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How To: Pick the best denim shorts for your bod

Summer is the season of denim shorts. They’re comfy, cute and go with just about everything. You can dress them up or down, and even wear them...
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Help! Last Monday my braces bracket became loose and it is still caught on my wire. I couldn't get an appointment until tomorrow, and it has almost been two weeks! My toothe looks really strange and I think I might have tooth decay from having it loose for so long! I am really annoyed because I couldn't get an appointment until tomorrow because the ortho office took a whole week off for the 4th Frown. I think my tooth is now ruined , can they fix this?! It would have been fine if I went last week but now my tooth is ruined :c!

Hey chicky, don't worry - they'll get you all sorted out at your appointment. Cavities take a long time to form, so 2 weeks won't hurt ya. Just sit tight, and let those docs do what they do best. 
Carrie R.

by Bestfriendsforlifesogorgeous on 7/11/2012 1:00:09 PM


How can ibecome a Girls' life model??

Hey chica, this link can hook you up with whatever part of the mag you wanna be in: 
Carrie R.

by lovestory101 on 7/11/2012 12:28:13 PM


MOD MOD MOD I am in love with high waisted shorts but I can't find the right size for me. I'm very short {about 4'9} and I have no curves. I shop at stores that have generally small sizes like Heritage or Charlotte Russe, but when it comes to jeans and shorts nothing there really fits. So do you happen to know any stores that have smalls sizes and high waisted shorts?

Hey girlie,

I'm 5'8" so I definitely shop for different sizes, but I've heard these stores are great for smaller pant sizes: JCPenney, Delia's, Abercrombie, Pac Sun, American Eagle,, or Hollister! <3 
Lauren C.

by CristinaHoran on 7/11/2012 12:20:26 AM


MOD, MOD ,MOD . Okay, this sounds a little gross but I will say it anyway. My knees and elbows have a lot of dead skin on them and I have NO IDEA how to get in off. Do you have any ideas how to? I've tried body scrubs but they don't work..

Hey girlie,

Not gross at all! Check out this article for the best tips - I know you're not asking about using a fake tan, but the part about preparing your skin (by exfoliating) will really help get rid of all those dead skin cells! 
Lauren C.

by Cartoon Kit-Kat on 7/10/2012 10:14:07 PM


Hi so I have been a reader for a year now and am a subscriber. I read all of your articles, glue some of the coolest tips to my binder, and even would sneak a read in your magazine during my freshman year classes. But I am also a 4'11 biracial girl. I am spanish,white, and african american. I have noticed on your websites and magazines there aren't a lot of diversity. Not a lot of mixed girls or dark skinned or other races. I feel like if you write some articles on certain months like african american month and so forth. I still love your articles, but some tips don't apply to me. Like hair advice and certain outfits. I hope someone comments on this. Thnx for listening. Smile

Hey girl,

We really appreciate your feedback and totally hear what you're trying to say! We're always working hard to make sure our website/magazine works for girls of all ages/races/body types/backgrounds, so I'll pass along your comments to our editors <3 I know they'll love to hear your thoughts too. Thanks lovely!!
Lauren C.

by andsothelionfellinlovewiththelamb on 7/10/2012 9:20:56 PM


mod mod
hey so lately everyone has been calling me tiny i see like little kids who are way taller than me and it really annoys me i want to be sooo tall! im 4'11 and done growing lol do you know of any good things about being short

Hey girlie,

Of course! Check these out:

And we know you have tonnnnss of awesome things about you that have nothing to do with you being short - because you're unique and you're YOU! Height doesn't define you! <3 
Lauren C.

by thepinkyyyyyyyyy on 7/10/2012 8:53:20 PM


hey so idk wat category i fit in my legs are toned but im also petite lol and i guess my legs are short and toned im 4'11 ya reallly short for my age since im like 16 lol

Hey girlie,

Body shape depends less on your height and more on your proportions - are you bigger around the hips? (< Pear shape) Or bigger around your boobs? (< Apple shape) Are you about the same on top and bottom with a defined waist in between? (< Hourglass) Or pretty straight up-and-down? (< Ruler) Smile
Lauren C.

by thepinkyyyyyyyyy on 7/10/2012 8:51:20 PM


MOD MOD MOD!My body is kinda... hard to describe: i have boobs and a butt but my thighs are huge! I have like a hourglass figure expect my thighs poke out. What kind of shorts should I get to help me with my figure? Thanks Smile



I think the curvy ones would be super cute on you Smile
Helen S.

by krazykaratechick on 7/10/2012 7:53:31 PM


MOD MOD MOD! Okay, so this article is probably really helpful to other girls, but not for me. I don't really know what kind of shorts would work for me because i don't know what shape i am. Could you please help?


hey! well think about your proportions, do you have round hips or straight? are you tall or short? 

Helen S.

by Violeta2552 on 7/10/2012 7:49:30 PM


Okay so this year I gained 19 llbs, grew 4 inches, and am starting to fill in to a healthier weight. I don't know if it's normal to gain this much although last year my brother gained 26 llbs. Is this normal??


Hey! just so ya know, girls’ bodies change  a ton during the teen years and weight gain is normal.

Helen S.

by joelcourtneysuper8 on 7/10/2012 6:48:31 PM

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