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Totally Ab-sessed: Your favorite six pack workouts

When we asked GL readers to spill their favorite gut-busters, the response was overwhelming. You girls love to torch those tummies—here are your best-ever moves for getting...
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Mod mod mod mod mod!!
I have asthma & I don't do any sports, but I eat alot... & I'm 12 & ! pounds, & every one in my school is only ! pounds... I want to work out but Ican't because of my asthma! I want to do track but I CAN'T My mom won't let me take her inhaler to school (I don't have my own) & Its hard for me to run one lap in gym without it.
What should I do, convince my mom to get me an inhaler or just not do track?


Hey girl!  Talk to your doctor and see if you need an inhaler.  If you do, ask your mom if you can leave it in the nurse's office or with a coach if you are doing sports/in gym class.  You may weigh more than your classmates because you're teller or getting ready for a growth spurt, so don't worry about weight, just try and stay in shape for you.  It's important that you start all of this with a talk with your doctor, since he or she can help you more, since they know your medical history.  xoxo  

Kate G.

by Sami_McDoodle on 7/5/2012 1:23:44 PM


I do fencing twice a week 2 hours each time. I was wondering what fencing exercises. For our lessons we do an hour of fencing each other 10 minutes of running and walking with intervals of different things like taking a few steps and doing a high kick or skipping or doing cross step than we do stretching for another 5- 10 minutes then we practice lunging advancing and retreating and other fencing moves then we do about 30 minutes of practicing blade work. Thanks!


Hey chica! Sounds like you're exercising, but focusing on your legs.  The blade work is working your arms, and if you're keeping your core activated in these workouts (like you should!), you're working your abs.  good job! 

Kate G.

by myipodrox16 on 7/5/2012 1:23:01 PM


I dance in my room. I totally need a new hula hoop.

by Princess Keziyah on 7/5/2012 12:16:56 PM


So I'm doing sailing this summer for 4 weeks (this is the last day of the second week) and I was wondering what sailing exercises the most. Also, I may be doing contemporary dance this year, and I was wondering what that excercises also. Thanks Smile

Hey girl!  I know dance exercises your whole body.  As for sailing,  it also exercises your whole body 

(arms, chest, abs, legs!)  Have fun! xxoo
Maggie P.

by miaboo123 on 7/5/2012 10:48:57 AM


Hula hooping is really good. I have this thing called hoopnotica and I can do all sorts of tricks with mine. Just put some ear buds in and dance with your hoop Smile

by topchef88 on 7/5/2012 10:36:32 AM


please jion my club living a healthy life its all about getting healthy and fit it is super fun and friendly please jion!!!! we are also in need of officers

by RIANBOWUNICORN <3 on 7/5/2012 10:26:13 AM


I really want to try to get healthy and fit this year. My goal is to try and do cross-country in the fall at school. I have never been really active. My goal for the summer is to become fit. I just started yesterday but I have given up sweets like ice cream. The only suggary thing i had yesterday was chocolate milk. Do you have any ideas on healthy recepies and good workouts?

Hey girl!  Check out the fitness section of GL for lots of awesome recipes and workout!  Remember to always be healthy by eating well and exercising.  Good luck in cross-country, I did that in high school and had so much fun! xxoo 
Maggie P.

by EGJplay on 7/5/2012 9:47:16 AM


Great ideas!!! I do roll with it all the time and i didn't even know it was a workout!

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by dancer2998 on 7/5/2012 9:36:29 AM


I do a thing called "lemon squeezes". It's like doing normal crunches except you lift your knees off the ground everytime you sit up. It show amazing results and keeps ya toned!

by brenlxl on 7/5/2012 9:03:01 AM


i want to try the roll with it! finally! a workout that sounds fun Smile

by tswiftluver13 on 7/5/2012 1:03:14 AM

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