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5 fun things to do with your sibs

When all your gals are off at camp and you’re stuck at home with the fam, what’re you supposed to do to keep boredom at bay...
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I have an older brother who NEVER wants to do ANYTHING with me. Boys...

by beccaburra on 3/3/2013 5:34:27 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's this really sweet/funny guy who I have so much in common with that's always flirting with me. Problem is he's in 9th grade and I'm in 11th. I know the age difference is to weird for a relationship to work but am I weird to enjoy flirting with him?
He's mature for his age (he's so smart he's in a lot of junior classes)..he's actually ahead of me in math. Anyway, just seeking advice on what to do....he's the only guy that's liked me for a while now and I'm finding it really sad that the only guy that likes me is one I can't be with..idk but if you have any advice or opinions, I'd really appreciate it.


Hey babe,

The truth is, age differences in high school are a huge deal because of maturity. Everyone does an insane amount of growing up in those four short years, so it can be difficult to relate to a freshmen when you're say, a junior. BUT, that doesn't mean it's impossible. It's not weird that you like to flirt with him-- flirting is fun! Just don't toy with his emotions if you know nothing will ever happen between the two of you. Xoxo 

alexis g.

by Maggie183 on 12/20/2012 9:20:00 AM


i <3 my siblings(sometimes) Smile

by kyra678 on 12/16/2012 7:16:03 PM


ok so this morning i woke up and looked for my phone. and i couldnt find it. it turned out my mom had it and was looking thru my texts! :O i have nothing to hide, but i still think my privacy was invaded. what should i do?

Hannah H.

by belieber8797 on 9/3/2012 1:48:13 PM


why is it that my family baby's my brother? Im 12 he's 10 and my sister is 8 so hes the middle child not even the youngest! my sister is tuffer than him because of this! the other day he had a tempertantrum (i remind you hes 10) because we didnt have anything he wanted for lunch and he was kicking and screaming and crying. Plus my mom and dad will give him something in return for going to his hockey practice like money or buy him something. This morning he goes up to me and says "i got to layer my slushy after hockey" so i complained to my mom and she didnt do anything! and he kept saying he earned it and i told him so? i work hard to memorize my songs for glee and learn lines for acting and learn the dance steps i need to know yet he thinks he works hard. what do you think should he not be getting this stuff or should we all be or what? i think i could at lease get a good job but my dad had to miss some of my preformances for hockey.. sorry this is so long

Hey girl, your bro could be getting special treatment 'cause he's the only boy in your fam. I know that's not exactly fair, but you have to remember that he and your dad are a bit outnumbered. So just try to be understanding, and enjoy the fact that you can motivate yourself to work hard without needing rewards. That'll get you far in life, and maybe your bro will eventually learn to follow your good example.  
Carrie R.

by amr6 on 8/14/2012 8:44:07 AM


Ok so my mom is leaving to go to Aruba this saturday with some family. I'll be home alone with my dad but he and i dont really talk much. He works from 5 a.m. till 5 or 6 p.m. I'm not allowed to leave the house while my p's arnt home and im not aloud to have friends over. What r some things to do during the day by myself? I may also go to my gp's house to see my uncle and his fiance or i may go to work with my dad one day. Also what r some things tht i can do with my dad while my mom is gone so tht he and i have a closer bond. Also my parents arnt divorced its just tht im around my mom more during the day and i get along with her better.

Hey girl!  Some time alone is the perfect time to catch up on some reading or maybe work on a cool DIY project! As for your dad, try suggesting easy things to do together, like making dinner or watching a movie.  Have fun! xxoo 
Maggie P.

by Avalon on 7/19/2012 2:05:16 PM


i could never get my 19 year old sister who is in college to be an accountant to be silly.

by kpianoplayer on 7/19/2012 1:27:19 PM


Sorry But just saying On #1 when they say it wo't cost you a cent, Have they Ever Heard Of A WATER BILL???????

by maggiebowl on 7/19/2012 12:20:29 PM




by tampagirl<3 on 7/19/2012 12:08:03 PM


MODMODMOD!!!!!!! I babysit my little bro and sis every week for five days. (oh lord) im too young to drive so i cant like take them to the park and my parents dont want the both of them in the pool when they arent home so do you have any other outdoor stuff they can do? Thanks!


Hey girl!  You can do fun things like one legged hopping races and backward on all fours.  Or, try these awesome activities:


Kate G.

by heyhihello3 on 7/19/2012 11:17:25 AM

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