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GL's ultimate family reunion survival guide

So the fam’s comin’ to town, and you’re just dyin’ to get outta Dodge. Too bad Mom and Dad are set on you becoming BFFs with...
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Mod Mod Mod Mod.
I am 14 year old in 8th grade and me and my sister are only 11 months apart and we go to the same school. There's this guy who I've had a crush on for a year now and he rides our bus. Me my sisters friend and my sister all walk home with him after school. I think he might like me, and I think he's been staring at me lately but I can't be sure because my sister is always right next to me. How can I be sure he likes me over her? Or if he's being friends with her just to get to me? Oh and btw this guy is my age not hers.




Hey Chica, that's a tough one. Try getting him alone or start up a separate convo so you can get to know him better. 


Hannah H. 

Hannah H.

by Rachel001 on 1/15/2013 4:19:57 PM


Thanks for the advice Katie L. What does it mean when a guy
Looks right at you but when You look at him he turns away
And also what does it mean when a guy talks to everyone else
In a group but ignores you does that mean he hates you?
Any advice?


hey sure no prob! okay, so for the guy who looks at ya: he sounds shy, but he could be interested. but you'll never know unless you get to know him better! try and pick up a conversation with him next time. for the guy who ignores you: theres a whole laundry list of possible reasons as to why he doesnt talk to you. maybe you make him shy, maybe he doesn't think he knows you well enough, maybe hes afraid of you, maybe he dislikes you. next time try and talk to him within the group and see how he responds.


Katie L.

by redvelvetluv on 1/9/2013 1:37:59 PM


My parents make me feel sooooooo irratied and I don't know why
I don't really like talking to them they make me feel annoyed I'm
15 I just feel annoyed with them for some reason I Pefer to be
Upstairs in my room then downstairs with them I DONT hate them
But I do feel irratied with them I feel like REALLY annoyed any advice?


hey girl! it sounds like an average teenage response to parents to me. sometimes, they just get on your nerves even though they don't do anything wrong! try your best to be patient, and make sure to spend time alone relaxing and having "me" time. hopefully that will give you more patience and make ya less irritated when dealing with your 'rents. 


Katie L.

by redvelvetluv on 1/9/2013 12:04:49 PM


I get gas sometimes and I want to know a way to stop it!! Please help!

Hey girl,

I would talk to your parents about using an antacid if you have excessive gas or talking to a doctor, but having gas once in a while is normal!

Meghan D.

by iloveonedirection! on 1/5/2013 8:51:28 PM


Oooooh. My cousins think they're too 'cool' for me. Ugh it's annoying. I'm like the outcast of my extended family on my mom's side. Frown

by Gabriella123 on 10/16/2012 9:46:34 PM


When I was eight, my mom's side of the family had a reunion, and my cousin, a boy my age, was super weird. as in, like, maybe he had a crush on me? but I don't know, because how guh-ross would that be?! now that were 12, things are really awkward... at the next reunion, i dont know what to to about it!

by jillianr2000 on 9/14/2012 5:02:11 PM


my moms side is gettin together soon and i dont know my distant cousins and my moms sisters and brothers dont have kids my i know do i handle this!!??!!!???


 Hey girl, it can be nerve wracking to meet knew people when you don't know what to say! Try thinking of conversation starters before the big get-together so your not caught unprepared. Ask your mom about your family and look for things you might have in common with a cousin or aunt that you can bring up when you meet them. Or, grab your cousins and play a game. Games are a great way to break the ice and get conversations rolling!

Lauren I.

by MCK7999 on 8/17/2012 3:58:55 PM


I have a Huge prob my Aunt died and her funeral is on the same day as this cheer camp that i need to go to Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Luna8844 on 7/14/2012 6:33:35 PM


i wish i had a family reunion. but it would still be like a holiday dinner at my grandma's. BORING! i do stuff there that i could do at my own house. Frown

by <3watermelon<3 on 7/10/2012 9:05:16 PM


Calling cheerleaders and people trying out for cheer! Join the club, Cheer Club!, where we answer questions for those new cheerleaders and people trying out, and talk about improving on your jumps or stunts or tumbling or motions, etc., or anything else cheer-related!

by cheerfulcheer on 7/3/2012 10:49:49 PM


My family reunions tend to be pretty difficult. I've had to deal with my cousins getting in a fight one year. And my relatives always ask me really personal questions.

by supersingershannon on 7/3/2012 8:49:47 PM


im clingy to my mom xD gotta stay away from.... everyone!

by fearless;) on 7/3/2012 12:16:50 AM


I have so many things wrong with my family reuions I literally have to forget everybody and start over again. Well, not everyone, just my cousin- Charlie. Who is sooooo cute but he is such a jerk to me. But not this time, he was really nice to me until he found out that I forgot him. He was so much fun to be around and then he just stopped talking to me, I think he was hurt. So I went up to him and aksed what was wrong and he yelled at me. So I told him why I did what I did and know we are in this big fight. And it totally sucks because I have to go work on his ranch next summer and he is in charge of me and I am sooo scared.

by Peach'N'Cream on 7/2/2012 12:52:38 AM


I always have trouble with my family. I feel like they aren't happy with who I am. Just because I have Tourette's Syndrome, they think of me as "broken". They are constantly trying to find ways to "fix" me, such as changing my diet or finding activities for me to do. My uncle even made me eat sardines everyday because he was sure they would cure me. Seriously! Not to mention the fact that I'm the only girl out of all of my cousins. That means more laser-tag and arcade games with a bunch of little boys. Ugh.

by livan on 7/1/2012 11:47:09 AM


Im gonna need this lol

by poptart64 on 6/30/2012 9:46:08 PM


Hey girls!
Need advice about absolutely anything? Got a prob you're embarrassed to go to other people about? Feeling the need to vent about the awful day you just had or anything else and always get a supportive response? That's what I'm here for Smile I absolutely love helping you all by giving top notch advice on any subject under the sun. Seriously ask me about anything....I mean the worst I can say is that I can't answer your question right?! I promise not to judge you and to give each question my undivided attention and thought.
I also give you my honest word that I will never tell you what you want to hear and instead will always tell you the truth and my HONEST opinion about everything.

So if you need advice (or just want a friend to talk too...I <3 meeting new people on here it's SO fun!!) don't hesitate to comment on my's just a click away<3


by maggie183 on 6/30/2012 7:30:42 PM


I feel like my mom doesn't care about me as much as my older sister. She gets a phone in fifth grade, I still don't have one and I'm in 7th grade. She gets to wear make-up in 8th grade my mom says I can't in 8th grade. She almost gets a detention my mom gets her out of it. I forgot to do my spanish homework, the rule is no homework is a detention my mom says to suck it up and go. How do I tell my mom how I feel? ThanksLaughing


 Hey! Just point these inconsistencies out to her when they happen calmly and without antagonizing her, and she should start to see your side of it. good luck! 

Helen S.

by olivia192000 on 6/30/2012 2:33:58 PM


This post was a life saver & I'm glad I read it!! I am going on vacay in a few days & I have one cousin who I don't get along with well,so I avoid her at all times,but now I know that it's better to try to talk to her and hang out because she's probably not as bad as I thought,and it's been years since we last went,so she's probably matured since then!! Thanks so much GL!!

by MadMaddie911 on 6/30/2012 1:43:17 PM


Some family reunion ditches that I've had to deal with were having a huge internal debate about whether to dance with my cousins and siblings and not really knowing anyone on my grandfather's side of the family and having to make new friends with relatives I didn't know I had.

by otter77 on 6/30/2012 12:50:32 AM

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