink this a little. I'm kind of embarrassed at the fact that these are going to go out to my friends and fam- their pretty personal, as are most songs. I know this is a good opportunity but should I take it?

Hey girl, definitely! I think you'd regret not doing so in the long run. Sometimes the things that scare us most end up being the best experiences because we challenge ourselves to step beyond our safety zone.

Alyssa B.

by WashingtonGirlie13 on 11/26/2012 7:18:10 PM


My dad lost his job and i don't know what to do. So many changes happened around my house, I'm really scared about the problem. what if we lose the house, I know my mom has a job and all but it's not that much thou. And my brother is acting like a jerk all of sudden, he's only 10 but his commets are really mean. MY mom says does ingore but it's hard thou. My family can be very frustrating and my dad is all sad,mad, and frustarted because he's stuck at home with us all the time. i wish all my family conflict will magiclally disappreer .


Hey chica! I'm sorry about what you are going through, life must be tough for you right now.  Your dad is going through a rough time, he's worried about all the things you are and more!  It isn't because he's "stuck" at home with you, it's because he is worried about the future.  The hardest part about this is that there isn't much you can do about your situation.  Your mom is right, you should just ignore your brother.  Apart from that, try and be as helpful around the house as possible.  Do the dishes without being asked, clean up your family's living spaces once in a while and try and make things easy on your parents.  Having you as a helper will make them feel better. xoxo   

Kate G.

by amyrose125 on 7/17/2012 3:07:36 AM


I went out to lunch to celebrate Father's Day.

by supersingershannon on 6/26/2012 4:36:00 PM


I'm the only girl in my family, also the oldest in the house. I have to younger brothers who are always ganging up on me. And my mother, well is just plain frustrating. I cant stand my family, when I'm with my with I just fell so stressed and I get this tense feeling in my chest. The only time i feel relived is when I'm with my father or with friends, I try to stay with out with them as long as I can but I have to go home sooner or later. I'm always alone locked up in my room when I'm at home. But they always find away to get under my skin even when I'm alone. My brothers are always ganging up on me and when I do say stuff back, my mother takes their side. Then she tells me to grow up, when all I'm doing is defending myself. Sometimes I just wish there was some way I could wake up to a new family.


That sounds very frustrating. I suggest you try to get as much time away from them as possible. Those issues will get better in time. So you just have to give it the time it needs. But until then just keep a low profile around them and try to get away from them as often as you can. Good luck! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by xxCityGalxx on 6/24/2012 12:18:29 AM


I gave my dad a remote controled helicopter with a camera on it! fun!
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by heather99 on 6/20/2012 2:14:37 PM


I love my daddy Smile

by bayleesaysrawr on 6/20/2012 2:06:28 PM


I am making his favorite breakfast to celebrate Father's Day.

by otter77 on 6/20/2012 1:09:19 AM

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