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Take a stand: How to deal with bullies

Last week, a video showing the bullying of a bus driver in New York went viral. This week, the woman who endured the cruel taunts from...
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by rockchik333 on 6/26/2012 7:45:24 PM


hi. I was biking with my friend to a local school off of our street. We were having a good time until we got to the school. Its summer, so usually nobody is there, but there were some jerk boys on the field taunting us. I ignored them and biked back home, sort of freaking out. My friend got all upset cuz i left her there, but i thought she was coming with me!! when we got back to her house, she was angry, and was like " why didnt you stay??? they were just teasing us" well, they were teeasing in a sort of weirdo was like " come with girls" and junk lik that. We hung out fo ra little after that, but i left cuz i felt weird. What should i do to fix her being angry and make things smoot between us??? sorry this post was sooo long!!! thanks!!!!

Hey! Just say that you didn't mean to leave her there and you just left because you didn't feel comfortable. There's nothing wring with that. I think you did the right thing. 
Helen S.

by jellybean411 on 6/26/2012 5:51:06 PM


ok so I have been trying to put in a tampon for my last 4 periods but it hurts so much. Is it suppose to hurt this much? I can't even sit down because it puts me in so much pain.


Hey girl! Tampons are not supposed to hurt, but they can be uncomfortable when you first start using them.  The most important thing is to relax and they will feel a lot more comfortable, you won't even notice it's there!  Check out this article for more help Smile  xxoo

Maggie P.

by therealmerevealed on 6/26/2012 2:12:10 PM


My favorite teacher just died of a heart attack. My friend and I are having a hard time dealing with this. What should we do to to kinda get our minds off of it and how can I be there for my friend even though I am sad too? Thanks!


Hey girl! I am so sorry to hear about your teacher.  It is hard to lose someone who means a lot to you, and it's totally understandable that you and your friend are feeling down about it.  Luckily, in the summer, there's lots of things to do to get your mind off of feeling sad.  There's lots of fun stuff on the GL site, including to help you and your friend start to feel better.  As for being there for your friend, the best thing you can do is let her know that she isn't alone in feeling sad and including her in your plans for fun activities!  

Kate G.

by smiles48 on 6/26/2012 10:25:12 AM


So my best friends boyfriend keeps bulling me. I have talked to him and her about it but nothing ever happens. I'm sick of it. He tells me no one will ever like me because I'm tall and ugly. What do I do??? I told some teachers and my mom but nothing happened. What do I do??????????


Hey girl! Guys can be so frustrating sometimes, can't they?  I don't blame you for being tired of this guy's harsh words, but have no fear, there's no truth in them!  As a tall girl, I learned to rock my height, some guys really like that!  He might just be jealous that you get so much of your bestie's attention and he's acting mean to drive you away.  The best thing to do is avoid spending time with him, especially around your bestie, but if you see him a lot at school and he's still acting this way, you should try talking to a guidance counselor or another teacher you trust and let them know how much you are hurting.   

Kate G.

by SuperSwimmer1 on 6/26/2012 10:06:11 AM


as a girl who was bullied at multiple times (all of the time from frenemies), i personally believe that MORE should be done to raise awarness to bullying. to soccerlover99, ya sure many of us learned this at a young age, but it doesn't seem to stop, does it? there are plenty of kids who are and will continue to be bullied and it makes me sick. i see ppl at school joke about the assemblies and ignore situtions (even teachers!), and i hate it! sure we all dont have to be all best friends, but why can't we all at least be civil to one another? u have no idea how long bullying impacts one's life. EVERYONE, and i mean EVERYONE, needs to learn to grow up and stop bullying others no matter what the reason is! you have absolutely NO RIGHT to bully someone 'cuz of their looks, lifestyle, family, who they date, who their friends are, or what they like to do!!! it's about time all this stops.

by iheartu? on 6/26/2012 10:00:20 AM


I heard about Karen. I saw her video on tv. I feel so bad for her!!!!!!! Who would bully an old lady like that???????? It's just rude!!!!

by Milkdog64 on 6/26/2012 9:43:58 AM


I saw the video and left a looooong colorful comment...I used a lot words *emberased look* I was mad...if I'm anything but happy I curse...yea....I have a potty mouth

by Firefox101 on 6/26/2012 1:58:02 AM


OH MY GOSH, I saw that video and the way those kids treated her makes me SOOOO MAD!!! No human being deserves to be treated like that. Some of the comments were terrible to. All these people from other country's talking bad about America, and threats to not just the boys but to Karen too! How terrible!! Karen did nothing wrong, she was just doing the right thing! I'm praying that things get better for her.

by Vjazzy08 on 6/26/2012 12:29:52 AM


Hey girls, just to clear something up. Telling someone that somebody is bullying you is NOT tattling. Thats a mistake that I have mad and have seen other people make. There is a big difference between tattling and reporting. Tattling is to get the other person in trouble even if they didn't affect you much. Reporting is for the safety and well being of you. And yes, although words can't physically hurt you, they eat up your insides just as much, so please report. Just remember that Smile Thanks ladies!

by zwinky on 6/26/2012 12:02:57 AM

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