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Beauty babe travel tips for girls-on-the-go

Just ‘cause you’re on the road (or in the air) doesn’t mean you hafta sacrifice your beauty regimen. Sure, space is tight when you’re living out of...
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I'm going to a beach about 3 hours away from my house and I'm not so sure what kind of beauty products I should bring. It gets pretty hot there but in the afternoon it gets cooler. I'm staying for a week.


Hey girl! Bring beauty products that multitask.  A BB cream is sunscreen, foundation, and moisturizer all in one (but reapply that SPF every hour or so on top of it!), and lip and cheek stain will stay all day and be easy to put on in the morning before you hit the beach. xoxo 

Kate G.

by Lovekatniss23 on 8/13/2012 11:43:24 AM


I'm going to Aruba really soon and needs tips on makeup and what to bring. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hey girl!

I went to Aruba a few years back and had a blast! It's going to be very hot, especially because it's summer. Aruba is actually pretty close to the equator so the sun is extremely intense (I've never been so tan in my whole life!) Because of this, make sure you're wearing a ton of sunscreen and reapplying all the time. Get a separate sunscreen for your face and body so you don't clog up your pores. If you want to wear foundation while you're there, make sure it has SPF. As for the rest of your makeup, keep it light and fresh! Fun eyeshadow, a little liner, and mascara will do! You could also wear a bright colored lip balm--perfect for a sunny vacay!  
Rachael A.

by iso101 on 7/27/2012 3:13:41 PM


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by billabongbabe997 on 7/21/2012 3:09:38 PM


Hey fern09, no ramble away I'm here to help! First days are always a little scary but just think about all the other new students. There are so many kids in your shoes who are looking to make new friends. I went to a performing arts school and a majority of the students are more sensitive and nice, so you have nothing to worry about. Hope this helps! Xoxo

So I'm going to a new school this year, it's a performing arts high school, and I'm going for theatre. I recently went to a picnic where all the freshmen could talk and get to know each other, but being me I really shy and a lot of people already had friends from their old school. I'm from a different district so I don't know anyone going. I heard people there are really accepting but I'm really scared about my first day! What should I do? Sorry for rambling. Lynae P.

by fern09 on 7/21/2012 3:08:35 PM


Hey I am going to Lake Compounce in 2 days so I need suggestions for makeup, hair, and clothes. Please Reply soon!!!!!

Hey girl!

I would keep your makeup to a minimum! Maybe a little eyeliner and mascara, and some concealer if you need it. But that's it for makeup! Keep your hair simple too! Braids are fun and cute, or just let your hair go natural. For clothes, comfort+cuteness is key. You don't want to be uncomfortable doing whatever activities you're doing, especially outdoors. Don't bring your fanciest outfits. 
Rachael A.

by FrenchMiss on 7/20/2012 4:38:37 PM


I'm flying by myself out of town for 2 weeks to visit my aunt it is going to be HOT the entire time and we plan to swim at the least every other day if not everyday what all should i bring? and how can i pack lightly because i can only take a carry on and like a small back pack thanks


Hey babe! Shorts and tank tops are awesome over bikinis AND don't take up much room in your bag. Try bringing a ton of different options that you can mix and match.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by blahhhgirl on 7/19/2012 10:59:04 AM


People! If you adore makeup like me, join my club miss makeup diva please!! Positions open!!! Also join my club in and out! Everything about fashion and shoes> Postions available!

by mommy's girl on 7/18/2012 4:45:39 PM


I'm going on vaca on Friday and I lost my white sandal and I cant find it I looked everywhere any ideas of where to look
Thx I need an answer really quick

Hey girl, look under things, inside closets and boxes, and in every room of the house. Even if you don't expect it to be somewhere, check anyway. And try to think when you last wore it - is it possible that it got left at someone else's house? Or in your backyard? 
Carrie R.

by Juliacar on 7/18/2012 4:42:28 PM


i never thought about doing the braids in my hair on the plane before. i like the beach wave effect

by music2412 on 7/18/2012 2:49:34 PM


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by Alykat18 on 7/17/2012 9:00:54 PM

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