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The real reasons fresh fruit 'n' veg rock

Everybody says that fruits and veggies are best fresh, but why exactly is that? If you’re eating greens in any form, that should be enough, right? Here’s...
28 Comments | Add Yours

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So, I'm almost 14 years old, and my diet is terrible! I am very active, but I'm getting tired a lot and I'm not eating healthy enough. Since I was young I didn't really eat much fruits and veggies, and it's even worse now! I've tried real hard to eat healthier, but I'm having trouble finding then right diet for me. I don't like the tastes of fruit and veggies, so I'm trying to blend them into smoothies. I'm not obese, but I feel like I will be if I don't make healthier choices. I'm trying to lose weight, but it seems like all I'm doing is putting more on!! Any suggestions/help is welcomed!


Hey WhiteAndBlueLove, you just gotta find some healthy stuff you find tasty. Do you like nuts? Stuff like almonds, pecans, cashews, etc.? They are healthy too. Sandwiches on wheat bread with turkey, lettuce and cheese will work too. Go for grilled or baked chicken, instead of greasy wings. Veggie burgers and pizza are great too. Drink more milk, water and green tea(without sugar). Do some research on healthy subsitutes for foods you like. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by WhiteAndBlueLove on 4/5/2013 12:47:03 AM


Eating great and working out a lot makes me feel great. Remember, it always isn't what you eat, but it also is how much of it you eat.

by Sarah510 on 1/21/2013 11:26:00 AM


I love fruit, bananas, apples, strawberries, pineapples, you know the usual but veggies just aren't my thing. Except potatoes, lettuce and the occasional avocado(but not always).I don't know what to do im getting a little on the uncomfortable side. Should i try again? Please help thanks!


Hey lifelover412, you can't force yourself to eat something you don't like. Sometimes mixing veggies with some type of dip makes them tastier. For example, I hat cooked broccoli, but I like it uncooked dipped in salad dressing. Lots of people like celery dipped in peanut butter and cucumbers mixed with salad. Try a few different combos and see what you like. Hope this helps! Xoxo

Lynae P.

by lifelover412 on 9/27/2012 7:56:48 PM


Hey, quick question: You guys have done a good job incorperating vegetarian and vegan foods into your health section, but I was wondering if you could possibly give us some ideas for quick (and healthy) vegetarian/vegan lunches? Thanks!

by nerdygirl1224 on 8/25/2012 10:26:07 PM


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Hey girl! Try mixing veggies into a smoothie! It might seem gross, but juicing and smoothies are an easy way to disguise veggies and eat healthier! xoxo 



Kate G.

by ParamoreRox13 on 8/21/2012 1:52:19 AM


Would eating fresh vegetables as a side of other foods not as healthy still count as healthy because thats the way I always eat them??


Hey girlie! Eating a side of fruit and veggies is definitely healthy! Try eating them first so you fill up on them instead of the less healthy stuff! xoxo 

Kate G.

by ashie333 on 8/16/2012 1:23:19 PM


My fave fresh fruit recipe? Take a buch of oranges, squeaze'em, put'em in popsicle molds 'n they're ready to eat the next day!

by lavlo on 8/6/2012 11:38:32 PM


I'm 12 almost 13 and only weigh 68 lbs. and i eat stuff all day! I'm 5'1 and eat about 4000 calories a day but run around and play 6-8 hrs a day! how do I gain wieght?! Any info will be helpful! Thanx!

by leopardbeat on 8/6/2012 7:49:44 PM


I'm 11 and I weigh 88 pounds. I think I weigh too much!! I try to eat better, but it just bites me back. What should I do!!

Hey girl! You can always talk to your doc if you have questions about weight.  As long as you eat well and exercise, you can be healthy. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by Littlepuppygirl on 8/2/2012 4:16:21 PM


Hey guys! Please join my club Healthy Eats!

by iheartparis101 on 7/28/2012 7:24:00 PM


I need help eating healthier this school year. It used to be that my school lunches always consisted of this: PB&J, chips, fruit and grain bar, cookies. I want to eat fresh fruits and veggies and eat healthier desserts and sandwiches. I don't usually have a really big appetite. How could I replace my lunches and make them healthier? I'll be exercising 30minutes to an hour almost every day, and so far my goal is to lose some fat off of my stomach and to maintain a healthier weight. Please help me! Thanks in advance! Smile


Hey! check out these healthy recipes! 

