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Are girls ditching sports for style?

A recent study conducted by the Women’s Sports Foundation and Gatorade showed that many girls aren’t playing sports past the age of 14. Even though the same...
65 Comments | Add Yours

hahahaha this is a load of crap! so stupid! maybe some girls quit because they wanted to?? and maybe they like to dress up some?! so what?? if someone wants to quit sports, let them. it doesn't matter if they are a boy or a girl!

by Alykat18 on 7/22/2012 6:25:18 PM


The study conducted by the Women's Sports Foundation is really sort of ridiculous and so is the video, but you can't blame it on Girl's Life! They are standing up for girls and saying they aren't as shallow as most people like to believe.

by dracomalfoyfreak on 7/22/2012 5:56:08 PM


i know that at my high school, you are required to play at least one sport. but i know there are some girl AND boys who complain about this! i think that some girls do not to play sports because they want to look pretty instead of play a sport. but if a girl wants to look pretty AND do a sport, they should be a cheerleader or dance.

by girlfunhrf on 7/22/2012 5:15:46 PM


I also think this is an opinion! I play two sports and I don't give a rip about what I wear. The thing is, I wouldn't care about my style even if I didn't play sports! Also, I'm not being influenced in any way to go out and buy the newest bikini or whatever. So this study was clearly an opinion with a couple numbers included.

by E1R2I3N4 on 7/22/2012 5:00:50 PM


Usually, the age of 14 is when most girls start high school. In high school, not only do you have to beat out tons of other girls to get on sports teams, but the workload is unbelievably high. So whether you're "cut" from the school soccer team or can't seem to balance work and play, some girls may have to quit sports. It has nothing to do with style.

by Harry-Potter-Fan on 7/22/2012 12:48:36 PM


im 14 and have played volleyball for 3 years. i decided to stop after 8th grade because when i started playing my grades dropped from a's and b's to c's and d's. i decided to focus more on high school than sports and i dont wear a lot of make up and get dressed up all the time in fact i usually just wear a t shirt and shorts

by sidmoose on 7/22/2012 12:45:06 PM


This is really stupid! Many girls are forced to do a sport at a young age by their parents, so by the time they are a teenager and can make their own decisions they hate it and quit! Did you also think that a girl is a girl they will act like a girl because they ARE GIRLS that means they are not guys they do different things than guys and shouldn't be compared to guys!!! This article is saying that girls quit sports to look pretty, and their point is... Couldn't find one Girls Life!! Guys are naturally more athletic and competive so they will stay in sports longer, but why does it matter to them whether a girl wants to play sports... GET OVER IT if a girl doesn't want to play a sport!!!!!
Oh well this is just one of things you have to let go and deal with.

by Em11ily on 7/22/2012 12:31:31 PM


Although some of the article is right, a lot of girls can wear cute clothes makeup and do their hair while playing sports I think girls quit sports because of our homework load. I have played a lot of sports like soccer, riding horses, dancing and swimming. I also play the french horn and the piano i i also wear makeup and cute clothes, and even date. This year because i made it into the advanced math group I've had to quit dancing and switched the days of swimming. I'm not worried about makeup as much as my grades.

by kisthearts on 7/22/2012 12:13:02 PM


This study isn't a study. It's more of an opinion. When you're 14 and just going into high school, you want to do you're best at school and studying even if that means not signing up for ALL the sports you want to play.
Then again, sports where I live and participate in aren't about doing your best, having fun, or doing stuff with your friends. It's about winning and being chosen for the post-season All-stars. Which consist of the coaches daughters and those who know the coaches. Girls that are new to the sport can be scared of the blood thirsty girls and generally quit after being with them because they didn't learn anything while being on the bench watching the coaches favorites play.
So really girls are just being discouraged by others. I don't like how this post is saying girls are giving sports up just to do they're make-up, flirt with guys, and dress themselves up.

by buzzingbee on 7/22/2012 11:58:40 AM


ok you know what? to all the girls who are saying that GL is saying that sporty girls cant like guys and all that you're wrong!!!! GL was defending us (and i thank you for that, GL) by saying that girls can do all of it!! I bet half of you didn't even read the actual artical and just skipped to the video or just read the headline!! And you know what? Gl was right and the resourses were wrong! My sister used to play soccer and be a total tomboy. then she started wearing makeup, and being interested in boys! she still played! People change and there is nothing wrong with that! yeah there is definetley pier pressure but i really dont think that girls will just give up sports because of that! Like i said before, people change and there is nothing wrong with that!

by smileyfaceincallie on 7/22/2012 11:44:43 AM

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