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Inside This Issue: August / September 2012

*~*Check out what’s HOT in this issue*~* On sale and in mailboxes July 17! EXCLUSIVE! Ariana Grande spills on guys...and mean girls Plus, we got the...
98 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD!!! I need to get my school supplies for  junior high,(6th grade) but they don't have the lists in stores and the school website doesn't give school supply lists and I really need to know now how can I get the school supply list?


Hey girl,

Try actually calling the school and requesting a school supply list. You can always have your parent call. If a list doesn't exist, put together your own: a 1 inch binder for every subject, a few spiral notebooks, pencils, pen, pencil case, and a planner 

Catherine C.

by nicole camo love on 7/20/2012 10:05:38 AM


Im a new subscriber,so I won't be getting an issue until August 30th,so I bought the mag at Walmart and I love it!!! And can you guys follow me on twitter my name is @agirlsfavorite,please!!!

by nicole camo love on 7/20/2012 10:02:25 AM


Mod Mod Mod! I won something exactly 6 weeks ago on the daily giveaway and I haven't received it in the mail yet. Is it on its way? I've been so patient and I'm just curious if I should contact someone. How long does it usually take for prizes to arrive? ThanksSmile


Hey girl,

GL sends all prizes via regular U.S. MAIL. Please allow UP TO 4-6 WEEKS (from the date winners are announced) for your prize to arrive. If you have not received your gift, please contact Trish( so she can research the sitch and help a sister out. GL is not responsible for mis-delivered, stolen or damaged packages.

Catherine C.

by myfatsquirrel on 7/20/2012 1:34:09 AM


If i entered another special contest like the acne clarifying set one but i didnt win would i be able to win the acne cleaning contest?

Yep! You can always enter in the contests if you haven't won the monthly prize yet. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by byebyenerdy on 7/19/2012 1:56:39 PM


Hey, I really loved the piece on the dangers of girls sports! I play all girls and co-ed soccer and this year i have recieved two minor concusions from heading the ball. I find it very important to feture this because like in the article, coachs don't really pay attention to that kind of stuff cause I blacked out, but didn't fall. So I kept playing because we had no subs. The pressure for me to keep going was intense,but I hope nobody else avoids something like that.

by hutchfan97 on 7/16/2012 2:14:57 PM


So I wome up this mornig and was dizzy, so I ate a gronola bar, then about 30 mins ago I threw up, now I feel kinda hungry! Should I eat, I don't really wanna throw up again, but why on earth would I feel hungry?! Oh, and do you think it's just the flu? I don't really have any oter symptoms besides being a little chilly, which isnt unusual for me in my house! Tong And I'm a lil dizzy and clearly my stomachs off, but I don't have any other flu like synptoms! I din't even know if I have a fever! My parents aren't home to check! Tong Thanks MOD

Hey girl, I'm sorry that you're feelin' sick. It's either the flu, or you ate something that didn't agree with you. So snack on something bland that won't irritate your stomach again. You can try bananas, toast, or soup. Just don't eat too much, and maybe try to take a nap. Also make sure you're getting enough water. Feel better! 
Carrie R.

by selgomez1997 on 7/16/2012 1:28:14 PM


I think I might have a heart problem, sometimes my heart beats super heart for no reason and i start breathing harder, this happens at random times, even when I'm just playing video games ir chillin! At Warped Tour I had to leave early cuz I felt like my heart was gonna beat out of my chest and that was before we even did anything besides walk around for a lil while! I'm not overweight at all! I'm actually pretty slim, I've also had stomach problems since 6th grade that make me feel like I have the flu after I eat, but I never throw up, after a bunch of tests from doctors and they still couldn't figure out why I'v elearned to live with it! I'm also thirst a lot, and I get headachy and lightheaded, super easy, which I've always blamed on my terrible eyesight! Is there something wrong with me? Should I be worried!?!

Hey chica! I'm not a doctor, but the thirst and lightheadedness could be from dehydration. So make sure you're drinking lots of water throughout the day. And as for the heart problem, that is something you should talk to a doctor about. See if they can run some tests just to be sure everything is alright.  
Carrie R.

by selgomez1997 on 7/16/2012 1:33:45 AM


I hate when I get my period at school, I always have a pencil bag with "supplies" in my locker, but i hate actually putting my pad on cuz people can hear and I hate when people know it's that time of the month, it seems like a private matter in my opinion! There's always one or two people in the bathroom and it's never empty! I also only go to the bathroom before lunch which is also, the only time I don't have my books with me! I din't like taking my books to lunch cuz they get stolen, vandalized, and people look through your stuff! What can I do?! I really don't wanna take my "supplies" to class cuz people at my school always help themselves to others people's stuff, which frustrates me, but it's hard to do anything about it, and we only have 3 mins between class, not enough to stop by my top floor locker and go to the bathroom! And my teachers never let us go to the bathroom after the bell unless were throwing up! Tong

Hey babe, that is tough. I was never a fan of having my period at school, either. But the thing about people hearing you putting on a pad is that everyone in the restroom with you is a girl. That means they all get periods, too, so it's nothing out of the ordinary. And for bringing your "supplies" with you to the bathroom, is there any way you can carry a purse or a small coin pouch with them to lunch? Or if you bring your lunch, maybe you can zip a few pads in a small pocket of it or something. I know it's tough, but do your best to be creative. Maybe if you have a female teacher that you're close with, you can explain to her in private that it's your time of the month and see if you can slip out to the bathroom at the beginning or end of her class. 
Carrie R.

by selgomez1997 on 7/16/2012 1:25:51 AM


Mod mod mod!! Why can't you shave your lip hair???


Hey girlie,

The reason why it's SUCH a bad idea to shave your lip hair is this: shaving doesn't pull the hair out from the root, it just cuts it at skin level. So within 24 hours, you'll start to see razor stubble - just like you see those little black dots on your leg/underarm after you shave. But it'll be too short to shave again, so you'll have to deal with having stubble for a while! The stubble also grows in rough/thick, while hair grows back after waxing in a much finer, softer way. It's not a good idea, babe! 

Lauren C.

by emma2112 on 7/15/2012 12:24:42 PM


I can
not wait to get this issue! But she looks a little orange in her music video. Is it just me?

by LovelyDays111 on 7/14/2012 11:00:19 PM

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