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4 steps to a pool-perfect period

Your bestie is dyin’ to go to the pool, but that monthly nuisance just showed up to put a damper on your swimmin’ style. You’re thinkin’ of...
109 Comments | Add Yours

Lynae P.
Sorry I didn't see u reply to my comment, anyways I'm the girl who was along if u could use famous for your first period and how I could ask this guy I really like to come with me to oh yeah and u were asking me what my relationship with him was likr
We're good friends, we've know each other since 4'th grade and our parents were friends since college. The only reason I'm nervous to ask him to come with me to the dance is because I'm scared its going to ruin our friendship, I'm scared that if I ask him and he says no, it'll be so awkward and that if I ask him and he says yea and we end up dating then breaking up it will so be wired cause our parents work at the same place, so we spend Christmas/Easter/and Halloween together every year.


Hey Swift_lover123, well try asking him to the dance as a friend. If things go great at the dance take it from there. Start flirting a little more and ask him to hang. Hope this helps! Xoxo 

Lynae P.

by Swift_lover123 on 10/21/2012 11:41:35 PM


Can you use tampons during your first period? Cause some ppl say that u have to wait a year till u use them, but I want to try it now cause I do lots of sports
(Dance, gymnastics,volleyball) also this is totally off topic, but I really like this guy and I was thinking of asking him to go with me to our 8th grade dance, how should I ask him?


Hey Swift_lover123, yes you can use them during your first period. I know girls who did it and were fine. Tampons will work better for you anyway since you are involved with so many sports. What is your relationship like with this guy? Write me back girly. Xoxo


Lynae P.

by Swift_lover123 on 10/21/2012 1:34:41 AM


Well I've been having my period for about two years now, but I have never used a tampon. Its kinda embarrassing but I'm really scared about it. It just freaks me out and I'm afraid I'll like I something wrong and I've heard about how you can get TSS from leaving a tampon in for too long so im pretty scared about it. The problem is I go to the pool a lot during the summer and I go t a camp where we go swimming a lot, and I don't want to have to sit out! I don't know what to do... I feel like a wimp.

by Sunny79 on 10/2/2012 4:40:53 PM


Mod Mod Mod!
I just turned 14 but I still haven't had my period, but I have boobs, armpit and pubic hair, and I have had discharge for about a year! When will it come? I'm worried because around march I got a physical done and they said if it doesn't start by the time your 14 see your doctor. Also I started swim for my gym class and the teacher marks when you start your period and I'm embarrassed because I haven't started mine. Sorry this is so long.

Hannah H.

by scoot on 10/2/2012 1:43:37 AM


How light can a period be? Also, is it normal to get spotting and cramps every month without even having your period before? I've never had my period before, but I think I'm really close because I'm 14 in a week and I have all the signs of puberty. I'm wondering if this is my period because it's been going for two months now and it always comes at around the same time, but I don't know how much blood is considered a period.... A little help here? Thanks!

Hey girlie,

Your period can be extremely light where you barely notice it, but more than spotting.  Spotting is very normal, but it is not your period.  I can't exactly tell you when you will get it but it does sound like it's on its way in the near future.  We've got a few articles on this if you're curious!
Jordan S.

by purple10115 on 9/21/2012 5:57:00 PM


I have had my period for like five months so I am still kinda new so I have some questions.
1. When I have my period it get's "messy" down there. Blood will be all over so I have to clean it hope with toilet paper! I shower twice a day but it doesn't help. I am still using pads since I am new and I have tried tampons but I want to mature a little first. What can I do to keep cleaner? It's gross. /:
2. I am very irregular still but for 5-7 weeks I have swimming lessons EVERY Friday! My parents are paying a lot so I just can't go. I don't know if I will get my period and if I do it may be light so I won't have to worry but what if I have to use a tampon? I tried and I am way too scared! My mom even tried helping!
3. I am so embarrassed of my period. With my friends I don't care because they kinda look up to me because I got it 1st. (UGH) But in front of my parents I am. My older sis isn't because she had it for years. How can I get over this?

Hey girl, 1) I think you're taking the right steps there: unfortunately periods are messy. Just shower daily and change your pad every couple of hours. You should be fine. 2) If you're on your period and swimming, you should use a tampon regardless. I know it's freaky, but think of the others in the pool (and your bathing suit bottom). It's way important to use something to keep it clean and in. If the tampon is too freaky now, you can always tell your instructor and they should understand. Periods are only a week, so you'd only miss one lesson a month. 3) Time is really the solution to that. Trust me when I say all girls get their periods eventually. You may be first, but your friends will catch up. You'll realize soon enough having a period is no biggie (just a bit of a pain sometimes, literally!) Try not to overthink it and just let it come and go. 

Alyssa B.

by BabyDahl13 on 9/3/2012 7:02:02 PM


i started ma period when i waz 11 and i hav a swimming competion at school do i know when ma tampon is full and im also scared of putting a tampon help please :

Hey girl,

Check out these links:

Alexis G.

by lovy on 9/3/2012 11:27:43 AM


Im about to go swimming with my bff so im changing my tampon before i go, but when i pull the string it hurts A LOT! Help?.!?


Hey girlie,

Your period is probably heavy, so it's making the tampon "bigger" because it's soaked up more liquid. I know it's scary at first, but it's normal for it to feel a little weird/uncomfy at first. Just hang onto the string and pull as firm as you can. It'll slide right out! Relax your muscles "down there" and wince your face if you have to - sometimes that makes dealing with discomfort easier. But the more you use tampons, the less it hurts because your muscles get used to it! Smile

Lauren C.

by Jennamaize13 on 8/23/2012 6:41:52 PM


I got the tampon in!!!!!! How long are you supposed to leave it in, because im going swiming today then im sleeping over at my friends house, how many tampons/pads should i bring?


Hey girl! It depends on how heavy your period is. If its not too heavy but not super light, I'd change it about every four hours (if you're swimming maybe right before you go in and when you get out). I would bring extra just in case though cause you never know when it'll get heavy. Bring six to be safe I suppose and a pad for overnight! Hope this helps! xoxo

Carly S.

by Jennamaize13 on 8/23/2012 4:41:48 PM


What angle are you supposed to put it in? Because everytime i do it it feels like its hitting something. Help!


Hey chica! I know what you mean. It can definitely be difficult to get the hang of! Keep trying different angles until something feels right. Try looking at the instructions and diagrams in the box.   If that doesn't help try talking to another girl who has her period (maybe mom?)!  xoxo

Carly S.

by Jennamaize13 on 8/23/2012 4:29:48 PM

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