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Skincare: Style tips for sleeveless living

Class is over and the sun is out, which means tanks, bikinis and halter tops are probably first up to bat in your current wardrobe lineup...
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Ooh, I def. need to invest in some exfoliating body wash ASAP.

by Acutiebookworm on 7/7/2012 5:35:15 PM


Want to be on the big screen one day? Ache to be a singer? Wish you could model? We're the club for you. Lights, Camera, Action gives you advice on the best ways for you to snatch that career and start living your dream. Who says dreams are only for our heads? This club will also help you out in sticky situations, boys, friends, and inner beauty. Join Lights, Camera, Action!

by pretty123 on 7/7/2012 4:03:26 PM


gunna try these ASAP!!! ;)

by cutiepie14231 on 7/7/2012 3:51:13 PM


Hey superlily99, yeah head to hair stores or the hair sections in places like Target, Wal Mart, CVS, Rite-Aid for some good products. Look for ones that save "anti-frizz" or "de-tangle" on the labels. It may take some experimenting, to find which products work best for you. Ask some of your girlsfriends for advice on which brands to use. Hope this helps! Xx

Mod Mod Mod Ok so I have curly/wavy hair and it looks really when I straighten it , when I do it gets tangled and I have to brush it constantly. Also when its summer the makes wave back up again. Is there hair product that can help my be more manageable and silkier. Thank You. Lynae P.

by superlily99 on 7/7/2012 3:14:22 PM


Hey allyouneedislove, it's important that you purchase only what you really need or items that you can get a lot of use out of. For example it would be better to spend your money on two pairs of jeans you can pair with a lot of tops than to purchase a dress you'll only wear on special occasions. Head to the sales rack too girl, they always have cute stuff. Avoid heading into the expensive stores and shop at the ones in your price range. Sometimes shopping online will get you deals you can't get in stores. You can also search online for coupons. Hope this helps! Xx

Sunday I am going shopping and I am on a really restricted budget: $40. What are some tips for shopping on a small budget like that? Lynae P.

by allyouneedislove26 on 7/7/2012 3:01:37 PM


Hey its.maddy52, I think the best thing to do is to for you girlies to keep on being yourself. No matter what age you are, people will always have something to say. Sometimes positive sometimes negative, so you can't let them get to you. If we went around worried about what everyone said about us, we'd all be in trouble. If they wanna think that you guys are clueless and in your own bubble, let them. You girls know the truth and you know who you are so no worries. It's more cool to be unique and stand apart from the crowd then to be a follower. Hope this helps!!!! Xx

ok so me and my friends are talked down on constantly by the boys in our grade and everyone in the grade above us. they say we r in our own little bubble and dont have a clue about highschool (we r going into gr.8)... it made us mad because we kno everything they do but they never give us a chance. its not like its our main priority, we would rather talk about something else, which in their case means we r clueless! how can we win back our reputation? Lynae P.

by its.maddy52 on 7/7/2012 2:00:32 PM


Thank you so much for this post! It has been sooooo helpful.

by cats-r-the-best on 7/7/2012 1:47:40 PM

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