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A quiz for anyone

Hey chicas! Here's a super either-or survey from a GL reader just like you. Take a peek and leave your answers in the comments. 1...
145 Comments | Add Yours

1: High heels
2: girly
3: glitter
4: tank top
5: pink
6: nail polish
7: purple
8: low rise
9: cell phone case
10: aerostaple

by cuteness21 on 8/31/2012 1:22:29 AM


1. high tops
2. girly
3. Glitter
4. V-neck
5. blue
6. Purple
7. Nail polish
8. Low-rise
9. binder
10. American Eagle

by carolineee on 8/26/2012 6:48:10 PM


1. High heels or high tops?
*high tops!!!

2 Sporty or girly?
*not super of either

3. Glitter or rhinestones?

4. V-neck or tank top?
*both, but not on the same shirt

5. Pink or blue?

6. Purple or green?

7. Nail polish or stick-ons?
*nail polish

8. Low-rise or knee-highs?
*what? idk

9. Blinged-out binder or cell-phone case?
*does a rhinestone penguin sticker count?

10. American Eagle or Aeropostale?
*americn eagle...but from thrift stores

by the_last_ninja on 8/25/2012 10:13:32 PM


1. High heels or high tops? High tops all the way, honey!(;

2 Sporty or girly? Sporty, buuut I know how to be girly haha (:

3. Glitter or rhinestones? .. neither? .__. xD

4. V-neck or tank top? Tank top. <3

5. Pink or blue? Blue!

6. Purple or green? Purple.

7. Nail polish or stick-ons? Nail polish! It's kuuute and iht lasts longer.

8. Low-rise or knee-highs? Low-riseee (x

9. Blinged-out binder or cell-phone case? Cell phone case (: mine's boring, LOL.

10. American Eagle or Aeropostale? Ehh. Whatever.

by xxaalyxxx on 8/25/2012 5:12:01 PM


1) High-Heels!
7)Nail polish
9)Blinged-out Binder

I think this poll was awesome!

by AquaDragon on 8/24/2012 10:01:08 PM


1. High Heels!
2. Girly!
3. Glitter!
4. V-Neck!
5. Pink!
6. Purple!
7. Nail Polish!
8. Low Rise!
9. Cell-Phone case!
10. American Eagle!

by stylesista on 8/23/2012 6:46:13 PM


1 high heels
2 sporty
3 glitter
4 tang top
5 blue
6 purple
7 stick on
8 low rise
9 cell phone case
10 aeropostale

by cassandra585 on 8/22/2012 4:57:26 PM


1. high tops
2. sporty
3. neither
4. vneck
5. blue
6. green
7. polish
8. low rise
9. cell phone case
10. american eagle

by jesusfreak736 on 8/22/2012 8:01:59 AM


1. High heels or high tops? Hightops
2 Sporty or girly? Ew, neither.
3. Glitter or rhinestones? Eh. Neither.
4. V-neck or tank top? Tank top
5. Pink or blue? Blue
6. Purple or green? Both.
7. Nail polish or stick-ons? Nail polish
8. Low-rise or knee-highs? Huh?
9. Blinged-out binder or cell-phone case? Uh, both?
10. American Eagle or Aeropostale? I hate both.

by biffo on 8/20/2012 6:46:15 PM


1. High Heels
2. Sporty
3. Rhinestones
4. V-Neck
5. Pink
6. Green
7. Nail Polish
8. Low-Rise
9. Cell-Phone Case
10. Aeropostale <3

by kelsea davis on 8/20/2012 4:10:01 PM

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