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Celeb-approved summer dates

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Why aren't you posting my comments? I only posted two, like 20 minutes ago, and neither went through. I didn't type anything inappropriate, either! It's really frusterating and unfair.


Hey cutie!

All comments on the GL site have to be approved by moderators, and we don't have girls modding at 3 in the mornin. So sorry...your comments should go through now! 

Catherine C.

by emmababe77 on 7/20/2012 2:46:27 AM


Could someone help me ASAP? I just got back from a two week exchange in France. The thing is, my host family and I were always doing something like reading cooking or chatting in French, so I had absolutely no time to do my workouts everyday. On top of that, they ate lots of baked goods, and didn't have much else to eat, so I needed to eat all of the unhealty stuff in french pastries every meal. Now that I am back, my flat stomach is definitely NOT flat any more. I know that if you do excersixes you will not see results right away, and I am going up to a cottage tomorrow and am having a pool party next week. I have heard of going on a diet of only consuming liquids for two or three days prior to when you want a bikini body. This doesn't get rid of belly fat, but it makes your actual stomach smaller, so u will see results. Should I try this? Also if you have any other ideas please share them! I would love to have an answer by tomorrow so I can do what I need to ASAP.Ty

Hey girlie,

I know it's hard to adjust when you get back from one lifestyle and have to go into a new one. It'll take time, but you'll get back into your healthy groove over here! I would NOT recommend those juice/liquid cleanses just to get a flat stomach. It's not healthy and it's only a temporary fix - you might feel slimmer, but you've been depriving your body of all the vitamins it needs so you're hurting, not helping. Instead, try to get back into your routine starting right now. Eat regular, well-balanced meals. Exercise every day, giving yourself a couple days for rest each week. Cut back on junk food, fast food, sweets and baked goods/bready foods. If you try to adjust to life with less bread, you'll see results. It's all about moderation! <3 Hang in there - you'll feel back to normal soon if you work hard and do it the "right" way, not the "fast" way Smile
Lauren C.

by Meglovesmusic on 7/19/2012 11:54:31 PM


Ziplining is so much fun! I went when I was in tennessee. We zipped over the Smokey Mountains and the scenery was beautiful. If you get a chance you should definitely go!

by taybee416 on 7/19/2012 9:18:37 PM


Ziplining is soooo fun!! If you have a chance to do it, go for it!! I did it in Wisconsin on vacation last year. I was sweating and shaking so bad (it was extra scary because it was over a canyon), but once I went it was awesome! I would totally do it again Laughing

by ellie hills on 7/18/2012 12:09:27 PM


Hey Everyone! Do you LOVE Katy Perry?! Her Music, Her Style, Her Weirdness?! If you're a total Katycat then you should join this club, Katy Perry Fans!! Smile

by Alykat18 on 7/17/2012 9:00:19 PM


Hey Girlies,

Like to read? Join the club, T.R.I.O. We read 1-2 books a month, and the best part is YOU get to pick what we read. You can find the club on my profile. Join soon.

by dancethenightaway on 7/17/2012 8:09:09 PM


All of these sound totally if only I had a guy...hahaha :\ Smile

by Acutiebookworm on 7/17/2012 7:32:49 PM


ziplinig sounds fun!!!

by cutiepie14231 on 7/17/2012 6:24:57 PM


Zip lining sounds so fun! I would love to do that with my friends!

by PeaceKool on 7/17/2012 6:18:14 PM


Need advice on things like boys, mean girls, fashion and just plain embarrassing things? Then join girls ONLY VIP, we give advice on anything and everything about being a girl! So join today! There are a few positions open!

by PeaceKool on 7/17/2012 6:17:16 PM

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