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Survive high school with our how-to guide

Freaked about making the leap from middle school to high school? Breathe easy, babe—you’ve got this year in the bag! Here are your new school dos ‘n’...
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I'm going to be a sophmore this year and I'm going to a new school 40 minutes away from where I live. It's a charter school that is a lot different from a normal high school. It's grades 8-12 and only 140 kids in the whole school. I'm going to be taking a train in the morning and I'm stuck in the town till 4:00 by myself. I'm not nervous about meeting new friends, because I'm very positive and friendly. But my mom is nervous about me being somewhere strange all alone where she isn't close by. I tell her I'll be fine, but truthfully, even I'm a little scared. I've never took a train by myself and I have places to go after school but I'm afraid I'll get lost and my mom made me really scared about predators.

Hey girl!

The best thing you can do is be prepared for any situation. Keep a map of the area in your bag in case you get lost. If you don't have a smartphone, maybe it would be wise to get one so if you're lost it can locate where you are and help you get where you need to be. Always be aware of your surroundings and never put yourself in a vulnerable position. Don't walk around with headphones in because then you can't hear what's going on around you. As long as you're aware of what's going on around you and know what to do in an emergency, you'll be fine! And I'm sure you will be totally safe! 
Rachael A.

by new-b cool-e on 7/27/2012 4:18:43 PM


I just finished my first year of high school. It was really busy as I had a whole lot of actvites going on. One piece of advice, it's good to be involved in high school. But there is also such thing as being to involved. I was in track and field, soccer, in 3 school bands( brass and woodwind player), 2 outside bands, trumpet lessons and piano lessons,plus a whole of homework all at the same time. I missed a lot of classes for sports and band trips and had trouble getting in practice time for lessons. It's great to be involved, but there is something as being too involved!!!!Even though it was a busy year, it was fun to. Just take it slow and easy. And don't wish for the year to be over. Trust me, there'll be a times in college or university were you'll wish you were still in HS.

by toto858 on 7/27/2012 1:19:58 AM


I recently moved away to another state that I'd lived in practically my whole life. I hated where we moved and I kept telling my mom that, in hopes we would move back. One year later my mom says we could move back, I want to but I also don't. What should I do?

Hey girlie,

Try to look at the situation in a "bigger picture" way. Are you happy in the new place? Have you made friends, tried to join new activities, worked hard at school? If you're making the most of the situation, you're in great shape. Now think of your family - is your mom happy in the new place? Is her job good? Will she be sad if you move back? This is a personal decision that you both have to make together - I wish we could make it for you, but we can't. Listen to your heart and think about where you both would be happiest <3
Lauren C.

by masquerade on 7/26/2012 6:44:22 PM


This is perfect timing! I'm starting high school this August and I'm really excited! I may be taking some advanced classes but I'm not too scared. Thanks GL! Smile

by rosehuber on 7/24/2012 12:09:58 PM


as a high school junior this article is right on! the one thing i've learned that is EXTREMLY important about high school is to love yourself first. if you do that you become confident, get friends (make friends from all groups! it can really help you later down the road!) and you do so much better in school. oh and DON'T procrasinate. i kinda did last year and its a pain trying to get back into things. other then that high school is so much fun! just enjoy it because you only get to be a teenager once!

by iheartu? on 7/24/2012 12:03:02 PM


Ohmygosh thank you thank you thank you GL! I've still got another year to go before high school but I'm the only one in my grade who isn't like...scared about it. Thanks againg for posting this article GL!

by HelenaPS on 7/24/2012 12:01:39 PM


I'm so glad you had this article up today. I am starting high school this year. I'm going to be in journalism, advanced English, advanced geometry, marching band, Spanish, jazz band (as a bass player),advanced concert band (wind ensemble), and geophysical science.

by thumperella14 on 7/24/2012 11:19:33 AM


The whole missing one day of high school is really true. No matter how much I hate school I know if I miss one day, I will be up late trying to get stuff done for the next week. Not worth it, these tips are pretty average though.

by topchef88 on 7/24/2012 10:22:18 AM


Mod mod.
I am going into 8th grade at my school. I'm taking a class in the morning at my local high school. I have a friend who's going with me but I'm still super nervous. Do u have any advice?


Hey chica! Stick with your bud- taking on high school as part of a pair will be much easier.  Other than that, making sure you make a good impression on the teacher, being on time, and making sure you get all of your work done should be enough to help you in class.  Outside of class, create a routine with your friend (meet in the same place every morning, leave at the same time).  Good luck! xoxo 

Kate G.

by 6ftsunshine:) on 7/24/2012 10:00:51 AM


I am terrified to go into high school. It's so big and impacts your future so much! I got into all honors classes and I am already overwhelmed! I haven't really walked around at all so I have no idea where my classes are and I get sick just thinking about it! I don't have any older siblings or older friends that go there. It starts soon and I am so scared and I just don't know how to deal with it... Please help!


Hey girl!  Freshman year of high school is a learning experience, so take a deep breath and relax- everyone is adjusting!  A few days before school, go with your mom or BFF and walk around and figure out how rooms are numbered, etc.  Put extra time aside for school work- it'll be a little tougher in high school (but if they placed you in all honors, I'm sure you can handle it).  By the third week of school, you'll know how much time you need to spend on each class and it'll already feel like a routine. xoxo 

Kate G.

by lovemee123 on 7/24/2012 9:44:40 AM

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