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4 bold braids to try this summer

Yeah, we know you’re tired of the same ol’ pony and messy topknot. Why not try your hand at a fresh braid? We’ve got four so-pretty braids...
25 Comments | Add Yours

Help! I don't know what to do with my hair! It's almost jet black, wavy, long, about up to my lower back. Its super pretty when it's down but I get very hot and after a few hours it frizzes up! I'm also not allowed to do anything to, i.e. straightening, blow drying, curling. I don't really know some nice hair styles to go with my hair. I have darkish skin (I'm Hispanic) and idk if that will help, hairstyle wise? Also, why do people put MOD MOD MOD on the top of comments?



Hey girly, 'mod' means moderator. If you have a question and put "mod" at the top of your comment, a GL moderator (like me) will come and answer it as soon as they get a chance.

And I totally understand about wavey, frizzy, hispanic hair. I've got that myself =) I usually put an anti-friz serum in my hair. I also really like thicker or waxier pomades. Because my hair is so thick, I usually wear buns- my fave is the braided bun. I also put my hair half up a lot.  Experiment with these half-up or bun styles with different headbands or bold barrettes.

Lauren I.

by CandyMandy on 9/17/2012 1:50:03 PM


i have hair about shoulder length but it wont do anything i want!! i have side bangs and theyre super adorbs when my hair is down but just plain annoying when i want my hair up, which is often. the left side of my hair (where my bangs are)likes to make itself into a big huge wave of curls...frizzy ones, sadly. i love my hair but i dnt kno wht to do with it now!! plz help!!



Hey girly, I know exactly what you mean, sometimes I have the same problem. Try a smoothing serum, curl definer, or hair straightener for those frizzy wavey curls. If all else fails, use a headband or cute barrette to pin them out of your face for your fave up do's. I usually keep a hairband or bobbypins around just in case.  Good luck!

Lauren I.

by luvinlife12 on 9/5/2012 3:23:57 PM


Jbug77: Well, braiding is pretty easy and it looks really cute--just use a pretty pin to put back any stray hairs. You can also ponytail your hair low and use a butterfly clip underneath it to push your hair up into a messy high pony that looks really cute. You can also try a simple half pony, except braid the little pony. Smile

by topaz1116 on 8/29/2012 3:57:44 PM


what are some super cute hair styels for school that i can do in less than 10 min?? :@


Hey chica! Lots of hairstyles can be done in under 10 minutes if you practice them enough! I love braids- they are cute and quick (once you get the hang of them) and you can wear them a bunch of different ways! xoxo 

Kate G.

by Jbug77 on 8/21/2012 3:20:49 PM


mod mod mod
So I have dirty blonde hair which I am trying to grow out but now it's about an inch (maybe a bit less??) below my shoulders. It's layered (the last time I got it cut was in June so they have grown a bit) and I have side bangs. I can't do a lot of hairstyles because my layres fall out. I usually wear my hair up in school and for sports or down. Any hairstyles that would work for my hair? p.s. sorry it's so long

Hey chica, to keep your layers in check, you could do a French braid. Or you could put your hair up in buns and ponytails but use cute clips to hold the flyaways in place.  
Carrie R.

by cookiemonstah123 on 8/14/2012 8:44:10 AM


#1. how do u do a fishtail?
#2. i would LUV to do more hairstyles than just ponytails, wearing it down, & putting it in a bun... but its SOOOO hard; i think my hair hates me cuz it wont do braids or anything else even mildly easily.
my hair is wavy & past my shoulders (so kinda armpit length). im also trying to grow out layers.
How do i make my hair more maneageable??? HELP!

hey girl--

1. to learn how to do a fishtail bread, check youtube for tons of How-to videos. 

2. Try buying hair products meant for girls with your hair type. Next time you get a haircut, ask the stylist for her best tips for managing your hair. 

best of luck!  
simone s.

by *epic fail* on 7/31/2012 4:05:43 PM



by Dogscheerdance123 on 7/31/2012 12:04:32 PM


what about layered hair? i try all the time to do a braid but it just doesnt come out right! My hair is layered aznd i have side bangs how do i make a good braid with layered hair?


Hey girl! Try a french braid or smaller braids that you can pin back.  Let your bangs stay out of your braid and frame your face! xoxo 

Kate G.

by cookiedough44 on 7/27/2012 10:54:48 AM


k so I have red(ish) hair and its shoulder length and layered. it gets frizzy SUPER easily and it's kinda thick. I'm really getting tired of just puttin it in a ponytail (its 2 short 4 a bun) and I can put it in 2 braids but I look like a five year old. any suggestions for hairstyles?

