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4 signs your period is coming

Your period always come at the most annoying times, but it’s even worse when you’re not expecting it. If your periods have been irregular, there are still...
293 Comments | Add Yours

I'm 12 years Old, I have hair "down there" and cramps and a lot of discharge but no period! Is there something wrong???

Hey girl,

It doesn't sound like something's wrong, those symptoms are normal! Your period will come when it's ready Smile

Meghan D.

by Oreodiamond on 9/21/2012 8:36:49 PM


I'm 14 and i didn't start my period yet. But when i do, i want to know, can you still take showers when your on your period? Does it make a difference the way you wash yourself?
Also, sometimes at school, i can tell when a girl might be on her period because i can smell it!!*eww* :'(
I don't want to be like that when i'm on my period, so what are some tips to make sure i keep the "scent" hidden? Thanks!! Smile oxoxo

by Sparksfly on 9/20/2012 6:04:32 PM


mod mod mod mod mod mod mod
This summer I found a little blood in my underwear. That was over 3 months ago! I'm 15, 5'6", and weigh 110 pounds. I haven't seen a spot of blood since. My doctor says it might be because I'm so athletic. But I've been really stressed and moody lately. Also, I've started to break out more, but I don't know if it's because I started running more. Am I getting my period anytime soon?


Hey kat_147, you may be getting your period. Emotions like stress and anxiety begin to take affects on our bodies. All your stressing could be causing the acne. So try to relax and calm down. Deep breathing exercises may help you. Even taking more naps might work. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by kat_147 on 9/16/2012 11:33:16 PM


Mod mod mod
I am 5'2", i weigh around 110-115, im thirteen about to turn fourteen in a month, i have hair up to my belly button that i have to shave, i wear a size 34 C or 32 D bra, and i have had discharge for 20 months...where the heck is my period?! I know there is no way to tell but i heard if u dont have it after 18+ months of discharge that something is me!!


Hey girlie, I think it's unlikely that there's something wrong. You're still young and some girls don't get their periods until they turn 15 or 16. If it's something that you're really concerned about, you might want to consider seeing a doctor. 

Lauren T.

by cuddlebug143 on 9/15/2012 4:49:44 PM


okay so today and yesterday I've had pretty heavy discharge and it was like I could feel it coming, something happening "down there". I haven't had any cramps or anything,no bad acne and im usually clear anyways and I haven't gotten my period yet. Could this mean that I'm going to get my period soon? Also can you guys write more articles on periods,please? Thanks in advance!Smile



Hey girly, it's very possible that that's a sign of your period coming. Feel free to talk to your mom, sister, aunt, or grandma about the subject. Docs can be really helpful too. And I promise we'll have more period articles in the future! =) xoxox

Lauren I.

by cookiemonstah123 on 9/10/2012 2:46:00 PM


I just came out of the bathroom and I think I started my period. It's just that it's a week early and there's this weird brown discharge. I've had it for 5 years so far and I've never seen that color discharge. Is it normal?


Hannah H.

by sonnet on 9/3/2012 3:26:34 PM


hi ma friend has been having cramps but she has not started her period . is it normal??

by lovy on 9/3/2012 11:40:52 AM


Please answer this... im really freaking out... everytime something bad hapens to me i think im going to die.... anyways ive had my period for almost three years now and the past year or so its been really regular.. i always get it like a month and 2 days apart... but im not supposed to get my period for like almost two weeks now and i think i just got it... like im having bloody discharge. is this normal? im freaking out... please answer!


Hey coolchick110, unfortunately periods can become irregular and do weird things to your body. So maybe your flow just came early this time. If anything else weird happens, then I would call the doctor. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by coolchick110 on 9/2/2012 11:47:51 PM


Mod mod mod
I am 13 years old and this might sound weird but I really need your help! Ok so I have stretch marks on my boobs and butt.. and there REALLY embarrassing I mean no one is gona see them but still I DONT like them there. I was just wondering if there was anything that I could do to get them off. I really don't want to have a cream but if it has to come down to that bc there is nothing else to do them I guess I will have to! But I don't understand why there their bc my boobs/butt isn't HUGE there probably normal size.
Please Help! xoxo


Hey kpriest, mhmm it could be a hereditary thing. There are some creams that are supposed to help reduce the look of them. Head to the medical aisles in Rite-Aid, CVS, Target and Wal-Mart. Hope that helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by kpriest on 9/2/2012 9:45:25 PM


At the beginning of the month, I had five days of spotting and cramps. The thing about that is I'm not sure if that was my first period, because I'm not sure how much blood is considered your period? Then, this month, I got one day of light brown discharge which has never happened to me before. After the discharge, I had like one spot of blood the next day. My question is: was this my period? Also, if it wasn't my period, does brown discharge mean its coming? Thanks soooo much... I'm just really confused....


Hey purple10015, I think it's best you contact your doctor. I don't think it's anything serious, but just to be on the safe side. They will definitely be able to tell you whats going on in your body. Hope ya feel better. Xoxo

Lynae P.

by purple10115 on 9/2/2012 5:19:44 PM

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