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Who are the lucky GFs of 1D?

It’s no secret the boys of One Direction deservedly get tons of attention. But they do a relatively good job at keeping their relationships private and away...
88 Comments | Add Yours

I just heard from my friends that Zayn isn't actually dating Perrie. and If you want to sum it up fast the only single ones are Harry and Niall, if Zayn is actually dating Perrie.

by sbsammy712 on 7/25/2012 1:43:52 AM


omg that is sooooooo cool that they can still do that wail being on the road. but i still love all of them! hope it works out.;D

by twilightlover103 on 7/25/2012 12:13:37 AM


I <3 1D! GO 1D! Laughing I love One thing and what makes you beautiful.

by Demeter99 on 7/20/2012 3:10:48 AM



by hrglittergirl on 7/19/2012 7:30:02 PM


Omg. Niall is as single as can be- and Eleanor is still a model.....I love you guys, but get your One Direction facts straight or the Directioners will tell you whats up ;D

by BrianaHope on 7/19/2012 5:05:09 PM


Hey, how many people here play the Fashion Fantasy Game? I heard it was the latest thing for tweens, so I tried it out. I was impressed, especially since it's a free game. I like the outfits I designed.

Anyone want to buddy up?

by Creedy on 7/18/2012 11:42:35 AM


Actually, Eleanor is still modeling. I think it's kinda weird how they talk about how all that matters in beauty on the inside and then one of them goes and dates a model. But I still LOVE 1D, especially Harry ;) I think Liam and Danielle are soooo cute together Smile

by GLITTERgirlXD on 7/17/2012 3:39:59 PM


These are just some corrections to this article:
Eleanor IS working at Hollister, she is a floor model. She and Louis met through Harry Styles, not through mutual friends.
Perrie and Zayn did dye during the X Factor but it was very short and Perrie dumped him. They are NOT official to the public yet but directioners are sure that they're dating.
Niall is NOT dating Ali McGinley. Yes it was rumored, but we confirmed straight away that Ali was always just a close friend back in Ireland.
Harry Styles, the one who's relationship status all you directionators are dying to know about: dating no one, flirting with everyone. Harry is known as the flirt which is crazy true. He was seen kissing Emma Ostilly but that was a drunken kiss. He flirte with Taylor Swift at the KCAs but thankfully that never pulled through. Stupid management actually wants to keep Harry single or they think the fans would get angry and leave the fandom.

by CristinaHoran on 7/17/2012 12:23:48 PM


wait i meant to say NO! jimmy protested i'm dating niall  Helen S.

by soccergirl68 on 7/15/2012 8:36:59 PM


i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Harry! I would love to date him! But hes 7 yrs. older then me-- buttt, he did date a girl 14 yrs. older than him, so it doesnt look like age really matters! Lol! I love how Louis loves a regular girl! That shows many girls that u dont have to be famous for someone famouse to love you!

by Ostar21 on 7/14/2012 10:59:19 PM

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