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5 reasons to heart the sun's sizzlin' rays

Summertime hits, and you’re still sittin’ in the dark at your TV or computer. If you go outside, ya might get burned, and that’s too big a...
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I love to swim and just lay in the sun with a good book or magazine(GL of course Smile ) unfortunately i am very very very fair skinned and need sunscreen all the time but otherwise i love the sun

by GLROCKS2017 on 7/13/2012 6:35:42 PM


kay, so I'm pretty pale and stuff, and I don't really mind being fair skinned. I don't really care for being tan or sunburned because I absolutely hate sunburn and tanning just doesn't work for me. I put on an SPF 100+ anytime I'm outside, mostly because I had a mole that was removed that caused me some problems and I take it very seriously (I have to wear sunscreen nearly everyday and get a skin check once a year for life now). People tell me I should go tan or get lotion or a spray tan or something, but I'm just not into that stuff. It's starting to make me feel a little self conscious about it. What should I do?


Hey girlie! I'm right in your boat, I'm pretty pale, too!  Good for you for protecting your complexion, there's absolutely NO way to safely tan, so just think about how great your skin will look when you get older and don't have wrinkles from sun damage.  If you really want to, get some gradual tanning lotion, but trust me, there are lots of benefits of keeping a light skin tone.  Pale skin is just as beautiful as tan skin, so rock it!  Let people know that you like your skin the way it is, and they'll start loving it too! xoxo  

Kate G.

by awesomecoolio31 on 7/5/2012 1:27:28 PM


Cool Smile Please come ask me for advice and help! I really love helping you all out! I have an advice queen page too so just come to my profile! I'm here for you Smile

by topchef88 on 7/5/2012 1:10:35 PM


I have a friend that has a brother thats married and they have a baby. Now see My friend ( Lets call her mary ) Takes care of the baby 24/7 and they take advantage of her. The brother or the wife doesnt seem to understand that the baby is theirs and not marys. So mary on the other hand cant go out or do anything outside of the house! Not even work! Last week they went on a vacation to california and all they did was tell her " Fix the babys hair!" "Take care of the baby" "feed the baby" "Play with the baby" Poor mary didnt get to do anything! Do you have any advice on how to tell the brother and the wife that they should take care of the baby? Not mary. i mean shes just 17! -_- please help


Hey girlie! Your poor friend sounds like she needs to start telling them no.  Your friend should make them schedule their babysitting in advanced, so that she has an opportunity to tell them she is busy.  If that still isn't helping, have her suggest friends of yours that would be willing to babysit when she isn't available.  Good luck to her! xoxo 

Kate G.

by danizzsaysrawr on 7/5/2012 1:01:31 PM


Ok so my friend got a GL issue with Ariana Grande on the cover. Did it just come out or am I missing an issue?

Hey girl!  That's our August/September issue.  You'll get it soon!  xxoo 
Maggie P.

by Redkyffin on 7/5/2012 12:55:19 PM


Sadly can't spend too much time in the sun without sunburns. Frown

by hermione&ron on 7/4/2012 4:09:39 PM


Love shopping? Need style advice? Live for fashion? If you answered yes to any of these questions then my club, Fashion Blogs is for you! We share fashion and beauty tips, sales at our fave stores, our outfits of the day, new trends, polls, and quizzes! We also talk about celeb fashion and even have monthly contests! Positions are open to apply for too!
Please join now!

by dancer2998 on 7/4/2012 10:02:16 AM


I want to lose fat in my calves fast, but I don't know how to. And does running make you calves bigger? Also how can I lose fat in my upper arms? Thanks!

Hey girl, to target fat in specific areas of the body, the best thing to do is to hit the gym. For calves, you can do heel presses, which is a machine where the weight rests on your shoulders and then you go up on your toes and back down several times. And for upper arms, anything for biceps and triceps will tone you up. You can just try straight bicep curls and tricep dips, and then there are lots of variations on those that you can do at the gym, too. No, running does not make your calves bigger necessarily. Sprinters tend to get bigger, but if you run distance, it'll build lean muscle all over your bod. So your calves will get more muscle, but will be more toned. 
Carrie R.

by CheerUrHeartOut on 7/4/2012 10:00:42 AM


Mod Mod Mod!!! ( PLEASE answer this as soon as you can!!!)
I'm going shopping for bras in about an hour or two. I used to wear soft cup bras but they were really uncomfortable. I love the feel of like built in ''shelf'' bras in camis, and sport bras, so should I do back to a trainer bra, or, like a trainer's sports bra???I can't wear a sports bra with a halter top. Help!!!

Hey chicky, sorry if you don't get this in time. But I'd go for bras without underwire, if you're lookin' for comfort. You're right that ya can't wear sports bras all the time, so see if you can find a regular one without wire that doesn't bug ya too much. 
Carrie R.

by Sarah510 on 7/4/2012 9:42:55 AM

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