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Get pedi-perfect: 8 easy steps to a midsummer foot rescue

Summer can give skin a sun-kissed glow and locks a lovely lightness. But it doesn’t do our feet any special favors. Athlete’s foot, dirty nails, calloused heels...
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mod mod mod
so i just got some glitter eyeshadow from claires and i wanted to know the best way to wear it because i havent really ever worn makeup. also do u know any really good makeup tutorials for girls like me who just started wearing makeup. thanks a bunch!!!

Hey! try dabbing a little on the inner corner of your eye closest to your nose, it'll really make your eyes pop Smile 
Helen S.

by myth_lover on 7/15/2012 8:19:53 PM


I love giving myself manis and pedis! For an exfoliating scrub, Instead of using olive oil and sugar, I use sugar and baby oil... The oil makes yoour feet feel so smooth after exfoliating!!!

by echri12 on 7/13/2012 7:24:41 PM


Hey girls Smile

Sometimes, MODs get SUPER busy answering everyone's questions and can't answer yours. But you can always come to me Smile I can give advice on:
Eating healthy
Family probs
Mean girls
Money makers
Boredom Busters
Your attitude
Summer camp
Your bod
And any other advice you need! Please don't be afraid to ask because I promise I will not judge you and give you an honest answer to your question. I also check GL almost every day so I guarantee a speedy response! Im also here if you need someone to talk to. So what are you waiting for? My profile is a click away Smile

by xXMissBehavedXx on 7/13/2012 4:11:43 PM


?Questions about your body? your crush? Your studying? Anything i have answers and love meeting new people anytime! im here to help you! No question is too weird or stupid trust me its called

I Believe In You

also im looking for people to help run the club i just started the club so spread the news around thanks!

by lilliebeans on 7/13/2012 12:23:27 AM


So my house had a flood from a bursted pipe 4 months ago. I am back to my house and so excited for school, but I am scared. I am scared we don't have enough money for new school clothes,shoes, and accessories. My clothes I have now are really old and not cute. A lot of money was gone from house repairs, bills, and insurance. I am 14 to young for a job. My mom already told me that my first car(2 years from now) wont even be that good because of all that has happened this year. I don't know what to do. I mean I'm i'll be a sophmore. I know it's not all about looks, but last year I got a huge amount of money from my grand ma. I had 1/2 of that left after getting new clothes, but my new clothes turned out to shrink, be too small, and lets say I grew in places. So I was excited to have new clothes and stuff this year!! But what if my mom used that money for the house stuff? Please help. Thnx. Smile

Hey girlie,

I think you should try to prioritize what you want the most for this new school year. Is it new notebooks and pens? Is it a couple pairs of great new jeans? Is it shirts? Shoes? What is your "must have" item? Start with those, then make a list of the rest of things you want. (The bottom of the list should be things that you could go without, if you had to this year.) The truth is, sometimes life surprises us and we aren't prepared for it. Sometimes, we have to adjust because of it - and sometimes, we have to sacrifice so we can get back on our feet. This is one of those times! And look at it this way - you won't die if you don't get new clothes. You won't get sick if you have to reuse your pens/pencils/backpack from last year. But the house? That was a major issue and needed to be fixed asap. Basically, hang in there and try not to get too upset about these material things. A lot of kids don't know what "back to school shopping" even means, because they don't get new clothes each September. You're lucky you got them before, and that you have a wardrobe now to get you through the year (even if it feels old to you). Try to remember how fortunate you are - and slowly, your fam will work to put things back together again so it feels like the way it was before <3 
Lauren C.

by andsothelionfellinlovewiththelamb on 7/13/2012 12:09:58 AM


ok so I am Bored of natural makeup looks I have blue eyes and pale blonde
skin and hair. What are fun eyeshadow. And mascara ideas

Hey girlie,

Check out these fun, more edgy makeup ideas to mix up your everyday look! Smile
Lauren C.

by kittykove2 on 7/12/2012 11:17:27 PM


Great! I love doing pedicures! Smile

by Acutiebookworm on 7/12/2012 11:15:09 PM


So, my Mom is a beautician. She thinks that shaving your legs is bad for you and makes your hair harder and thicker. So she makes me wax it. It hurts and sometimes I can't get it done every other week so I have hair on my legs. It's embarrassing. I want to ask her if I can start shaving my legs but I'm scared she will say no and think I'm out of my mind. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!

Hey girlie,

The way you choose to get rid of that leg hair is a personal choice so, if the waxing isn't your style, just be straight with her and tell her that! If the hair growing back makes you feel self conscious and you want more control (for example, shaving every two days), or even if you just want to try it so you know what the difference is, you're not wrong to be curious! Smile 
Lauren C.

by purplepants99 on 7/12/2012 9:07:07 PM


So I'm going into 8th grade this year and at the end we have a graduation.The girls wear dresses and guys just nice pants and shirts. I have nooo idea what sort of dress I'd wear. I want it to be pretty and elegant, but not too old. (I know it's early but it really goes by soooo fast)

by cheekymonkey1 on 7/12/2012 8:50:19 PM


ok i really want a jean jacket, u know something that i could wear with everything. but i'm just wondering, what if my jeans r like a shade darker or lighter then whatver jacket i get. does that matter? will it still look good?
just wonderingSmile thanks!

by Alykat18 on 7/12/2012 8:27:08 PM

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