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Warm up right! Smart stretches for every sport

Dynamic stretching is super important before any workout or big game. But what kinds of stretches are perf for your sport? Here’s our fave all-over routine with...
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hey i play soccer and i love it I'm sorry that your sport isn't all that common but soccer isn't all that easy its not just kicking a ball around it is getting goals preventing goals and both at once

by kyleigh1234 on 11/6/2012 7:28:14 PM


My mom has always said she has wanted to work out but between my sports and my brothers she has never had the time. The is not the most fit but is still in need of a few workouts. My grandmother had the same problem and got diabeties because of it and I don't want that to happen to my mom. How can I get my mom to workout with me and eat right without being to mean about it???
Thanks in advance!!! Smile


Hey girlie! Next time you head out to go for a run, ask your mom if she'd like to join in.  Let her know you like working out with a buddy because it's easier, she might think she's doing you a favor!  You can also say you're trying to start eating better, so ask her if you guys can cut down on the unhealthy stuff and eat more veggies.  If you make it sound like you're the one who wants it, she can get the benefits without you having to target her! xoxo 

Kate G.

by soccerfab101 on 7/27/2012 12:16:12 PM


I mostly so sit ups and stretches to warm up.

by supersingershannon on 7/25/2012 9:38:39 PM


Mod Mod Mod!!!
I am sick of this!!! Every fitness article is about soccer or volleyball or swimming. It's the same stuff over and over again. I've been here for about five years and not once have I read an article here about springboard diving. Springboard diving is VERY hard - unlike kicking a soccer ball around. What is this about???

Hey babe,

We tend to write stories based on what the majority of our readers are itching to hear about.  Since most of them play these kinds of sports, that ends up being what you see more.  I can pass the word along about how you want to hear about springboard diving though!
Jordan S.

by Sarah510 on 7/25/2012 5:38:58 PM


Got curls and waves? have no ideas on how to make them behave? found a product and want to rave? got some tips you'd take to the grave? well join my club:
Curls, go curls! its this awesome new club just for girls with curly or wavy hair. We share tips and recommendations. there are 3 positions that need to be filled so i suggest asking for one! and to clarify, this is NOT a club for people with straight hair wishing to curl, just for girls with wavy and curly hair! all races, ethnicities and colors are welcome! as long as you have some type of wavy or curl in your hair!
join today!

by briana13 on 7/25/2012 4:39:38 PM


Can you please help? I am starting to have cramps in my private area when I move around a lot. Is that normal?

Hey chica, there are a lot of causes of abdominal pain that aren't very serious, like stomach flu, constipation, periods, or food allergies. And there are also a few serious ones, like appendicitis, heartburn, and kidney stones. Most likely, it's not a big deal, but if you keep having pain for more than a day or 2, definitely go see a doctor. Feel better! 
Carrie R.

by transform2314 on 7/25/2012 3:34:02 PM


MOD MOD!!! MOD!!! PLEASE HELP! THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! am trying out for volleyball and we need to run to miles. I can run one mile with out stopping, but I don't full out run its more of like a jog. Do you have some tips to get faster and to be able to run 2 miles? I have until August 15th so please help me! I need tips about how to run and anything else related! I would like to be able to run 2 miles in under 15 mins and my current time is 10:50. So please help!!! Any info on running or boosting my core would be nice! Thank you so much! I really want to make the team!!!

Hey girl!

This link should be helpful: Become a Better Runner. You can also just search "running" in the GL search bar and it should come up with some great, helpful articles. Good luck! 
Kelly G.

by volleygrl25 on 7/25/2012 11:30:04 AM


Join my club
"Just us girls up in here[:" You can find it on my profile! It's a girls club and we can talk about our needs, etc. Makeup, hair, beauty, fashion, school, friends, whatever you want to talk about! Positions are open! We're always updated

by monicaisfabuluz on 7/25/2012 10:57:22 AM




Hey girl,

Sorry - I haven't seen any of your other comments. For fun things to do, why don't you guys bake yummy treats together? You could whip up some delish cupcakes or cookies and then get different colored icing and decorate them! You can also stock up on board or video games to play together. Make an awesome playlist and have a dance party. Get a lot of balloons (not helium) and play balloon volleyball! Take lots of funny pictures together and make a scrapbook. Have a movie marathon. There are endless ideas to have fun at your sleepover!
Kelly G.

by WinnieGirlie on 7/25/2012 10:14:35 AM


The moves that get me ready to hit the field are jogging and doing high knee steps.

by otter77 on 7/25/2012 10:02:42 AM

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