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Bigger jerks to fry

Once I was flirting with my crush, when his best friend comes up and said, "Dude! Why are ya wasting time on this chick when there are...
36 Comments | Add Yours

I've had worse. I don't think this deserves 4 "meanies'' because he had done nothing. No offense.

by sissis1430 on 7/6/2012 4:08:35 PM


wow i would wanna slap him. But i wouldn't i would get in trouble!

by taylor swift lover23 on 7/6/2012 2:14:16 PM


Um, he didn't do anything bad. Maybe he stood up for you when you weren't there. And seriously giving it four "meanness" stars? I've had worse happen to me.

by SelG4Ever on 7/6/2012 12:35:16 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I like this guy and I am wayyyyyyyyyy taller than him. But my friends think he likes me but I don"t think so cause of my height. Once my friend asked him out for me when I didn't know and he said no way big height difference never gonna happen. I really want to ask him out since I gained the courage to do so, so should I ask him or am I setting myself up for another heartbreak?

Hey cutie!

Your guy might be a little insecure about the height difference. Boys can be so tough on each other and he's probably a little worried about how his friends would react/tease him if you two became an item. It sounds like he definitely likes you and you totally have a shot with him, but try making him feel more comfortable about the height difference first. Make sure he understands that you don't care, and even like his height! If you make him feel good about it, he'll be able to ignore his friends' teasing comments (if they make them). Just don't wear heels around him and keep on flirtin'! Give it some time, and when you think he's comfortable with the situation, ask him out!
Catherine C.

by SuperSwimmer1 on 7/6/2012 10:08:04 AM


See this why I don't exactly like dating 90% of boys at my school jeeeerrrrrrrksss!

by Smile1221 on 7/5/2012 10:59:00 PM


um, all u people insulting the crush, he didnt do anything. didnt insult her, didnt stand up for her. i would talk to the crush. he probs didnt want to make a stink and fight w/ his friend over talking to you (no offense meant.)

by soccerlover99 on 7/5/2012 10:38:49 PM


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My club's title says it all. I'm a fashion queen. And you can be too! I've given fashion advice to all my buds. Such as which type of clothing fits their body shape to what color they should wear to make their eyes pop! Fashion doesn't just mean cute clothes, though. There's also jewelry, makeup, and hair! Get fashion advice speedy quick right here and now by girls who are around your age!

by Effervescent on 7/5/2012 10:38:28 PM


So there's this boy that I really like and I've known/liked him for about four years. The only problem is I can only see him four times a year. I get so nervous around him that I can't talk to him. I try to talk to him on Facebook but it just gets awkward. Any advice on how to become more comfortable around him? How about how to talk to him? Please and Thank You♥

Hey girlie,

Try to remember that he isn't some weird alien that is nothing like you - he still likes talking about his interests, he likes when people take an interest in him, he wouldn't mind a casual compliment, etc. You don't wanna force the convo, but don't feel like you have to be super entertaining and funny just to get his attention. Keep it laid back and just chat with him like you would chat with an old friend! Ask him about his summer plans, or if he's liking school so far, or even just start by talking about the weather. Take a deep breath and take it one line at a time. That way, it feels natural and not forced. That's the key - don't plan it out ahead of time. Just let it happen! <3 
Lauren C.

by alison99 on 7/5/2012 10:01:01 PM


He probably got caught off guard when his friend said that. dont jump to conclusions.

by TeamAlice33 on 7/5/2012 9:37:12 PM


I have a boyfriend who is in Florida for the whole summer. I have a crush on another boy. The bad part is, my mom won't let me break up with my boyfriend because she thinks it'll ruin his summer. But i think it won't because i'm sure he's down there checking out other girls. So how can i get my mom to let me breakup with him? Thanks! Smile

Hey girl,

Honestly, I know your mom might not be happy with me for saying this... but she's not in the relationship. You are! It's nice she's looking out for his feelings, but she's not the one that has to fake the relationship just to make him happy. Personally, if I thought breaking up was the right and healthy thing to do, I would do it. He deserves to be told the truth, so you don't waste his time! That way, he can move on and find someone who cares about him like he cares about her. Get him on the phone and be honest with him - tell him you really like him but you think being friends would be best for you guys right now. Be honest and it will be the best for everyone. Afterwards, be straight with your mom too - tell her it just didn't work out after all. Thank her for her advice and let her know that you both feel better now that you've been honest. Stand up for yourself and it will be ok in the end! <3
Lauren C.

by birdgirly11 on 7/5/2012 8:46:21 PM

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