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8 Gold Medal Olympic-inspired skincare tips

Love getting a good workout, but hate the post-sweat sesh effects on your skin? It doesn’t matter if you are an Olympic gold medalist or a bench...
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My face has lots of pimples and I can't stop touching them! I have tried lots of acne cleansers and I drink a lot of water but it never clears up. Frown

by ANGXDP on 11/5/2012 7:39:03 PM


MOD MOD MOD (Lauren C.)
instead of the Neutrogena's deep clean facial cleanser normal-to-oily skin non-cream, could i use the same one but the cream version? i already have the cream version at home and i just wanted to know which would be better, the non-cream or cream? THANKS! Smile


Hey girl! Lauren C. isn't modding now, but I'm sure you can use the face cream you have at home! xoxo 

Kate G.

by sugar7410 on 8/17/2012 7:26:31 AM


whats a good facial cleanser thats cheap?? i have a oily face and i use "Clean & Clear Morning Burst Shine Control" but by mid day my face is all oily AGAIN! THANKS!

Hey girlie,

I use that one too! But since your face sounds a little more oily, try something a little stronger: I like Neutrogena's Deep Clean Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin. It feels like it gets a little deeper for more oily skin types! Wash in the morning with that, then at night with the Clean & Clear so you don't dry your skin out. See how that works! 
Lauren C.

by sugar7410 on 8/16/2012 6:12:59 PM


Hey girls! Need help with styling your hair? Need to know the perfect hairstyle for that special occasion or for bowling with your buds? Then join my group "Hair Styling Help" (! I will post hair tips and ideas daily and answer your hair questions daily! Positions are open!

by LovePeaceHope on 7/30/2012 12:55:09 PM


I think that I may have a good Idea for an article. Who do I talk to or e-mail? Thank you. Oh and so I don't waste my time. It's about shooting. The sport. I just want to talk about a male dominated sport that I do? Would that be a good idea? Thank you.

Hey girl!

We probably won't be able to let you write the article yourself, but we can certainly look into shooting as a sport and maybe we'll be able to do an article on it in the future. Thanks for your input! 
Rachael A.

by Greengirl99 on 7/27/2012 3:40:11 PM


Ok, when i click on something i want to see like fun stuff, or anything like an article it always pops up tht do you want to send this article in mail, facebook, or twitter, what's going on?, how do i stop it? i'm getting frustrated, please help. Thanks!

Hey girlie,

That's a fast and easy way to share your fave GL articles! If you want to avoid that, try not clicking on the images - click on the text/headlines instead and you should be just fine Smile 
Lauren C.

by doglover463 on 7/26/2012 10:42:11 PM


People! If you adore makeup like me, join my club miss makeup diva please!! Positions open!!! Also join my club in and out! Everything about fashion and shoes> Postions available

by mommy's girl on 7/26/2012 8:26:48 PM


Does GL only use models from local agencies? Because I would absolutley love to model for GL! I have an agent but am not near GL head quarters.

Hey girlie,

Nope! We do use models from local agencies (depending on where our photoshoots are located), but we also love featuring real girls from all backgrounds. Check out this page for more info! 
Lauren C.

by txtingirl on 7/26/2012 6:13:39 PM


my dad just set up a student account for me at the bank. it is pretty much just a regular bank account with a debit card and everything but along the way, you get some knowledge about saving money (made for highschoolers), so now that i have an account, i want to start saving money. do you have any ideas (other than chores or bake sales) to make money? thanks! xoxo

Hey girlie,

Of course! We've got lots of money-making tips: check out this tag for a whole list of articles on the subject! 
Lauren C.

by vintage50 on 7/26/2012 5:51:30 PM


are there any shampoos, conditioners, or hair products that can make your hair grow faster and longer?

Hey girl!  I know some hair care lines have products that encourage hair growth.  Try pantene or herbal essences. xxoo 
Maggie P.

by volleyball4lifee on 7/26/2012 2:49:59 PM


this helped a lot !!!!

by fashion456 on 7/26/2012 2:48:25 PM


are you feel like a slave to the flat iron? do you feel the onoly way to rock waves and curls is using a curling iron? do you just want to rock the natural ringlets that you've got? then join my club:
Curls,go curls!
we discuss hairstyles and tips and recoomedations for girls with curls and babes with waves. we have two positions that need to be filled still, so come and ask for one. just to clarify, this is NOT a club for girls with straight hair who need help curling their hair, just for people with waves and curls in their hair. all races, ethnicities, and colors are welcome.
join today!

by briana13 on 7/26/2012 2:00:28 PM


Are you a Cahill who dares be a member in the 39 clues? Which branch are you? Janus, Lucian, Tomas, Ekaterina, or the Madrigals like Dan and Amy? We will talk about EVERYTHING dealing with the books and debate topics! The fate of the world is in your hand! Are you ready to save the world from the evil Vespers? Join now before too late!
Plz! I only got 2 girls who wanted to be in my club, but my goal is to at least reach 5?? Plz? Thanks in advance!

by Susmita24 on 7/26/2012 1:21:53 PM


If you love desserts a whole lot then join my club called iDesserts

by 6ftsunshine:) on 7/26/2012 11:14:22 AM


Join my club
"Just us girls up in here[:" You can find it on my profile! It's a girls club and we can talk about our needs, etc. Makeup, hair, beauty, fashion, school, friends, whatever you want to talk about! Positions are open! We're always updated

by monicaisfabuluz on 7/26/2012 10:14:36 AM


These are great tips!!!

by andsothelionfellinlovewiththelamb on 7/26/2012 2:17:59 AM


Great tips...

by Acutiebookworm on 7/26/2012 2:15:24 AM

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