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In the News: Should McDonald's be banned from the Olympics?

The 2012 Olympics are coming up fast, and the London Assembly has just made an unheard-of request: They would like the Olympic Committee to ban advertisements for...
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i think instead of fat foods and soda they should sponser like gatorade or natural spring water and stuff

by lilliebeans on 7/11/2012 8:43:59 PM


This is ridiculous advertisements don't control us!! They pay for lots of our entertainment including THE OLYMPICS. You cant just take the 2 biggest sponsors out of the Olympics, risking not having enough funds to HAVE the Olympics, because they aren't the most healthy things to buy!!

by emroxlol on 7/11/2012 8:27:49 PM


Please Join MY club Love Life and One Direction!

by gleerules101 on 7/11/2012 8:22:24 PM


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by Jgirlfashion on 7/11/2012 8:04:58 PM


when they cut ads like coca cola, thats when we start having problems!if they cut coca cola from the ads, then I'm not watching the olympics. coca colas been around forever, plus advertising food aint doin nothin! its peoples choice to eat what they want, plus they r still selling the stuff there, bunch of bs, is what i say, sorry but its true.

by angie333 on 7/11/2012 7:50:27 PM


I think that it's totally their choice because if kids make bad choices then it's their problem but yeah actually maybe they should look for new people to sponser them...hmmmmm this is something to think about!

by hermionegirl12 on 7/11/2012 7:49:00 PM


McDonald's should be banned from the Olympics!!! It is about being healthy, staying fit, being active - Coke and McDonald's won't help that. They should not be selling Mcdonald's and Coke products at the Olympics. If they have to sell junk like popcorn - at least make it homemade popcorn. Instead of selling ice cream sell frozen yogurt. Instead of candy sell fruit with sugar. Sure, it isn't like Coke as a thousand calories but frozen water is much better for you. I say Mcdonald's and Coke should be banned from adds using the Olympics because that would give the Olympics a bad look, but I do think it's okay if Coke Zero uses it, considering the fact that it has zero calories.

by Sarah510 on 7/11/2012 7:47:43 PM


so... they don't want the ads yet they're selling the stuff that.... oh well.

by stopthechainmail on 7/11/2012 7:45:52 PM


Meh. Who cares. Stopping McDonald's and coca-cola advertisements isn't gonna make people stop being fat.

by Chloe<3 on 7/11/2012 7:45:15 PM


I think the Olympic Committee should follow through with this request and not have ads for McDonalds or Coca-Cola during the games, and, while they're at it, they should also not sell said products at the games, because if they are going to do it, they have to do it all the way, not just half-done. About the problem with McDonalds and Coca-Cola being big sponsors of the games, they should try to find other sponsors who promote a better message; it should not be that hard to find someone who wants to support something that brings together and unifies the world.....

by otter77 on 7/11/2012 7:43:56 PM

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