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How to make friends by lunch--really!

Whether you’ve switched schools, skipped a grade or just need a new batch of peeps, making friends can be a scary and challenging task. But ya just...
39 Comments | Add Yours

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I have a little problem. I like my best friend (I'm bisexual),but she likes another girl (my friends pansexual,and the girl she likes is a lesbian.),and I don't really know what to do!I really really like her,not platonically,and I want to tell her,but I know she really likes the other girl.Its not just like I can go up to her and tell her (because she lives in Florida now),because I don't want to mess up our friendship!Please help.


Hey girlie! The fact that you can see yourself in a real, serious relationship with her, and the fact that you two are friends first are all great signs. It's great you are being respectful of her feelings for someone else but there's a chance she's hiding hers for you as well, so honesty is the best policy here. Tell her how you feel without putting pressure on her, it'll feel great to get it off your chest. Either way I'm sure it won't jeopardize your friendship and something great can happen in the long-term. 

Jenn S.

by rainbowssparklesdesu on 11/23/2012 1:03:02 PM


My friend and I both love to read, and we met while looking for the same book in the library!!!

by MountainLover456 on 11/20/2012 9:29:19 PM


There is a guy in my group of friends that likes me. He is always talking to me or trying to impress me. In a picture you could see him leaning towards me. Its uncomfortable and I don't know what to do. Help!

Hey girl,

If he's making you uncomfortable, tell him you're not interested in him and want to just be friends. If he still makes you feel uncomfortable after that, I would talk to a parent or guidance counselor about what you should do.

Meghan D.

by katgirly on 11/17/2012 12:35:09 AM


When this school year is over i have to move. My mother has a job in a different county hospital. Ive been going to my school for six years and i dont want to move . While i do want to save my mother from taking those long trips and wasting money i dont want to leave the people i have known since i was six . I realize which one is more important but grew grew up with my friends . To top it off my dad lives a half an hour away from where were moving and i wont be able to see him every weekend . Answer back Smile .

Hey girl,

I know it's tough to move, but you're right in recognizing that this really is the best decision for your mom! You can still stay in touch with your friends over email and the phone, and you'll be able to make tons of new friends, too! It will be hard, but it might be fun to live in another place, so try to be open to the possibilities. And don't be afraid to talk to your mom or a guidance counselor about how you're feeling to sort everything out!

Meghan D.

by DivaD01 on 11/3/2012 11:11:17 PM


I need some advice. I was in a group of 3 friends, me, Abbey, and Hannah. We where the best of friends until 5th grade. I was bullied. Hannah stood by my side the whole time. Abbey was temporary. The werid thing was, my bully was Abbey's friend! Abbey would lie and tell me she hated my bully. I was stupid and believed her. And in 5th grade, I was popular. And Abbey was quiet, and didn't talk. I was a little social butterfly and I helped her make new friends. She said that she had always been popular. And that I didn't help her. Now, we never talk, and Hannah and I would spill about all those cute clothes we like, the next day, she goes out and buys the stuff we can't afford! Why is she like this. She is an only child. But why shoul that change anything? I need some serious advice!

by LivieLoo on 11/3/2012 3:33:30 PM


I'm in tenth grade and I have a friend problem. I was "best friends" with this girl and we had our up and downs and rough patches but I think we both loved each other to like death. It was a very complicated friendship but we both really cared each other. She had/has her flaws and it was really hard with me to deal with. She can be really very selfish but does try to improve. I cut off all contact with her last year at a random time because I was going through a tough time (I was sad a lot) and it's really hard for me to stay friends with someone I am close with. like I didn't care and I still act like that. People ask me about it and I pretend that I think she's a terrible person. My question is, should I try to fix things with her? It is very awkward when we pass each other and I think it might be easier if I was friends with her. It has been six months so I don't know if i should just let it go or attempt to repair this friendship. What should I do??


hey! I think it's wonderful that you want to repair your friendship. Just approach her and ask her if she has time to talk, if she doesn't, schedule a later time with her and then you can  both finally push past the awkwardness and just be honest with each other. Say your piece to her and wait quietly while she says hers. Be prepared for her to possibly not have nice things to say. If the conversation goes well, my hope is that you'll both get your feelings off your chest but also both apologize to each other. If that happens i'd say you guys have a good chance at a fresh start. good luck!

Helen S.

by yayirock on 11/3/2012 3:21:25 AM


Was I just a rebound BFF?In second grade, my bff A and her former bff, S had a big fight.That was the first year they had met.All through second to sixth grade me and A were BFF's.Then on the first day of sixth grade, A and S started hanging out with each other.A started ignoring me and haning out with S's popular group.She's not mean to me, she just ignores me.Her and S are neighbors now too, but A's moving soon.A's halloween party is soon, and of course I'm invited, but I'm nervous she's going to ignore me there because all her new friends are going to be there.I'm also invited to a sleepover after the party, and I was the only one invited because her mom doesn't know the other girls but she knows me because I've been there so many times.A also goes to my church(because of me in fifth grade) so it's awkard there too.What should I do and was I only being used as a replacment until S and her made up.What should I do at the sleepover 2?



 Hey girly, since the two of you were friends for so long, I really doubt you were a rebound. It does sound like A and S have made up, but that shouldn't mean that you all can't be friends. Try talking to A calmly about your feelings.After she knows how you feel, hopefully you two can work it out. Though, sometimes friends do change and friends drift away and while it makes us a little sad, it does happen sometimes and it's okay. So in the meantime, start getting to know some other girls. It's always good to expand your horizons- the more friends the better.

Lauren I.

by katniss50309 on 10/22/2012 4:27:46 PM


sometimes it feel like my friend uses me. one moment shes my BFF then when she make up with her other friend after a fight then she friends with her again. please help me!!

by emzieAB2 on 10/20/2012 3:56:27 PM


sometimes it feel like my friend uses me. one moment shes my BFF then when she make up with her other friend after a fight then she friends with her again. please help me!!

by emzieAB2 on 10/20/2012 3:51:37 PM


ok so i have this freind and i learned that she has been saying mean things about me... im not good at volly ball, ect. I really dont want to get in a fight with her but I also dont want to just let it slide because it realy bugs me

Hey girl,

If a friend's saying mean things about you, you should definitely talk to her about it, but this is a little tricky since you've heard from a third party. The best thing to do would be to bring it up with her in a non-accusatory way so that you can talk it out. It will be better to talk about it than to let your feelings build up!

Meghan D.

by PS2905 on 10/12/2012 5:34:58 PM

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