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Don't forget! 5 spots ya might miss when puttin' on sunscreen

These tricky spots will come back to haunt ya later unless ya grease up now…
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The brand of sunscreen that keeps me smiling' through the rays is Neutrogena.

by otter77 on 6/20/2012 6:45:54 PM


i have 2 questions
1. ok so my birthday party is in august and im going to have it at Noahs ark. Im getting a new swimsuit because i have to get one that has padding because even though im not really petite. I will be 13 in august.Im skinny and 5 foot and 88 pounds. I have sort of big boobs for my size i wear and A but i look bigger since im skinny. Whats a good brand to get my swimsuit that wont be too big for the bottoms and a top that will fit? Im think TJ max since they have good brands of clothes but not really expensive.
2. I have a boyfriend, n i go to camp for 2 weeks. i liked this guy Bryden who lives in virginia. (thats where the camp is)I really like my boyfriend. Him and me are going to write because we cant have electronics there. Im afraid im going to fall for bryden! my bff is going so shes gonna make sure i dont but im afraid i will! thanks

Hey babe, TJ Maxx sounds like a good bet. You can also check for a sale at Aeropostale - they have good suits for your body type. And for your second question, remember that this camp is only two weeks long. You're not gonna be away from your bf that long. And if you start getting too friendly with Bryden, just remember that in the long run, you're gonna see your bf a whole lot more. So keep your mind on him, and you'll be home before ya know it. 
Carrie R.

by volley_ball2341 on 6/20/2012 12:29:58 PM


Hey Classy_Cassy, mhmm have you shaved down there yet? If there's a lot of hair down there, it could be trapping bacteria, sweat and dirt causing the odor. If you haven't you can always get a good razor(schtick quattro is good) and some shaving cream(skintimate works well), or try nair bikini cream(it takes the hair right off for you). It could also be the soap you're using. Summer's Eve has a special soap for down there that works really well. Hope this helps! Xoxo

k so i have this really gross odour down there that i can even smell when im just sitting up sometimes!?!? I get lots of discharge but its a pretty normal colour (its just clear and sometimes white) and its never really itchy so i dont think its a yeast infection..? Is this normal?? And how can i get rid of the smell (whenever i have a shower i wash well down there but it just comes back!??!) Help! Lynae P.

by Classy_Cassy on 6/19/2012 5:07:22 PM


I did some stuff with a guy and long story short i might be pregnant... but idk for sure i have about a week or so until my period should come how can i make time go faster also my mom and bro made it very clear they are against teen pregnancy and i am only 14!! please give me some tips 

Hey Girl, 

First off: the only way to get pregnant is by having sex. Anything else: you're 100% in the clear. If you're nervous-- go buy a pregnancy test. Some of them work up to a week before you're expecting your period. For best results, take it in the morning-- when your pregnancy hormone would be the highest. 

best of luck,

simone s.

by blahhhgirl on 6/19/2012 1:36:43 PM


MOD! I was just wondering...what are the general effects of high metabolism? Could it become dangerous? How can I slow it, if that's possible? What can I do to gain weight? My metabolism is VERY high, and I'm curious to find out more about it. Thanks!

Hey chica! Generally, most people think  it's good to have a high metabolism. That means that your bod can burn fat and calories faster, thus making it easier for you to maintain a healthy weight. If you're concerned, I'd talk to your doc, or school nurse, about this. You should never embark on a diet, whether it be to gain or lose weight, without talking to a doc or nutritionalist first. 

Becca G.

by kris1205 on 6/17/2012 10:57:18 PM


MODMODMODMODMOD ! I breakout on my face and back really easily so I'm super religious about doing my facial cleansing twice a day, just like it says. I have pretty bad back acne and I haven't been able to wear some of my favorite clothes because they had a big opening to the back and I feel really insecure about it. I've been using my face cleansing stuff on my back because my mom thinks that using the stuff made for back acne is supposed to be for super serious acne even though that's basically what I have. Is there anything I can do to stop it? Thanks


Unfortunately its going to take come time to work. So give it time and keep up on the treatments. It will continue to get better slowly. I have been struggling with acne for a while so it's definitely something you gotta continue to work on. Good luck hon! xoxo kerra

Kerra S.

by kenzi143 on 6/16/2012 9:18:47 PM


For all of you who don't put on sunscreen, I want you to consider this. Most people were unaware of the affect that UV rays can have on your body before the 2000s. MY mom, grandpa, and several of my aunts and uncles now have skin cancer. You probably don't know what it is like to watch your family members have to pay for their past decisions. The worst part is that if one of their doctors makes a mistake, they could pay with their life. It is the most awful feeling ever. I am crying writing this but I want this to be a warning. Please put on sunscreen because the sight of your family in the hospital is an image that never, ever leaves you.

by sprinklz28 on 6/16/2012 3:40:41 PM


Hey transform2314, maybe if you explain to her how embarrassed you will be with hairy armpits in a swimsuit he will understand. You could also explain to her all the benefits of shaving. Removing excessive amounts of hair keeps bacteria from getting trapped into your skin, and gives your skin a chance to breathe. Hope this helps! Xoxo

HELP! My mom won't let me shave my armpits and I'm going swimming tomorrow. I can't convince her so what do I do now? Lynae P.

by transform2314 on 6/16/2012 3:13:03 PM


Store brand sunscreen. It's less expensive and has more quality. I use SPF 30 & 50.

by lavlo on 6/16/2012 2:06:18 PM


I usually use two types of sunscreen in the summer. Aveeno (oil-free) made especially for the face prevents acne and provides SPF 100. It's great because it isn't chunky or greasy and it works well! Smile

by thumperella14 on 6/16/2012 9:18:57 AM

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