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Ed. obsession under $30: The best BTS backpack

Nothing says BTS like getting a brand new backpack. Even though I’m not heading back to school this fall, whenever August rolls around it still feels like...
29 Comments | Add Yours

When I went on vacation to where I always go, this little small town has these cute shops and there was this one that had these bags but they were the totes instead of backpacks but I bought one and I love it. I don't like this color they have but the colors the store had were so pretty. They had this really nice teal but both my sisters had it and I decided I should probably get a different color so I got hot pink even though I am not a fan and ended up loving it. I got it to be school bag haha, what a coincidence.

by topchef88 on 8/6/2012 11:19:01 AM


This year, I'm prob. using the same pack I used last year, and it's not that great a pack. What should I do?

by cheetah#1 on 7/31/2012 8:46:04 PM


Love it! Check out my blog:

by justmebeingme on 7/31/2012 7:31:07 PM


OMG i love tht bag!!!!!!!!

by ColosalMascara on 7/31/2012 5:04:58 PM


What bottoms can I wear on my first day of high school (besides short shorts because of dress code against them)that will show off my long and newly-tanned legs?

Hey girl!

Shorts are fine but you just need to find a pair that hits a little more mid-thigh than short shorts. You could also wear a cute skirt or dress that's an appropriate length too!
Rachael A.

by Forever&Alwaysgrl on 7/30/2012 10:15:35 AM


i start middle school next year and i want to carry around a bag but we arent aloud to carry backpacks during school only too and from. any ideas?? thanks in advance

Hey girlie,

Since it's a school rule, there's not much wiggle-room here. Try snagging a great messenger bag or shoulder tote so carrying books to/from school is a breeze. Then, grab a little cross-body purse that you'll keep with you all day. You'll carry your books between classes, but this will also help you bring pens, pencils, your phone, lip gloss, pads/tampons, etc. with you all day long. As long as purses are allowed, this is def the way to go! 
Lauren C.

by myth_lover on 7/29/2012 9:22:38 PM


I have my vocaloid backpack HATSUNE MIKU FOREVER!!!!!!!
Want to be on the big screen one day? Ache to be a singer? Wish you could model? We're the club for you. Lights, Camera, Action gives you advice on the best ways for you to snatch that career and start living your dream. Who says dreams are only for our heads? This club will also help you out in sticky situations, boys, friends, and inner beauty.

by YayaYuiki on 7/28/2012 1:50:30 PM


Hey Girls! Check out my Advice Queen page on my profile if you are looking for a good place to get advice on anything!

by WinnieGirlie on 7/27/2012 11:17:38 PM


I just wanted to know what MODS are

Hey girl,

"Mod" stands for "Moderator," which means we approve and answer your comments before they go live!

Meghan D.

by ChunkyBunky101 on 7/27/2012 10:24:53 PM


i got a backpack earlier this week. it was a dollar at a thrift store and has marvel heroes all over it. =] it also has "dustin something, first grade" sharpied on the inside... oh well, i can cover it over.

by the_last_ninja on 7/27/2012 10:17:49 PM


I am going into sixth grade next year, and I am so nervous! I just have to go to SO many classes, and I only have 4 minutes to get to them, there is bullies, and I don't know what to do! I'm scared I'll get LOST, or something! What if I am late to class? And what if I can't open my locker, and what if my locker partner is messy and/or mean? Aggghhhh!!!!

Hey girl,

First of all, relax! It's going to be fine! I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends, and even if you do get lost on the first day, I'm sure a lot of other people will too, and you'll find your way around in no time. You'll get the hang of your locker, and if you have a problem with your locker buddy you can talk to a teacher! Lucky for you, we have a ton of posts about new school, because tons of girls feel the same way you do! Check out these posts for more tips!

Meghan D.

by WinnieGirlie on 7/27/2012 9:20:31 PM


got crazy curls or pretty spirals? frizzy or lush waves? either way, we got your back. come join the new club:
Curls, go curls! we give advice, hairstyles, chat, rant, and give recomendations. we work as a team to help each other. this club is updated regularily and open for all those gals. just to clarify, this is NOT a club for people with straight hair who want to curl or wave just for girls who have curls and waves. it doesn't matter if you curls are kinky or waves are loose, youre welcome! all races, ethnicities, colors are welcome. please join!

by briana13 on 7/27/2012 8:04:09 PM


I personally would not like this bag for school, I found a very cute one from Aeropostale tho! Smile Same price too.

by WinnieGirlie on 7/27/2012 7:50:17 PM


ok so ive been wanting a phone. i found one of my older sisters old phones in a desk drawer at my house. and its not the best phone but it will fit my needs. my mom said i could have it to "play with" scince its not activated. i asked her if she could activate it, but she said no cuz she doesnt want to pay $10 a month scince we are tight on money. im only 11 so i need a way to make about 10 to 15 bucks a month. i obviously cant get a job and im not ready to babysit. any ideas to make that much each month? thanks! xoxo ~Ryleigh


Hey girl, maybe doing yard work for neighbors? Or maybe you can convince your mom to get an allowance? 

lauren r.

by red716 on 7/27/2012 7:47:08 PM


This is perfect since I have to find a backpack in time for school! Thanks GL

by §♥greyson_chance♥§ on 7/27/2012 6:10:28 PM


I got a new bag yesterday it is from aeropostale!

