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Are girls ditching sports for style?

A recent study conducted by the Women’s Sports Foundation and Gatorade showed that many girls aren’t playing sports past the age of 14. Even though the same...
65 Comments | Add Yours

I don't know what to say about this...
Other than I agree with everyone who's said it's stereotyping the female population.

by Acutiebookworm on 7/24/2012 3:27:46 AM


I think that it's sad that so many girls quit sports, but I don't think that it's necessarily the fault of the media. I do, however, think it might be worth looking into, but as of now there's nothing to suggest that this is the reason why girls drop sports at higher rates than boys. For other reasons, though, I do think that constantly seeing messages like this is bad for girls and their self-esteem.

by supersingershannon on 7/23/2012 9:13:58 PM


i think that you can be sporty and girly at the same time... there are plenty of other reasons girls are dropping out of sports that have nothing to do with that.

some find other interests that they couldnt do as a 6 yr old. some are too busy and feel like sports are their least favorite thing, so they quit to free up their schedule. I'm dropping out of soccer because I would not be able to participate in my art and french club, and i would miss out on watching the football games with my friends, because the game times are the same. there are plenty of reasons why we drop out, and i dislike that this ad is blaming it on fashion and guys and makeup

by parischick2 on 7/23/2012 7:55:52 PM


I don't think it's the media that is causing girls to drop out of sports. I think more of the reason is that it becomes too much pressure once you get into high school. Not only is it not about the fun anymore, but it's practice everyday for at least two hours after school and for many girls, more practice when they get home with parents. Many parents push hard and criticize which only make the girl want to quit. Also, it is definitely possible for girls to love clothes and sports at the same time. Overall, this study is completely wrong. All it is saying is that jocks and girly girls have nothing in common. Way to discourage stereo-typing...

by flirtygirl95 on 7/23/2012 5:06:44 PM


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by briana13 on 7/23/2012 3:45:30 PM


Awhile back I wanted to do volleyball. I went to open gyms and stuff and the year before I really enjoyed playing for Parks and Rec. I already got my physical too. But now I really don't want to play, I told my mom twice before I got my physical but she still made me get it. She's still going to make me tryout too I think. She said she wants me to do it since it made me happy last year. I really don't want to do it, I want to do kickboxing and take guitar lessons. The other day one of my friends asked why I was trying out if I didn't want to and I said my mom was making me and my mom seemed all mad. I don't know what to do because there is also a meeting that I HAVE to go to if I'm going to play and my mom's knows about it. I don't know how to convince her I don't want to play though. Any help? Thanks!


Hey girlie! Sit down and talk to your mom.  Let her know that even though you thought volleyball was fun last year, you'd really like to try something else this year.  If you were really into it last year, your mom probably assumes you're either just nervous or something this year and that's why you aren't as excited.  If your mom really wants you to try out (maybe she's already paid the fee and got you the equipment and can't return it), try making a deal.  You'll go for volleyball this year and once the season's over (or before, if it fits in your schedule), you can sign up for guitar lessons once a week.  Who knows, you might lvoe it as much as you used to once you get back into it!  xoxo

Kate G.

by pinkguitar98 on 7/23/2012 2:24:50 PM


I love sports, and I don't wear makeup, but that study is wrong. Thank you, GL, for standing up to this stereotyping! You can be girly AND sporty at the same time!!

by future_soccer_star on 7/23/2012 1:42:34 PM


Adults complain about stereo typing in schools, but this is the same thing. This study is wrong. So what if sports aren't for everyone? They're a big commitment, not to mention the fact that girls can get cut from teams. And who says you can't be sporty AND look good at the same time? By the way, this is coming from someone who loves sports, doesn't wear makeup, and is basically fashion senseless...

by future_soccer_star on 7/23/2012 1:30:55 PM


I am fashion OBSESSED (fashion week anyone?) and I am definitely not a sporty person, but you can definitely be stylish and love sports. There's a misconception that because clothes are girly while sports are more boyish that you have to pick one or the other which in my opinion is so lame.

by joetta2 on 7/23/2012 11:41:27 AM


OK I do Color Guard, but just because CG girls are musucly & tough, dosent mean we cnt be pretty & still do CG. Girls can be pretty AND do sports!!! If girls do sports, it actually could keep them in shape and help them stay fit, so they can feel pretty in their bodies.

by Sam Cool1038 on 7/23/2012 11:11:20 AM

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