Helen S.

by Mariposa911 on 7/24/2012 7:31:27 PM


Why arent any of my questions getting answered lately?LOL

by pinkcoconut on 7/23/2012 5:11:41 PM


About how many NETcalories should I be eating/day? I work out about 1-1.5 hours per day. Because I have been eating around 1200 and seen no results in the past couple months. So how much is good for me? I am 13 years old and around 5 2" -if that matters.
Also, I am having a problem where I lose like 1-2 lbs in a week, but in the next week, i gain it all back. So basically no results in the past 3 months!!!!!!!! Frown


Hey girl! You need to be taking in twice as many calories as you are per day.  It might seem strange, but when you take in as few calories as you are right now, your body assumes you are starving and starts to build up fat from any calories you are eating.  If you eat around 2,000-2,200 calories a day, however, your body has just enough calories to function properly (which is doesn't now) and then, when you work out, you are burning fat that your body has stored (on your thighs, tummy, and anywhere else).  Besides that, you are still growing, so your body is going to want even more calories.  As long as you are sticking to the healthy stuff, eat about 2,200 calories a day and keep working out.  xoxo   

Kate G.

by pinkcoconut on 7/23/2012 4:27:40 PM


I like to eat fresh fruits right from the farmer's market and veggies the same way- or from the store. I like eating my veggies with lowfat ranch- perf for packing in my lunch for school!

by Ekgurl on 7/16/2012 8:52:39 PM


Hi! I'm trying to eat healthier to slim down. I'm really into eating healthy, with lots of fruits and veggies and not many processed foods. I make meal plans and food logs to help me eat low calorie. The problem is, I can never stick with it. I have a major sweet tooth. I love candy and treats. I crave sugary stuff and all the time and then I always give in. The cravings are really bad when I do my homework. The problem is, my dad has a sweet tooth too, so he is always buying candy and sweets, and eats it all the time in front of me. How can I eat healthier, cut down on sweets, and not give into cravings?
Thank you mods you guys are so nice!!


Hey! You are so welcome, we love to help y'all out Smile Hope this helps! 

Helen S.

by JoshHutchersonLover on 7/16/2012 5:38:55 PM


i have a kind of weird problem. i have the worst trouble sleeping, like last night i didn't fall asleep until 7 am and i slept until 2 pm. this kind of thing always happens, but tomarrow i have to get up at 7 to babysit until 2 or 3, and i'll have to do that for the rest of the week. i really don't know what to do!! i was thinking of trying 'ZZZQuill' (i guess its a sleeping aid from the brand that makes dayquill) but would that be bad for me since i'm only 13? i'm taller than my mom though, so idk if it would hurt me... please help soon!!!!


hey! Talk to your mom or doctor before trying any medication, also try some of these natural remedies Smile 

Helen S.

by guitargirl7321 on 7/16/2012 5:11:53 PM


Okay so I have this friends and his name is Nick. We used to be best friends in 2-6th grade. But this year he's become super popular and he won't talk to me anymore. I really miss him because he's super funny and sweet but he doesn't care about me anymore. What should I do?? I still want to talk to him and hang out with him but he won't. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

Hey girl, it can be really tough when friends decide they don't have time for you anymore. Have you tried being honest with him about it? Either get him alone or call him up sometime, and just tell him straight out that you miss having him as a friend. If he still wants to be your friend, hopefully he'll make more of an effort to include you in his plans. But if you've tried inviting him to hang out multiple times and telling him how you feel but he's still not paying attention, you might just have to move on for a while. Friend circles change, and people grow together and apart over the years. You never know when you two will grow back together, and until then, maybe you'll find someone even better to hang with. 
Carrie R.

by wakeboardchick7 on 7/16/2012 2:23:03 PM


I love fresh fruit raw in a bowl with a touch of sugar! I love raw veggies tossed together in a fresh salad! YUM!

by colorqueen101 on 7/16/2012 2:19:20 PM


This is kind of trivial, but what color backpack should I get? I want to get a color that would match pretty much everything, but because I'll start out using it in winter I don't want it to be boring and blah. Thanks!