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by heather99 on 7/27/2012 4:25:20 PM


last year i made a club for 7th graders, now that were going in to 8th i wanted to change the club name. how do i do that?

Hey girl!

Unfortunately, you can't change your club's name. You can make a new club though! Sorry for the inconvenience!
Rachael A.

by rockinmagz on 7/27/2012 4:14:02 PM


I was just wondering, what are some essential things to buy for school? (clothes) I made a list of things that I like and want to get, but it's pretty long, so I just need the main things that I should buy. On the list I have 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of yoga pants, 1 hoodie, 4 tank tops, and 6 shirts on the list. Is it too little, too much? Thanks, xo

Hey girl!

That sounds like a good list! Once you start school you can decide whether you'd like to get some more clothes or if that's a good amount. 
Rachael A.

by rosierosie on 7/27/2012 3:54:41 PM


My knees naturally hyper extend and I have soccer thighs
I want to wear skinny jeans but they look weird cuz my knees are set back and then I have my thighs.... How can I balance out the weird look?? I don't want to wear bootcut

Hey girl!

If you wear wedges with skinny jeans that can help lengthen you and balance you out. But honestly, I really doubt it looks weird. Soccer thighs are awesome, so just embrace them and don't worry about it! 
Rachael A.

by alex18903 on 7/27/2012 3:40:26 PM


Ok so I have thin, wavy hair that gets poofy and frizzy VERY easily. I want to buy a clamp less curling iron so I can work with my hair (instead of against it since I straighten it everyday) but my only problem is when ever i curl or let my hair be natural its very frizzy. I want smooth and sleek hair, what shampoo or product can I use to get nice sleek and smooth hair? ( Ive used silk drops before and it doesn't help, my hair also gets oily)

Hey girl!

Clamp-less curling irons are great! I use one sometimes. Usually, I put Moroccan Oil or Garnier Leave in Conditioner in my wet hair, blow dry it using a round barrel brush so it's dry and somewhat flat, and then go section by section with my curling iron. Using a holding hairspray will help your style stay put and keep frizz at bay. 
Rachael A.

by misbubbles on 7/27/2012 3:33:12 PM


back to school? i have a month and a half left...

cute bag though...bright

by decklandog on 7/27/2012 3:31:56 PM


so you have a ton of junk lying around your house and nothing to do with it. Plus you want some new jewelry without spending a ton. What do you do? Join my club and find out how to turn ordinary stuff around your house into funky and creative stuff! The club is called DIY Green!

by kpianoplayer on 7/27/2012 2:41:25 PM


I actually do own this backpack. It's a leathery texture and it comes in adorbs colors, which I like. But, I wouldn't recommend it for school, because the pockets aren't very big. It's still a great bag though. It's carries my makeup, wallet, phone, glasses case, and notebook. For size reference, it's about the size and depth of a three inch binder.

by whisperglow on 7/27/2012 1:51:14 PM


i got a bag like this but im worried that my stuff wont fit through the opening. im starting high sschool and we are using computers so idk if we will have books to take home or have to take the computer home. do you think i will have too big of books? do you know if i have to take my computer home? what if it wont fit??? thanxTong kinda worried bout high school(its huge)lol


Hey chica! Every school is different, so I don't know whether you'll be taking books or computers home.  Chances are, unless you are buying a laptop for school, you won't be taking it home.  Books in high school tend to be big, but you might not be expected to take them home, so you might want to have a back up bag just in case your backpack doesn't work out.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by doglover50 on 7/27/2012 12:15:14 PM


Hi! Ok, so I'm going bowling later with my besie and a couple of other friends. And some of them are going to be guys, one my crush. So any advice of what I should wear? Thx!!!


Hey babe! Bowling shoes don't look good next to, well, anything, so keep your outfit cute, but toned down.  Try a pair of loose or bootcut jeans and an adorable tank or tee.  Avoid rings, they'll only get stick in the ball.  Instead, try layering a couple cuff bracelets and finish it off with a cute scarf. xoxo 

Kate G.

by xXMissBehavedXx on 7/27/2012 11:41:40 AM


Cute..kinda bland though

by BBMarie on 7/27/2012 11:37:41 AM


Hey, MOD, I could use some help. I was invite to the birthday party of my really good friend. The only problem is that I'm only good friends with three of the girls she invited, and there's a lot of girls that I've never really talked with, and I'm nervous that I'm gonna be left out. Any advice ? Thanks Smile


Hey chica! If you have 4 friends there, chances are you won't be left out. Be open to making new friends! Make sure you include everyone in what you and your friends are doing and I'm sure they'll do the same for you.  Plus, if she's a really good friend, I'm sure her other friends are awesome, too! xoxo  

Kate G.

by kenzi143 on 7/27/2012 11:34:01 AM


It's perfect for going somewhere. But I wouldn't wear it to school because it looks like it doesn't have a lot of pockets to hold all my supplies especially pockets on the side.

by monicaisfabuluz on 7/27/2012 11:21:54 AM


I'm going to a pool party tomorrow. Can you suggest some cute and easy hairstyles to do for the party, that still look cute after I take a swim? Thanks so much! Smile


Hey girl! Try to make your hair as low key as possible, since most hairstyles will droop after they get wet.  A french braid will stay put while your swimming and looks adorable wet.  xoxo 

Kate G.

by cerenajade on 7/27/2012 11:15:10 AM

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