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Style 911: Pick out a groovin' summer concert look

Stay cute and comfy all day in these cool concert looks.
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My moms friend just moved here and they have a son my age and a daughter my bros age. To make a long story..sum wut shorter my moms friends son likes me and well. OK so maybe i dont officially know that but its just wut his sister had said to me. But the clues r that he has been following me around my house like mad and he has been sitting nxt to me at dinner and every chance he has to look at me he will. My little says tht he wont take his eyes off me. Do u think tht im thinking to into these actions just so i can believe tht he likes me or..wut? and 4 examples of him following me around: i went in my house to find my lil sis(i have a lot of sibs!) he followed me in and he followed me to her room. Anyways idk if i like him. and i might c him at a waterpark soon so...wut do you think i shud do idk if i like him or not but when he hugged me i felt like i belonged there..if tht makes since! sry for the long paragraph! thanks Laughing

Hey girlie,

It's possible you're just interpreting his actions as a crush, but these all sound like pretty good signs to me. He could have a crush, and he could also be following you because he just moved here and he's a little nervous - so he's grateful to have a friend and he's latching on. It's hard to tell since we don't know him personally! Try to get to know him even better, spend more time with him, talk about all sorts of stuff, and see where things go. If he does have a crush, over time he'll probably try to flirt instead of just following you around - or maybe he'll just even come out and say it. It's hard to tell, so you gotta do a lil bit of "research" to figure out where he's coming from! Smile
Lauren C.

by winniefer on 6/28/2012 10:36:39 PM


I go to a private school and we have a dress code (polo shirt with khakis) is there any stores that sell cute polos or khakis

Hey! Yeah totally! Gap, old navy, Abercrombie, American eagle, any stores that have that preppy vibe y'know? Good luck! 
Helen S.

by bunnybaby on 6/26/2012 4:57:33 PM


Mod Mod Mod
I just bought a cute white blazer the other day but i really don't know what to wear with it, any ideas? (:

Hey chica, a short skirt or dress looks super fab with a white blazer. You can make it as dressy as you want.  
Carrie R.

by pollyloveee on 6/20/2012 12:17:45 PM


love the tie dye! ♥

by live.laugh.guitr on 6/20/2012 5:52:36 AM


Hey skating4fun, you can always try babysitting, pet sitting, washing neighbors cars or cutting their grass, having a yard sale or donating some of your old clothes and shoes to a thrift store. Hope at least one of these help! Xoxo

hey so at the end of the summer, me and my friends are going on a HUGE shopping trip to the mall. Problem is, my parents wont give me alot of money so i want to earn alot. Any ideas?? Lynae P.

by skating4fun on 6/19/2012 5:20:05 PM


I love the second to last one. I love tie dye.

by Fashion designer on 6/19/2012 12:39:36 PM


ok so what does it mean to have dreams about ur crush? I kepp having good dreams aboit him and its getting to the point where i just want to talk to him. My firens said that he has dreams about me and i believe my firend because they r friends. Please please please help me thanks

Hey babe, if you're having dreams about this guy, it means you're thinkin' about him an awful lot. Sounds like maybe you should make a move instead of just thinking or asking your friends about him. Try asking him to do something one-on-one, like going out for ice cream or to the pool.  
Carrie R.

by poptart64 on 6/19/2012 11:04:16 AM


I love what you did for Justin Bieber's album GL! I'm a huge BelieberSmile hoping i can get believe today Smile

by NeverSayNeverGirl on 6/19/2012 10:44:49 AM


@actress12345 You sound like a sporty type of person to me. A lot of the sportier girls at my school look great in colorful windbreakers and nice fittings jeans or sporty shorts. Colorful sneaks are another thing that is comfy and an easy statement. They tend to run a little more expensive. If you read magazines (like GL or Seventeen!) then they will show looks for "Sporty" girls. I tend to use their look as inspiration though, not guides. They can be a little outrageous at times! The number one thing though is being comfortable. You can be covered in pink bows or not covered in almost anything, but if you don't feel like yourself, then its not worth it. If you aren't comfortable, you won't look comfortable or confident, then no matter what you're wearing you won't look good.
Hope this has helped! Comment on my page if you liked my advice and would like more!

by Stargazin1 on 6/18/2012 11:32:33 PM


@actress12345- There isn't a right or wrong way to "dress like a girl." That said, if you want to go more femme, more structured shorts are nice. I like fitted vests for the boyish chic look. Jewelry works too. You can find some nice stuff in thrift stores for cheap.

by peaches and raspberries on 6/18/2012 10:09:46 PM


i like the tie dyed top

by fearless;) on 6/18/2012 10:03:04 PM


this is like woodstock concert. idk if this is what you wear to see taylor swift or whatever, but for my bands you go in shorts and the band tshirt with converse...

by Kalulah on 6/18/2012 9:34:31 PM


i only like the tie died tops and thats it? hwo would wear a swimsuit to a concert??

by 5boys_1D on 6/18/2012 8:44:12 PM


Cute! Totally the vibe I'm going for this summer! Smile

by unicornninja on 6/18/2012 8:37:14 PM


I looove the last dress, and the first skirt is ok.

by topchef88 on 6/18/2012 7:53:43 PM


@actress12345 - denim shorts would look nice with flip flops (or gladiator sandals) and a tee. You could wear a vintage band tee or maybe a neon tank with a charm necklace. Aviator sunglasses would look nice too. You could try shopping at stores like Target or Forever 21; they are pretty inexpensive. Hope this helped!

by eco_chica on 6/18/2012 7:26:03 PM


@actress12345 I love wearing colorful track shorts and a fitted, v-neck tee. It's still sporty and comfortable, but the colors make it girlier. You can also just try wearing pastel or denim shorts and jeans. Hope this helps!!

by livibear on 6/18/2012 7:07:31 PM


Hey fellow gl-ers wanna know how to prevent dead ends, grow your hair out, and keep a smooth shave longer? Join my club EVERYTHING hair or follow my advice queen page YayaYuiki. I wanna share my knowlege on this stuff and keep you lookin good! Hope to see ya on either page!

by YayaYuiki on 6/18/2012 5:06:41 PM


I pretty much wear just basketball shorts and T-shirts. I want to be more girly, so how can I still be comfortable, keep my tomboy style, and look like a girl? Also I'm on a budget so cheaper would be nice.

by actress12345 on 6/18/2012 4:38:03 PM


Need some fashion/hair/nails/etc. help? Have some awesome tips and are ready to dish the advice out? Jus LOVE fashion and want to talk about it? Well then, the club:
Fashion hair and more oh my! Is perfect for you! Join today, and for any questions post them on my profile! Thanks, can't wait to c ya there!

by karasinski on 6/18/2012 4:16:22 PM

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