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4 steps to a pool-perfect period

Your bestie is dyin’ to go to the pool, but that monthly nuisance just showed up to put a damper on your swimmin’ style. You’re thinkin’ of...
109 Comments | Add Yours

I've been looking for shorts and capris to wear over the summer and have had no luck. ive already been to 6 different stores and havent found anything!i wear a size 16. any advice on stores to shop at?


Hey girlie! Shopping is tough for everyone, but don't dispair!  You can try looking right here:  Hope you find what you're looking for!  

Kate G.

by meesby11 on 6/26/2012 11:50:02 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!! I only had a week between my period! What gives!?!


Hey chica!  Sometimes periods get a little weird, but usually they go back to normal after a funky month.  If you are really worried, talk to your mom or your doctor, they'll be able to give you a specific reason, since they know what medications you've been taking and other stuff about you!

Kate G.

by brie366 on 6/26/2012 9:04:56 AM


I have a little over a month of summer left,and I really want to tone up as much as possible. I am drinking 4 big cups of lemon water every day,(Which ends up equaling 8 cups)and exercising 4-5 days a week. I'm trying to eat as good as possible,and be as healthy as possible. Will it help me by the end of summer??

Hey girlie,

Yes, definitely.  That should definitely show some kind of results in a month!
Jordan S.

by MadMaddie911 on 6/25/2012 11:11:44 PM


My best excuse is just that I have to go to the bathroom lol...

by supersingershannon on 6/25/2012 8:49:59 PM


How long can you keep in a tampon?


Hey girl!

The tampon boxes usually say up to 8 hours, but you may want to change more often than this. Depending on how long your flow is, I would say between 2-5 hours.  

Catherine C.

by caligirl99 on 6/25/2012 4:32:21 PM


I play basketball on a competetive traveling team and I really like it. The only problem is that I'm always in pain, either from strained muscles, my joints hurt, or overall body aches. I can't stand it, and it always takes the fun out of being with my friends and playing. Ive tried taking medications, start hung everyday, and even going to the doctor about my problems - multiple times- and none of this has helped. I wear two braces on my knees, but neither help. Nothing does. I'm seriously quitting basketball, but having a hard time making a decision. My parents said either basketball or volleyball. I love my basketball team and my friends, but I don't know what to do. Please help me... I have no other options but to quit and do something else or to keep fighting the pain somehow. Please, please help me make the right decision. Thank you


Hey girl!

Even if you love something, if you're hurting yourself in the process it's not worth it. Obviously the ultimate decision is up to you, but I think you should talk with your parents more about it. If you've tried everything to relieve the pain and nothing works (and you're miserable while playing), I'd say it's time to find a new sport. Nothing is worse than being miserable when all you want to do is have fun and show your stuff. There are so many other sports you could try as well! If you choose to keep playing, you've got to find a way to relieve your pain. You seem to have a true passion for the sport, which is why this decision is so difficult for you. Just because you stop playing basketball doesn't mean you won't see your team again. In their eyes you'll always be a part of the team no matter what, and you can hang out with your basketball friends all the time...even if you play volleyball! The choice is up to you. Whichever decision you will make, things will turn out the way that they're supposed to. Talk to your coach, team, and parents before making the final decision. Best of luck! 


Catherine C.

by Basketball7 on 6/25/2012 4:27:39 PM


I'm going to sail camp, and we will be in the pool and the bay all day. The only problem is according to my period calendar my period is supposed to come the day before! I have tampons, and after reading a couple articles on the site I'm afraid my flow wont be heavy enough to get the tampon in! Also, my period is still kinda irregular so I'm afraid I will get it while I'm at camp. Please help!!!!


Hey girl!

Hmm this is a tricky situation but it can definitely be solved. As long as you have tampons and you're prepared/ready to use them then you're pretty much all set. The GOOD thing is that your flow isn't very heavy so you won't have to worry about having any messes! You should definitely be able to get the tampon in, as long as you have the right size for the amount of flow. Your period may be irregular, but you shouldn't get randomly on scattered days of the month, so as long as you keep tampons in during the time that you have it, you should be good. If you're worried, you can even put a tampon in a day after you think your period has ended...just in case! Don't worry too much, just keep those tampons in, change them frequently, and have fun! 

Catherine C.

by Maddie5321 on 6/25/2012 3:13:50 PM


Hey so my legs are hairy, and earlier today my mum asked me how i felt about shaving... it was out of the blue, so i didnt know what to say. I said i dont know, and she said if i didnt have an opinion, i was too young to shave. Help? I didnt know what to say, and then she left for work. Please help!


Hey girl!

While your mom's at work, you now have time to think about it. If you feel uncomfortable about the hair on your legs, you might want to start thinking about shaving. Shaving for the first time can be scary for a lot of girls...but there's nothing to worry about! If you think you're ready, talk to your mom when she gets home. Explain that she caught you a little off guard this morning but that you've thought about it and you really think it would be a good idea (explain that it would make you feel more comfortable, and that'd you love to learn how). If you decide that you don't want to yet, that's fine too! Make the decision that will make you feel most comfortable. If you tell your mom that you DO want to shave and she says you're not ready, then check out this link for tips on how to handle that situation: My Mom Won’t Let Me

Catherine C.

by jrprodigy12 on 6/25/2012 2:44:00 PM


MOD! MOD!!!!!!!
I don't know if this is a period but lately I've been having this thing that comes out that has I tint of red in it but it's really really brown.. It didn't even look like a period it looked brown. Is there something wrong with me?



Hey girlie!

Nope, that's perfectly normal and yes, that is a period (usually either towards the start or end of your period). If you have more questions, talk to your mom or trusted adult...they'll definitely have some great advice and be able to help out with your questions...they went through puberty too! 

Catherine C.

by ellamorganista on 6/25/2012 2:17:43 PM


I've had my oeriod for a while, but I'm afraid to try tampons. I'm tired of pads, they feel like a diaper, but I'm afraid that tampons hurt, do they? And how do I know when it's in the right hole and in all the way? Please help!


Hey girl!

Tampons might seem scary, but when you make the change from pads to's great! Most girls say they don't even feel tampons! The first couple of times might be a bit uncomfortable because you're not used to wearing them or putting them in. It will get better though as it becomes easier for you to apply them. Check out this link to learn how!  How
Do Insert a Tampon? 

Catherine C.

by xOCutie_CupcakesXo on 6/25/2012 1:24:12 PM

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