Hey chicky, to match lots of things, your best bet is a primary color (red, yellow, or blue). But pretty much any standard solid color will look good with lots of outfits. If you've got a winter coat, you could see what works with that and go from there. 
Carrie R.

by svds on 7/16/2012 1:06:23 PM


I like to make Popsicles with fruit juice and fruit. Yum! Tong

by Catlover4723 on 7/16/2012 12:22:31 PM


Mod mod mod
Hey! I have bad metabolism. Frown But I was wondering if there were some ways to boost your metabolism. Thanks!

Hey chicky, one of the best ways to boost metabolism is to build more muscle by lifting weights. The more muscle you have, the more calories your bod will burn. Also, make sure you're getting enough sleep and eating right. Omega-3s (found in fish) can boost metabolism, too, and if you eat 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large ones, that'll also help. 
Carrie R.

by Foreverme3 on 7/16/2012 3:48:06 AM


Thanks for this article. I love it.

by carinaamina on 7/16/2012 12:59:35 AM


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by loppyears12 on 7/15/2012 7:40:39 PM


I prefer to eat fresh fruits and I like to eat veggies either raw or grilled.

by supersingershannon on 7/15/2012 5:32:46 PM


Here is a good cause (a page on FB). It's a page called "Hold A Child's Hand". If you like the page, you will be helping us out a BUNCH.
There were many goals we wanted to accomplish with our project. One of our goals was to raise awareness of the importance of the preservative free drug called, Methotrexate. (a drug that helps children fighting cancer) This medication has been in short supply for some time, and we decided that we would contact the congressmen of all 50 states, as well as President Obama, to inform them of the issue. Another goal was to help families who are affected by childhood cancer. To do this, we planned many events to raise money for cancer research and financial assistance for families. Our goal was to raise at least $1000 for a foundation called “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” which focuses on finding a cure for childhood cancer, and providing funds to help families as their child endures treatment. Another goal was to raise $150 for the Ronald McDonald Charities.

by thumperella14 on 7/15/2012 11:04:58 AM


Okay, so some girls in my class always eat full chocolate bars, doughnuts, Arizona tea, and at Starbucks they always get a "grande" drink with cookies, caramel, and a bunch of whipped cream. I normally try to eat pretty healthy and work out a lot. But they are SOOOO skinny! Why do you thing this could be? Thanks!


Hey girlie,

Chances are, that's their metabolism working for them! (Metabolism: your body's ability to break down food and get energy from it. The faster your metabolism, usually the skinnier you are.) Some girls are sooo lucky because they can eat and eat, and they still stay so skinny. But the truth is, that won't last forever - your metabolism slows down as you get older, so it's really smart that you've already developed healthy eating/exercise habits. You'll be one step ahead when their bodies change later on and they're shocked because they can't eat all the "junk" they once loved Smile 

Lauren C.

by swimmichicki on 7/15/2012 8:42:34 AM


I HAVE REALLY noticeable hair above my lip. My mom wont let me remove it
Or bleach it. How can I make it less noticeable?


Hey girlie,

Whatever you do, DON'T shave it! It's a totally bad idea - so if you can't wax or bleach it, you'll have to get a little creative to make it less noticeable. First off, don't constantly look at it in the mirror. No one else is going to be zooming in on your lip hair and staring at it as much as you are - so no one else is going to think it's as bad as you think <3 Also, don't keep using concealer to "cover it up." The makeup will actually call attention to it, so skip that step! Instead, try using bold pops of color on your lips to call attention to your actual lips, not the hair above it. A pretty coral, fuschia, or bubble gum pink lipstick would be perf for summer Smile Another way to help ya feel more confident is to highlight your eyes. Use eyeliner or a bold eyeshadow to really emphasize your eyes, leaving your lips natural with a nude lip gloss or lip balm. Then all the attention will be drawn to your eyes!

Lauren C.

by kittykove2 on 7/15/2012 8:31:41 AM


Hi! I really want to take lunch with me to school because the cafeteria food is terrible. I like lunch boxes, and people won't make fun of me if I take one to school with me. The problem is that my school bag is a neon pink satchel. It won't fit my lunch in it. I don't want to carry my lunch box and school bag seperately though. I don't know why but it annoys me to do that. Thanks so much!!!


Hey girlie,

I used to carry a plain brown bag with my lunch in it! It's a casual way to bring your lunch to school (no teasing!) and it also won't get all smushed in your satchel Smile

Lauren C.

by ballerina55 on 7/15/2012 3:01:27 AM

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