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Big day body emergencies--and how to deal

Today’s the day, the big one—the Fourth of July cookout, your BFF’s pool party, your first date with the hot guy at the beach. You are all...
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That's just discharge in a "solid" form. Keep on the look out, your period is probably on the way,

by colorqueen101 on 7/9/2012 1:43:35 PM


oohhh-k. this is really weird, but for the past few weeks every day or every few days I'll find this, this, THING in my undies that kinda looks like a booger, to say it in the least discusting way possible. I don't have my period yet, but I have had discharge for like 8 months to a year now. what the heck was it?!

by pupcake101 on 7/8/2012 2:20:32 PM


Mod Mod Mod
For some reason, my period flow has been really heavy lately and I have to change pads llike crazy. I've had my period for about half a year now and my flows always been really light. What does this mean? Also, how many times are you supposed to change a day? Thanks. Smile


Hey girl, that's normal. Your body is just getting more comfortable with the changes recently. Just means like you said, that you have to change pads a bunch. There's no number of changing in a day, its whatever you're comfortable with or how much blood your pad can withstand. Although if you start to use tampons (which i suggest for heavy flows), you usually change them every 4 to 6 hours depending. Smile 

lauren r.

by galruless on 7/8/2012 1:48:20 AM


My mom always tells me to wash my underwear when I have my period with cold water and NOT with hot!

by 15hayhay on 7/7/2012 11:58:26 PM


this is really really personal. Ive had diarrhea for three days now and it won't go away. I'm going to camp next week too! I do not want to go to a doctor. I haven't told my mom I'm wearing panti liners just in case. please help me!


Hey girl!  Let your mom know, stomach problems are nothing to be embarrassed about and she can get you medicine to help you out.  There are lots of options out there, and your mom will be able to get you what you need!  Feel better!

Kate G.

by yorkielover88 on 7/5/2012 3:18:30 PM


Mod Mod Mod or anyone really
Okay, I'm getting my first physical tommorrow and I want to know what happens at it. Like, do I do a huge cardio workout or just sit there? Thank you!


Hey chica!  Usually physicals don't involve working out, it's pretty much like any other doctor's appointment you have except that they sometimes check out your reproductive organs to make sure everything is developing correctly!  The doctor can go through everything they're planning on doing at the beginning of the appointment if you want to know what to expect!  xoxo 

Kate G. Kate G.

by cheerfulcheer on 7/5/2012 2:19:47 PM


i have a very annoying problem! so i need to get a new bra BAAD! so im a 32A but the band on all of my bras are waaay too tight!! and i have it on the last metal clasp! and the other night the cup part wasnt fitting totally right! ive told my mom that i need to get new ones for months and she hasnt taken me!!! what do i do??? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!

Hey girl!  You should probably try to get a new bra!  Ask your mom again if she will take you, I'm sure she will say yes! xxoo 
Maggie P.

by WhiteStripe3 on 7/5/2012 11:52:18 AM


Hey girls! I just became an advice queen, so if you need any advice, please ask me. I don't think any question is too dumb or weird. So don't be afraid to ask!

by cats-r-the-best on 7/5/2012 11:02:37 AM


Hey cheerleaders and people trying out for cheer! Join my club, Cheer Club!, where we talk about anything and everything cheer, from stunts to tumbling! Especially join if you have any questions about tryouts, because we'll help you to the best of our ability!

by cheerfulcheer on 7/3/2012 10:37:41 PM


Hey, so all my chicas have talked about getting their periods and stuff. I got mine a while back but whenever I tell them I have a stomachache or something they say 'maybe your periods coming.' They always ask me and i lie and say no because it isnt exactly something i wanna spread to everyone. I wanna keep it to myself but over time they're probably gonna think i have an issue or something! What should I do?


hey! just tell them you feel like it's kind of a private thing and you don't want to talk about it all the time. they should be understanding. good luck! 

Helen S.

by starfan1 on 7/3/2012 7:34:11 PM

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