Hey girlie,

Check out these anti-frizz fixes! Let that hair go long and natural Smile


Lauren C.

by nutmeg814 on 7/26/2012 11:48:12 PM


I love elle

by Bold.diva on 7/9/2012 11:34:06 PM


Mod mod mod!! I like putting my hair up but I never have any idea how to put it up! I like doing a pony tail but I think I just look ugly in a pony tail! But my mom sometimes make me put my hair up because she says its to hot to have my hair down! ( to be honest I don't really like my hair up because of my acne ) 💋


Helen S.

by twilight1001 on 7/9/2012 7:51:47 PM


I absolutely love braids, but I can never do good ones because my hair (when dry) is shoulder-length and really poofy and thick. Any ideas?

Hey girl!

You could put your hair into a pony and then braid it and tie it at the bottom. It's probably hard to braid your hair down your back because it's a little short, so if you put it into a pony first, that will gather all the hair and make it more manageable to do a braid. 
Rachael A.

by Skessler on 7/9/2012 11:46:34 AM


what about a katniss braid, anyone?

by btrlover on 7/6/2012 1:56:25 PM


So in about a year im having a quincenera(15 year old party). Im overweight about 10-15 lbs. and i wanna lose weight. I have 6 months until my dress fitting. What is healthy to eat? Whats unhealthy to eat? How many hours should i workout? What workouts should i do? Should i eat school lunch? If not, what should i pack? PLEASE HELP!!!(sorry for so many questions)
P.S Thank you Miss Moderator

Hey girly! I know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but if you want to lose weight, you should def talk to your doc, or even a school nurse, first. They can help you come up with a healthy plan to reach your goal in time for the dress fitting!

Becca G.

by boypolar on 7/1/2012 10:11:06 PM


I like them all accept for the last one!

by ColosalMascara on 6/29/2012 6:22:21 PM


I totally luv how Bellas hair looks! <3

by Extroadinare* on 6/29/2012 4:04:40 PM


If i were to do the crown i would make the crown a headband and keep my hair down

by kelly268 on 6/29/2012 2:41:18 PM


How can I make my club more popular? PLEASE ANSWER <3


Hey girl!

My advice would be to check out other clubs and comment, telling them to check out your club! Go to other posts and friends' pages and recommend your club to others! You should get a lot of popularity through that! 

Catherine C.

by boypolar on 6/29/2012 5:37:47 AM


Braids are so cool, like seriously when you think about it they're one of the coolest hairstyles-except for the mulletSmile Business in the front, party in the backSmile

by CountryCutie4 on 6/25/2012 3:08:04 PM


I got my hair cut short over a year ago and i liked it until a few months ago.My mom said i cant get extensions so is there anyway to make my hair grow fast?


Hey cutie!

Aside from eating a balanced diet and staying as healthy as possible, there's not much you can do. Try avoiding straighteners, curling irons, and other hair tools that may cause hair damage. Eat healthy, take your vitamins, and wait it out! You could always try getting another haircut and trying a new "do" that you might like better than the one you have now, but if you want your hair to grow longer, unfortunately you're gonna have to wait. If you really don't like the way your hair looks normally, try braiding it or putting it up in ways that you don't normally try. Good luck girly!!

Catherine C.

by bunnybaby on 6/25/2012 2:59:12 PM


i love vanessa's hair!

by j4zm09 on 6/23/2012 11:08:43 PM


Love Girls Life? Now you can talk to girls who love GL as much as you! We'll gosip about celebs and talk about new music. We can also chat about new articles that we like or dislike. So join GL GIRLIES!

by purplepants99 on 6/23/2012 4:33:57 PM


Hey everyone, Could you guys do me a favor? There's this club called The Beauty Alley which has AMAZING makeup tips!I am merely a member but think this club deserves way more members!

by timekeeper on 6/23/2012 1:44:26 AM


what about short and thick haired people like me??? my hair is shoulder length but really thick and sorta wavy. anybody have ideas for me??? and i need them asap

Hey girl,

You can braid at least part of your hair if it's short! Here's another post on short hair tips Smile http://www.girlslife.com/post/2011/11/14/Bored-of-short-hair-Our-top-6-instant-fixes.aspx

Meghan D.

by loppyears12 on 6/23/2012 12:58:37 AM


Love them all! I'm really into fishtails right now!

by timekeeper on 6/23/2012 12:53:22 AM

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